How to Delete a YouTube Channel (Easy to Follow Guide)

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You’ve decided to delete a YouTube channel you own, and it’s time to find out how best you can do so.

Deleting a YouTube channel is like starting over a new life. Sure, it might be sad, but there are also some good things about it. We’ll talk all about that a little later.

Let’s get to the meat of the situation and put you on the right path towards deleting your YouTube Channel.

Getting Started Deleting YouTube Account

The first thing you want to do is log into your Google account for YouTube.

You can visit YouTube, and if you’re already logged in, there’s nothing that you have to do at this point. If you aren’t logged in, you’ll want to go ahead and do that.

Click on your account (Red Arrow) and you will get a drop down menu. From there you will want to click YouTube settings. (Red Arrow)

Delete YouTube Account Graphic 1

You need to get to the settings area to permanently delete your channel. You should have clicked YouTube settings.

You should now see you are in your Account section, scroll down on left hand side and you will see Advanced settings.

The next thing you want to do is click Advanced settings.

Go to YouTube account and account settings

This step is self-explanatory.

At the very bottom, you’ll see the delete channel link. (Big Red Arrow)

Some users report seeing a link that says delete content instead of delete channel.

Click on the delete your YouTube channel link.

click on the delete channel

If it says delete content, choose that.

That’s it.

Now your YouTube channel is a thing of the past. Your videos and all of your YouTube analytics are long gone. Everything that was once there is now nothing more than digital memories that have been removed from the internet.

Why Delete your YouTube Channel?

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to delete your YouTube channel. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to delete your YouTube account.

1. You don’t post videos anymore

Maybe you aren’t interested in creating videos, and you’re just there to browse the latest in the world of entertainment. If that’s the case, you might as well delete your YouTube account and go on with the rest of your life. No point in letting it sit there, right?

2. You don’t have the time to create new material

It’s not about you not wanting to. Maybe you’re just too busy for that. If that’s been going on for a while and you’d rather just delete your YouTube channel instead of having it just sit there.

3. The channel got hacked

It’s not an uncommon thing to happen these days. You can lose all your data and even your YouTube channel if your account is ever hacked. In that case, you’re better off just erasing everything and starting over with a new account.

Hackers are nasty people, and if you do ever catch one, they can cause a lot of damage to your account. Deleting your YouTube channel is the best way to go in that situation. At least then they won’t be able to fool around with you anymore.

4. You just want to permanently delete your YouTube channel and move on

It’s not a permanent thing. It’s not going to take anything away from you. You don’t have to worry about it popping up just when you least expect it. It’s better to delete it than leave it there.

You never intended for your channel to be something you’d have to play with for months and years on end. It was just something that you wanted to do. Now that you have, it’s time to delete it and move on with your life.

5. An internet stalker is harassing you and people in your videos

Maybe you made a couple of videos, and they got millions of views. This is a good thing for your ego, but not necessarily so if an online stalker decides to harass you and those who appeared with you. If this is the case, just permanently delete the channel instead of worrying about it.

Sometimes stalkers can be relentless, and they’ll go to extraordinary lengths to harass you. It doesn’t mean that YouTube is responsible for this behavior.

Stalkers do this on other social media platforms, so don’t feel like YouTube is somehow promoting this type of behavior or condoning it.

6. Your YouTube channel could be a liability

There could be kids watching your videos. You don’t want that at all, do you? You don’t want to risk your job or anything else for that matter.

If you had offensive material in your YouTube videos that a potential employer wouldn’t like, you might find yourself in hot water down the line.

You thought it was funny when you made the videos, and it still might be, but that doesn’t mean everyone will find the humor in it.

For this reason, it’s better just to permanently delete the channel and act like none of it ever happened. Let the content become a digital memory and hope no one saved the videos to repost later, and they go viral.

7. You never planned on getting this popular

If you made your channel and uploaded your videos and they were sitting there doing nothing, how did anyone ever find out about them?

Maybe there was just the occasional person who might have visited your channel and watched your videos. But most of the people who watched them were friends or family members.

When you finally got popular, it was more than you could ever anticipate. Who would have thought things would get this big that people would search for your name on Google? This kind of success is unlikely to happen to you again, so you shouldn’t try to repeat it and just delete the channel.

Deleting your Channel is the Only Option in Some Circumstances

As you can see, deleting your channel is something you can do in some very different situations. It’s not something that only applies to those who don’t use YouTube anymore or want to get rid of it.

You can delete your YouTube channel if you’re concerned that it could cause some problems in the future.

So, there’s no need to make excuses or justifications for deleting your YouTube channel. It’s your account, and you should be able to do whatever you want with it. Deleting it is the best thing to do.

Saving your Videos

Once you have a deleted channel, you can never access it or use it again. It’s gone, and along with it, your videos are also gone forever, so that’s something you need to keep in mind if there’s something in your account that you’ll want later.

If that’s the case, use a YouTube downloader to download the videos to your computer or smartphone so you can save them for future use.

If you need more tips and tricks for your YouTube channel then check out our YouTube tips article.

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