Simple Pricing
For Any Project Size

Per Month*
Up to 2.500
Monthly Active App Users**
Up to 10 Beacons
Free Documentation Access
Beaconinside CARE is optional
DMP 10
Per Month*
Up to 10.000
Monthly Active App Users**
Up to 40 Beacons
Email Support
+ Beaconinside CARE: 390€***
DMP 25
Per Month*
Up to 25.000
Monthly Active App Users**
Up to 80 Beacons
Email Support
+ Beaconinside CARE: 390€***
DMP 50
Per Month*
Up to 50.000
Monthly Active App Users**
Up to 150 Beacons
Email Support
+ Beaconinside CARE: 390€***


* Monthly billed. Choose annual payment and get 1 month for free.
** MAUs are calculated by taking the number of unique app users per month who have installed the app with the Beaconinside SDK enabled
*** Beaconinside CARE: 90 Minutes Onboarding & Debriefing Session. Free of charge when booking min. 24 months on base of annual payments

DMP Enterprise
Unlimited users, unlimited beacons

If none of the packages fits your requirements, or you are planning to scale right away to large installations, we have various packages in stall. Just contact us.

Beaconinside Care

Beaconinside CARE

We lead through all relevant topics during the onboarding session. The debriefing session will be used to check briefly entered data and to give a chance to ask questions on topics that were left unclear or to get any additional information.

onboarding-session beaconinside

Onboarding Session

60 minutes

  • PROXIMITY DMP and its features
  • Overview to Integrated Partner Network
  • Overview to Preferred Hardware Suppliers
  • Overview to Certified Infrastructure Partners
  • Rollout & Maintenance
onboarding-session beaconinside

Debriefing Session

30 minutes

  • Quality Audit (QA)
  • Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Features included in any package


Visitor Metrics

Detect store visits, dwell time, passers-by, loyal, trends, frequency and recency of visits based on GPS, wifi and beacon signals

Audience Profling
Auto-generated and self-defined user-segments
Visitor heatmap, know where your users are
Point-of-Sale Analytics
In-store analytics, cross-store visitation, visitors and trends per venue
Real-time Analytics
Live dashboards and live audiences
Online to Offline Attribution
Attribute acitivites inside your mobile app with point-of-sale interactions
Partner Network
Integrate raw events into…
ePrivacyseal EU
We are awarded with the ePrivacy Seal. Best-in-class data privacy & security


iBeacon Campaigns
Geofences Campaigns
Geofence your point-of-sale. Supporting up to tens of thousands of geofence regions.
Campaign Analytics
Advanced targeting

Based on time and location, rule based

Offline Retargeting

Retarget store visitors on Facebook, Google and in ad network

Physical Web & Nearby Notifications

Physical Web URL Management

Real-time callbacks

Create your own check-in/check-out solution with custom meta data


Location Management
Manage your stores
Scalable Beacon Management
Support for any type of iBecon or Eddystone (-UID, -URL, -EID, -TLM) beacon. Scalability supporting up to thousands of beacons and geofence regions.
Device Diagnostics
Device health dashboard, battery and device status, predictive maintenance, alerts
Secure iBeacon & Eddystone EID
Google partner
Beacon Network Sharing & Import
Easily import your exisiting beacon networks and / or share it with others.
Real-time Asset Tracking
Always know where your beacon fleet and assets are located across multiple stores.
Beacon configuration support, OSRAM Einstone
Beacon Manager App
For simple rollouts including installation images
Infrastructure & Rollout Partnerships
Hardware partnerships with:, Estimote, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, OSRAM Einstone as well as rollout partnerships for best-in-class rollout and IT services
Support for 3rd-party beacon registries
Google Beacon Dashboard


Configurable dashboards, web and mobile friendly designs
Flexible Users & Permission
Multi-Client Support

Multi-client capabilities supporting multiple users, roles and single sign-on.

Whitelabel Solution

Whitelabel options to customize your web interface according to your brand

Scalable Data Management
Cross-Platform Mobile SDKs

Simple to integrate robust iOS, Android and Cordova SDKs.

Open APIs & Webhooks

Integrate into your own enterprise IT systems using the batch and real-time APIs

Developer Hub & Manuals

Developer Hub with an extensive platform documentation

Single Sign On

Quickly switch between different accounts