Proximity Data Management Platform

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Understand all aspects of customer behavior – From online to offline to online

In a mobile driven world we specialize in completing the customer journey with offline data, bringing new insights that let you understand your customer even better than you already do. Our platform gathers, processes and analyzes data from all available proximity technologies and Physical Web installations. It enables you to manage large-scale proximity infrastructures. The data won through these proximity networks lets you create location-based and context-aware mobile experiences, or so called micro moments, for your individual customers, amplifying their engagement and loyalty, while increasing your revenue.

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One platform for all your proximity and location-based requirements

Proximity Infrastructures

Simplified management and sharing of location-based technology networks

Managing widely spread proximity technology networks in different venues can be challenging. The Proximity DMP simplifies infrastructure management so you are staying in control. Set-up, configure and manage large-scale iBeacon, Eddystone, Geofence and NFC infrastructures with our advanced management features. Our cloud-platform provides a variety of features, such as alerts, device diagnostics, telemetry data, predictive maintenance, configuration support and beacon manager apps to make it easy for you to implement proximity infrastructure according to your needs and requirements.  

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Proximity Infrastructure

mobile and desktop versions of Beaconinside's Proximity DMP

Beacon Network Sharing

You are a venue or infrastructure owner and you would like to offer your partners beacon networks that you can monetize? The Proximity DMP enables you to set up and share any size of beacon infrastructure and provide access over the cloud and monitor the usage in a precise and effective way.

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Infographics Beacon Network Sharing by Beaconinside

Proximity Data

Enrich your analytics of the customer journey with collected offline insights

Actionable customer behavior analytics drive better business decisions. Location-based customer journey data is a powerful source to better understand and to track your mobile customers, once they get “off the grid” and into the physical world. Our proven big data processing capabilities enable you analyze the collected offline data from all proximity technologies. The Proximity DMP comes with insightful dashboards and live analytics for real-world interactions enabling you to react just in time. Track the effectiveness of your location-based campaigns with analytics data on online to offline conversions, POS performance and frequency of visits. Increase your revenue by understanding truly every step of the customer journey.

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Infographics Proximity Data by Beaconinside

Analytics Tool of Beaconinside's Proximity DMP

Micro Moments

Engage with customers at the right time and increase their loyalty

IoT functionalities increase the amount of digital touch points in the physical world by the minute. Soon your customers will be able to interconnect with any place and any object in the physical world. Smartphone users expect relevant information and incentives at the right moment and the right place and preferably personalized. Location-based mobile searches rise at high speed. Micro Moments are mobile experiences, that create true value to your customers mobile needs. The Proximity DMP lets you engage with your customer right at the moment of their buying decision. Our rule engine triggers location-based targeting campaigns based on time, context criteria and visited locations. And it provides analytics, that let you execute precise retargeting based on offline behavior data, once your customer enters an online medium in your omni-channel.

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Physical Web

Let your customer communicate with anything 

You don’t have your own app, but would like to leverage on proximity and location-based targeting opportunities and increase your visibility for your mobile customers? The Physical Web is an open approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations. Via beacons you can stream location-specific notifications that link to apps or websites. No specific app is needed to use physical web. This way any object that has a beacon integrated can offer digital information to the user and the location-based search is simplified and works more efficient. We provide Physical Web analytics and URL management for landing pages.

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smart objects with physical web


Enhance existing databases with proximity insights

If you are already using a location-based CMS system for your location-based notifications, you can integrate our platform to leverage on our data insights and infrastructure management and create best in class campaigns with the CMS tool of your choice.

  • Flexible data management
  • Out-of-the-box solutions
  • 25+ network partners

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How do our customers use the Proximity DMP?

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