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A family trip to the cinema with many experiences

1The Taylor family loves to go to the cinema outside the city on the weekend. The father of the family Tim and his wife Sarah are often in the city center during the week.

Analyzing Tim’s and Sarah’s customer journey and their interests – even before they enter the cinema outside the city.


On his way to the office, which is in the city center, Tim receives a push notification. It contains an offer for discounted box seats in the cinema outside the city. The offer is valid for two weeks. Tim wants to make use of the offer and decides to go to the cinema with his family on Saturday.

2On their way to the cinema the family is passing multiple stores and restaurants. As usual, they visit a fast food restaurant for a quick snack.

Insights about Sarah’s and Tim’s additional local store preferences can be collected. Analyze whether they are visiting (fast food) restaurants or food retail stores. Based on the data of all customers, the cinema is already planning to increase its variety of snacks.

3The family is close to the cinema now.

Generating additional visiting metrics (e.g. how often Sarah and Tim are passing the cinema).


At the entrance, Sarah and Tim are informed about an upcoming movie premiere. All cinema tickets purchased today take part in the raffle for 2 exclusive VIP tickets for the premiere.

4The family enters the cinema.

In the cinema, even more accurate and informative data can be collected for expressive analysis.


Sarah and Tim are welcomed to the cinema via a push message that is also showing the movie recommendation of the week. An integrated link leads to the associated movie trailer.


Sarah is collecting loyalty points through the bonus program app MoovOn. When entering the cinema, she receives a message with the credit of 50 loyalty points from MoovOn.

MoovOn implemented this use case for their app users and partnersLogo MoovOn
5In the foyer, the family is standing in front of a cardboard advertising display of a new movie.

The parents receive a link to the corresponding trailer on their smartphones – no specific app is needed, this works with the Android operating system.


Analyzing how many visitors are clicking the link in the message and are linked to the trailer.

Use Case can be perfectly implemented with digital displays from
Logo Deinzer
6They walk through the foyer.

Measuring local advertising effectiveness.


Tim clicks on an online ad of a well-known entertainment company and is redirected to an exciting trailer of an animation movie. He shows it to his family. The trailer inspires them to watch this movie.

Use Case can be perfectly implemented with
7Tim is at the box office to buy tickets for the family. He shows the discount coupon for the box seats in his app, which he received a few days ago.

Analyzing which visitor buys cinema tickets and how many users took advantage of the discount coupons.


From now on there is the possibility to pay with Alipay in the cinema. The card terminal is sending signals which trigger a push notification that communicates this new payment option to Tim and informs about a 10% coupon on first use.

Use Case can be perfectly implemented with card terminals from
8The lighting system in the cinema is sending signals that initiate location based actions.

Analyzing where Sarah and Tim are in the cinema.


A partner app was granted access to the technology integrated into the lighting system (e.g. a food manufacturer). The partner displays an ad for a new ice cream via his own mobile app, whenever his users are passing one of the lights.


Both, Sarah and Tim, receive a push notification with great F & B offers, that are now available at the cinema snack bar.

Use Case can be easily implemented with several lighting systems.
9The family is now sitting in the cinema and is waiting for the movie to begin. Tim is still busy with his smartphone.

In a push notification, he is pointed to an online game provided by the cinema.


Analyzing who is playing the online game.

10The advertising starts, including a commercial for an app.

All the visitors with an Android phone in the movie theater can see a nearby notification on their smartphones – no specific app is needed. The notification includes exclusive content that matches the movie users are watching.

11After the movie is over, the family leaves the cinema.

Calculation of the duration of Sarah’s and Tim’s stay.


Sarah and Tim are thanked for their stay in the cinema. In the same message they are asked to rate the movie on a scale of up to 5 stars.


Additionally they are getting a 15%-off coupon on their next ticket purchase within the next 14 days.

12Of course, the customer journey doesn’t end after the customer left the cinema.

Like many other visitors, the family is having dinner at a restaurant afterwards. The restaurant and cinema operators are therefore planning a joint promotion soon.

Offline generated data can lead to even more accurate customer profiles in the Schober databaseLogo Scober
13The family is back home.

Based on their visit, the movie genre was saved as a preference for Sarah and Tim. As a movie of the same genre will start soon they receive an ad with a link to its trailer.

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