Simple Pricing for Companies of Any Size

Manage and scale infrastructures, create impressing micro moments for customers, receive powerful proximity data and integrate all customer information in 3rd-party systems and tools to complete already existing data pools.

pricing beaconinside

*Annually billed (note: If the total number of MAU in a price package is exceeded, the additional MAUs are charged with the individual price of the respective package); ** MAUs are calculated by taking the number of unique app users per month who have installed the app with the Beaconinside SDK enabled

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Proximity DMP full feature list


  • Future-proof. Supporting all point-of-sale technologies.
  • Developer Hub with an extensive platform documentation
  • Simple pricing with a free starter plan and a payment model based on active usage.
  • Scalability supporting up to thousands of beacons and geofence regions.
  • Whitelabel options to customize your web interface according to your brand
  • Multi-client capabilities supporting multiple users, roles and single sign-on.
  • Multi-app support to use the same infrastructures with different apps. All managed with a single account.

Proximity Infrastructure

  • Vendor-independent support of iBeacon and Eddystone (-UID, -EID, -TLM, -URL) beacons
  • Geofences: Support for radial geofences and pre-defined Geofence networks
  • Beacon Management: beacon meta data, installation images and location information
  • Secure iBeacon & Eddystone-EID support to prevent harvesting and spoofing.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) is supported by the Proximity DMP
  • Advanced Beacon Management: alerts, device diagnostics, predictive maintenance and configuration support
  • Beacon Manager Apps for installation planning and configuration
  • Shared 3-rd party beacon networks, managed by Beaconinside
  • Meta data support (key value pairs) and flexible groupings
  • Beacon Network Sharing. Grant app publishers temporary access to beacon networks.
  • Support for 3rd-party beacon registries (e.g. Google Registry, SITA Registry)
  • Multi-purpose use of network infrastructures: A single infrastructure, several use cases.

Proximity Data

  • Real-time tracking of user events like entering a store.
  • Dashboard with live data and interactions
  • Actionable analytics: visits, dwell time, heatmaps, visit frequency, recency, loyalty and recurring vs. new users
  • Data privacy & security: Compliance to strict EU regulations. No collection of PII.
  • Audiences: Location-based profiling and user segmentation (e.g. loyal store visitors)
  • Store Visitation: measure how often stores are visited
  • Device analytics with location and Bluetooth permission reports
  • Online to offline attribution to measure online advertising efficiency

Micro Moments

  • Proximity Campaigns: send out location-based messages.
  • Offline Notifications: No internet connection required for location-based messages.
  • Targeting: Rule engine to target audience based on time, context criteria and visited locations.
  • Check-ins. Detect and incentivize store visits with beacons or geofences.
  • Physical Web analytics and URL management for landing pages.
  • Offline Retargeting: Retarget users based on behavior in the real world.


  • Open platform: integrate into any enterprise system via open APIs
  • Analytics APIs with KPIs for advanced reporting
  • Drag & Drop SDK: Easily integrate the iOS and Android SDK into your mobile applications. Within minutes you can gather data about your mobile customers.
  • Real-time event triggers via webhooks.