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Welcome to BeaconInside!

Derek here and we want to help show you how to make money online, how to start a blog to make money, and also how to work from home to make extra cash.

It’s all about learning what works when starting an online business to make money…we show you easy ways to monetize your blog, tips, and tricks to make money online fast, best practices when setting up a blog, the best side hustle to make cash, and how to make money on YouTube.

We help you pick the best web hosting, how to set up affiliate marketing, how to install WordPress, how to use WordPress, how to monetize your blog, the best way to earn money online, and other passive income ideas.


Derek Picture

Derek Carter


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Amanda Pearson


Rachel writer

Rachel Garner

Marketing Head

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Pete Little

SEO Expert/Writer

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Samantha Tuttle


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Manny Foster


Amanda Pearson

Amanda Pearson is our editor and she helps with writing. Very knowledgeable about YouTube, SEO, podcasting, and blogging. Amanda works with the other writers and our SEO expert Pete to make sure our articles are accurate and helpful for the readers.

Pete Little

Pete Little is our SEO expert and he does help write about technical items. He helps with writing about how to use equipment such as cameras and microphones. He also works with the team on reviewing all SEO information to make sure it is correct.

Rachel Garner

Rachel Garner is the head of marketing and will help write on any marketing topics. She is a wealth of knowledge about how to market our company to other YouTubers, podcasters, and bloggers.

Manny Foster and Samantha Tuttle

Manny Foster and Samantha Tuttle help us with writing. They are skilled at writing about how to use YouTube, how to set up YouTube, podcast set up, podcasting, blog set up, blogging general, SEO, and product reviews. They bring years of expertise to the company and we are very glad to have them.