How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

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Get your video library in order with this easy tutorial! Learn how to create the perfect playlist on YouTube, so you can quickly access all your favorite videos. Follow along and start organizing today – it’s easier than you think!

Let’s take a look at how to create a playlist on YouTube.

Basics of a YouTube Playlist

YouTube playlists are a great way to organize and share your favorite videos with the world! Users can create their own custom collections of any public YouTube video, or if permitted by other users, incorporate others’ work into their lists.

With simple steps and endless possibilities for organization, make your special playlist today!

With YouTube, it’s easy to curate your own playlist for whatever purpose you desire. Impress friends and family with a collection of music videos or make yourself laugh out loud watching funny cat clips – the possibilities are endless!

To get started customizing your perfect playlist today, simply log into your account then add descriptions & tags to share it far and wide.

How to Create a Playlist on YouTube?

Music and audio aficionados have something to look forward to – creating playlists on YouTube! With this platform, musicians and DJs can share their tunes with the world. Whether you love putting together a list of songs that are ideal for chilling out or getting pumped up, making an awesome playlist is now easier than ever before – just follow these simple steps:

  • First, open the YouTube app and sign into your account.
  • Second, tap the “Library” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Third, tap “Create new playlist.” You’ll be prompted to enter a name and description for your playlist.
  • Fourth, tap “Add videos.” You can search for specific videos, or browse by topic or genre.

To add a YouTube video to your existing playlist, simply tap the “+” icon next to it. Once you’ve added all of the videos you want, tap “Done.” Your playlist will now be saved in your Library.

Why Create a YouTube Playlist?

Love to watch videos but find it hard to keep track of them? Playlists on YouTube can help you out! Create a playlist for any topic that interests you, from cooking recipes and car reviews to hilarious cat clips.

Once your personal selection is gathered in one spot, easily access the collection without having to search through all those individual vids – plus share with friends who may have similar tastes.

And if someone else has already done some collecting for their own playlist Curated by [name], simply subscribe so new content appears automatically as soon as they add something fresh and entertaining!

Factors to Consider When Making a YouTube Playlist

Looking to keep your YouTube viewers engaged? Curate the perfect playlist! Consider a variety of genres, such as comedy, music, news, and more; then select videos based on quality and tone.

When crafted carefully with entertaining yet informative content that is regularly updated – you can create an irresistible viewing experience for all those who follow along.

Start crafting today –– it’s easy to get creative and make sure everyone keeps coming back for more!

Now that you’ve hand-selected the perfect videos for your YouTube playlist, it’s time to arrange them in a meaningful order.

Assemble each video with consideration of how they will build upon one another and create an enjoyable flow throughout the entire experience.

Once complete, don’t forget to spread the word! Leverage social media channels as well as other platforms so viewers can easily find—and voraciously enjoy—your work.

How to Change Playlist Settings on YouTube?

Did you know that YouTube makes it easy to customize your playlists? Make them publicly available or keep all the tunes for yourself!

If privacy is top of mind for your playlist, choose ‘private’ mode. This means only those with a special link will be able to access what’s inside – a great way if you’re wanting an exclusive selection of music just between close friends and family.

And opting into an unlisted setting not only keeps out unwanted guests but also ensures no one can stumble upon listening pleasure by accident either – so go ahead and turn up the volume on ultimate personalization at zero risk!

Need to customize your playlist? You can easily rearrange the videos and edit individual settings, like titles and descriptions.

Plus, you can let specific people in on all the fun by sharing it with them directly – just click on “share” next to your list’s name!

And don’t forget; you have an opportunity to make a personal connection by adding a message too.

Finally, deleting videos from your playlist is easy! Simply hover over the video and click on the trashcan icon.

To confirm, you can be sure that it’s gone for good by double-checking with a prompt before deleting it permanently.


Unleash your creative side and create the perfect soundtrack for any occasion! YouTube playlists let you curate, organize, and share all of your favorite music videos.

With just a few clicks you can easily have an awesome mix that’s ready to go whenever – or wherever- the mood strikes. Don’t delay start building up your playlist today!

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