The Real Customer Journey

Bridging the gap between online and offline shopping

Whether researching a product online, prior to buying it offline, or getting inspiration in the store and order the product later at home, the shoppers of today find their specific way in the digitalized world and create their individual customer journey. And that journey is never linear, but a perpetual cycle of interactions between online touch points and offline POS.

The challenge for retailers is to engage with the customers in the moment of the buying decision – online and offline. To be able to do that, retailers need actionable data that gives insights into their customers’ shopping behavior and preferences. New digitization technologies for the offline world offer a great opportunity to intertwine both online and offline into one connected customer journey.

We specialize in completing the customer journey with offline data, bringing insights into customer behavior.
Based on this data the Proximity DMP enables retailers to reinvent the shopping experience for their customers, amplifying their engagement and loyalty.

Customers and the real customer journey by Beaconinside

Get inspired to reinvent your customer’s shopping experience

We created an inspiring example for a truly connected online & offline customer journey to give you some ideas on what you can do with proximity technologies. And we printed it on a poster!

The poster shows how a combination of Beacons, NFC, Geofences and Physical Web enables retailers to interact with their customer when it matters the most and offer them new added value to their shopping experience.

Small Preview of the poster "The Real Customer Journey by Beaconinside - Online and Offline Shopping"

Printed Poster Size: 594 x 841 mm

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