BEACONinside Get Started with iBeacon DevelopmentCongrats, you know own an iBeacon! The developer kit includes:

– The PCB with the Bluetooth Low Energy system-on-chip (Texas Instruments CC2541)
– The top and bottom of the housing
– Torx 10 screw to fix the upper housing to the bottom. Gently, it’s plastic!
– 2 AAA batteries (Panasonic, 1300mAh)
– 2 adhesive pads. Very strong for long durabilty.
– BEACONinside stickers
Either use a Micro-USB cable or the included batteries to power up the device. It immediately starts advertising in an Apple iBeacon-compatible way, using the identifiers printed on the side label of the package.
We’ll shortly release the BEACONinside apps for Android (May 23rd) and iOS (beginning of June) to simplify iBeacon configuration and testing. Nonetheless, the beacon plays well with 3rd-party tools, just continue reading.
Read the technical specification to know more about all the services the beacon provides. You can freely change the UUID, major and minor values with 3rd-party BLE tools like LightBlue for Mac or iPhone.

The default settings are:
Proximity UUID: