Beaconinside MANAGE – vendor-independant ibeacon eddystone beacon managementBeaconinside INSIGHTS

Vendor-independent: supports all Apple iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ Beacons.
Status & Battery Monitoring: Know when the iBeacon was detected the last time and what the current battery status is. Full transparency ensures everything is always working as expected.
iBeacon, Group and Meta Data Management: iBeacon devices can be easily combined into logical groups to represent nationwide store chains or complex venue layouts in the best way possible.
Venue Support: A single venue can contain dozens of iBeacon devices for indoor navigation purposes or to set up various store zones. Venues help to have a holistic perspective on everything that’s going on within a single building.
Remote Management: Easily configure remote deployed iBeacon devices with the help of admin applications and Internet-Gateways. This way you always stay in control.
Data Ownership & Automation: Import and export existing iBeacon networks via CSV files or APIs.
Beaconinside INSIGHTS: Dashboard to analyze streams of visitors and interactions