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Multifaceted shopping experiences at the bookstore

1Tim spends most of his free time reading. Today he is on his way to his favorite bookstore in the City Center Mall to buy a book for a friend’s birthday.

Analyzing Tim’s customer journey and his interests – even before he enters the store.


Tim receives a push notification with a VIP voucher for the new, autographed book of his favorite author

2On his way to the store he is passing multiple other stores.

Insights about Tim’s additional local store preferences can be gathered.

3Tim is close to the store now.

Generating additional visiting metrics (e.g. how often Tim is passing the store in the mall).


At the entrance, a push message with the current offers catches Tim’s attention.

4He enters the bookstore.

The number of daily store visits can easily be measured.


Tim is welcomed to the bookstore in a push message.


Tim collects loyalty points through the bonus program app MoovOn. When entering the store, he receives a message with the credit of another 20 loyalty points.

MoovOn implemented this use case for their app users and partnersLogo MoovOn
5Tim takes a look at the new arrivals.

A digital display is installed on the table with the new books. As the system of the display recgonizes Tim’s smartphone it can personalize the displayed advertisement: It shows an ad for a new book that matches Tim’s favorite book genre. He’s interested and is looking for the book.


After his visit, the advertising effectiveness of the ad can be measured based on Tim’s purchases. As an additional result, Tim’s customer profile can be specified.

Use Case can be perfectly implemented with digital out-of-home installations from
6A cardboard display is presenting the latest eReader model. Tim takes a look.

The display is sending signals that initiate push notifications. Tim receives a push notification, with the information that there’s a 15%-off coupon available for this eReader. It can be redeemed at all participating companies. Tim sends his wife a message with this offer and asks if he should buy it as a Christmas present for her mother.


A partner app was granted access to the technology integrated into the lighting system. The app has informed Tim about the available coupon.

Use Case can be perfectly implemented with digital displays from
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7He is on his way to the shelf with the novels.

Tim is reminded of the VIP voucher for the new, autographed book of his favorite author.


After his visit, the bookstore can analyze whether Tim is using offers like this.
In addition, it can be tracked which departments he visits and for how long he stays there.

Use Case can be easily implemented with several lighting systems.
8Tim is on his way to the novels to look for a present for his friend.

Infrastructure details can be shared with advertising platforms to measure the impact on in-store frequency.

Use Case can be perfectly implemented with
9Tim is standing in front of the shelf with the novels now. He holds his smartphone against the category display.

The “Book Finder” page is automatically opened within the app. Tim can now enter various search options, such as the book genre, maximum price and the age of his friend. He is also asked if he is looking for himself or for someone else. Afterwards he receives various book suggestions that are tailored to his inputs.


His customer profile can be further optimized with the help of these precise data. In case Tim buys one of the suggested books, the accuracy of the results can be recorded and can be further optimized. Additional reviews in the future provided via Tim’s online account give specific information about the accuracy of the “Book Finder”.

10Tim is now at the checkout. He found a book for his friend and will take the proposed book from the new arrivals section. He wants to come back tomorrow with his wife to take another look at the eReader.

It is possible to pay with AliPay at the bookstore now. He receives a notification with the information that he will get a 10% coupon on first use.


A mobile payment app provider was granted access to the technology integrated into the card terminal. The app provider wants to use it for analytics purposes and to display marketing campaigns via its own app…

Use Case can be perfectly implemented with card terminals from
11Tim leaves the store.

Calculation of the duration of his stay.


He is thanked for his stay in the bookstore in a push notification.


Additionally he gets a 10%-off coupon for his next purchase within the next 14 days.

12Of course, his customer journey doesn’t end after Tim left the store.

Tim is visiting other stores afterwards. The bookstore can analyze which stores Tim visits. Thus it gets to know his interests better.

13Tim is back home.

Combining the data collected during Tim’s stay in the offline world with online generated data.


Tim can look forward to increasingly relevant services – both online and offline.

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