Beacon Manager Apps

 Managing large-scale beacon networks with hundreds or even thousands of beacon devices can be challenging. We simplify beacon fleet management as much as possible so you are staying in control
  • Vendor-independent: supports all Apple iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ Beacons.

  • Status & Battery Monitoring: Know when the iBeacon was detected the last time and what the current battery status is. Full transparency ensures everything is always working as expected.

  • iBeacon, Group and Meta Data Management: iBeacon devices can be easily combined into logical groups to represent nationwide store chains or complex venue layouts in the best way possible.

  • Venue Support: A single venue can contain dozens of iBeacon devices for indoor navigation purposes or to set up various store zones. Venues help to have a holistic perspective on everything that’s going on within a single building.

  • Remote Management: Easily configure remote deployed iBeacon devices with the help of admin applications and Internet-Gateways. This way you always stay in control.

  • Data Ownership & Automation: Import and export existing iBeacon networks via CSV files or APIs.
  • Beaconinside INSIGHTS: Dashboard to analyze streams of visitors and interactions


Easily discover, manage and configure any iBeacon, Eddystone and Physical Web beacon.
A Beaconinside account is optional to manage all your beacons on-the-go.

Download Beacon Manager App for Android

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