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Find the Best Proximity Technology
for your location-based services

How do I reach my customers in-store via their mobile devices? How do visitors move inside my venue? And how can I offer location-based services if I don’t offer an app?
All these questions can be answered. But to get the answer choosing the right proximity technology is most important.

Why you should deal with Proximity Technologies

Location-based services are on everyone’s lips as they are becoming increasingly important in times of the growing digital (shopping) world: Shoppers find their specific way in the digitalized world and create their individual customer journey. That journey is a perpetual cycle of interactions between online touch points and offline Points of Sales. The challenge for retailers is to stay in the loop to engage with him at the moment of the buying decision – online and offline.

Proximity Technologies can help building bridges between online and offline and enable customer analyses in the real world. For this reason, numerous companies already make use of these technologies and reach their customers in the offline world.

Preview of the infographics flow chart "Proximity Technologes"

Let’s find the proximity technology that fits your project the best

But of course: With new trends and interest, the range of new proximity technologies is growing faster. And it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all the technological possibilities. To help you find the technology that fits your purpose best, we’ve created an informative flow chart with the most popular technologies for you.

You want to learn more about the real customer journey?

We created an inspiring example for a truly connected online & offline customer journey. The poster shows how a combination of Beacons, NFC, Geofences and Physical Web enables retailers to interact with their customer when it matters the most and offer them new added value to their shopping experience.

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