Physical Web

What is Physical Web?

The Physical Web is an open approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations. Via beacons you can stream location-specific notifications that link to apps or websites. No specific app is needed to use physical web. This way any object can offer digital information to the user and the location based search is simplified and works more efficient.

physical web with proximity dmp
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Your Opportunities & Benefits

  • Make any object interact with the user or offer him information without an app
  • Make location based search easier for the user and appear on his phone when it is most relevant
  • Use it as first activation to download your application or visit your website

When is physical web best to use?

  • When you are not offering an own mobile app
  • When you want to simply local-search for your customers to be found faster

Where are the boundaries?

  • Only works with Android OS
  • Limited analytical insights into customer behavior

All proximity technologies on one intelligent platform

The Beaconinside Proximity DMP  enables you to manage your proximity ecosystem.
On one platform you can gather, process and analyze data coming from various proximity technologies.

Proximity DMP on Desktop and Smartphone

  • URL Management & URL Shortening Service
  • Enable and disable Physical Web beacons remotely
  • Access analytics per beacon and time frame

Other technologies

The Proximity DMP covers other technologies as well, so that you can mix and match the right set up of location based technologies and and cover all levels of offline locations, such as inside locations, outside, and on product level.