What is Podbean? (What, Why and How to Use for Podcasting)

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Podbean is a hosting platform for a podcast that is considered by its acolytes to be among the best option for podcast hosting. Just like most platforms, Podbean also makes it extremely easy to distribute podcasts on directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. Moreover, you can create, publish, and promote your podcast and even share the audio to a blog, social media, and website.

Additionally, the platform also allows users to hold live-stream shows and be able to make or receive calls or read real-time comments from the audience. It also enables podcasters to co-host the show in order to attract more listeners.

Who Owns Podbean?

Podbean was launched in February 2006 with the idea of allowing creators to start podcasting in a point-and-click blog-like manner with very little technical knowledge. It was founded by David Xu, who is also its CEO, and Henry Zhang. With more than 250,000 podcasts hosted on the platform, Podbean operates out of Wilmington, Delaware.

Podbean Top Competitors

Podcast hosting is highly saturated and filled with strong competition. So, typically, when you are looking at Podbean, you may also be interested in knowing other close alternatives to the platform before you could make a decision.

The top Podbean competitors are Buzzsprout and Libsyn, although there are numerous others down the pecking order that will do the job depending on your needs.

Although Podbean has many competitors breathing down its neck, it still leads the pack when it comes to the number of users on the platform. And they seem to be satisfied by the features and services that the platform offers.

How Does Podbean Help you Promote your Podcast?

In addition to that, Podbean also provides creators with plenty of options when it comes to places to promote their podcasts.

You never know where your listeners chose to get their shows and that is why the platform features two of the largest podcast directories on the market in the name of Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts as well as other major directories. Using Podbean, you can list all these directories to give you a better chance of being found by your prospective listeners.

Perhaps the biggest place that podcast listeners and podcasters congregate is social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. And thanks to the easiness of posting and sharing images, videos, and links, these social media sites are among the best places to promote your podcast to gain more listeners. Podbean provides a number of ways to promote your podcast on social media and all you need to do is choose the best platform for you, your podcast, and your listeners.

Podbean also allows podcasters to promote their podcasts with email lists and newsletters so that you can get your content right in front of your listeners without having to hunt down the information on your audience.

How Can you Monetize your Podcast Using Podbean?

Podbean presents three ways in which you can promote your podcast. First, you can use the built-in ad system which allows you to interact with prospective advertisers and strike a deal. In addition to that, the platform also lets you promote your show through its premium service, which charges listeners for premium content. Last but not least, you can also promote your podcast through Patron Program where you can ask for rewards or donations from your audience.

Podbean Analytics and How it Helps Podcasters

Right on the dashboard, there is a tab for statistics where you can view all your user interaction, episodes published, where your listeners come from, download sources, listeners by the time of day, user retention, and top 10 episodes.

You can also set a date range for all analytics except user retention by just clicking dates on the calendar.

This section helps podcasters see exactly how their podcast is performing, providing you with an in-depth insight into your episodes, audience, as well as trends.

Podcasters can review their data and download it for further analysis. To make it even better, all unlimited hosting packages on Podbean features these enhanced podcast analytics for free.

Geo-location analytics make it easy for users to see where their listeners are coming from on a global map, allowing podcasters to build a community with the audience across the world. You can also target services or products better and be more inclusive of the audience in a different location.

Your advertisers want to know exactly where your listeners are coming from.

This feature can come in handy when you want to attract advertisers to monetize your podcast as well as when you want to make creative and business decisions about your show.

Client software helps podcasters know what platforms and software they are using, therefore understanding more about how your audience consumes your content. This helps you decide where to promote your podcast, what is working, and identify more opportunities.

For those who want to dig a little deeper user engagement intelligence feature reveals in-depth insights into the actions and behavior of your listeners on Podbean. You can see what sections listeners play repeatedly, what they skip, when they stop consuming your content, and more. This feature provides statistics that can help you make the right decision to improve the performance of your podcast.

Can you Live Stream Using Podbean? How do you do it?

Podbean Live Streaming tool allows podcasters to interact with their audiences. Users can set it up as open to the public or an exclusive invitation-only event.

As if that is not incredible in itself, you can also monetize your Livestream by allowing listeners to send you virtual gifts that earn PodPoints that can be transformed into cash. Listeners can also purchase “Superchats” to highlight their messages during the Livestream engagement, which also earns you some PodPoints.

Podbean Live Streaming offers high-quality audio, which means you can start live streaming right from your mobile phone or computer without any special equipment. But you will need a strong, uninterrupted internet connection to boost the quality of the audio.

Setting up live streaming is totally free on Podbean. However, it is worth mentioning that live streams are only limited to two hours and up to 200 listeners when you are just starting. But once you accumulate PodPoints, the limit will start to increase.

How to Livestream on Podbean App

Before you set up your live stream, make sure you go through the following checklist:

  • Use the latest version of the browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
  • Ensure you have headphones, a headset, and a mic to get the best audio quality.
  • Test your gear by setting up an unlisted livestream
  • Include a logo and catchy title
  • Prepare and outline topics for discussion with listeners or co-hosts

Starting a Livestream

Once you have done the above, you can now start your Livestream by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and on the left sidebar, select Live Stream. Alternatively, click your profile on the top right of the dashboard and then select Live Stream > New Live Show.
  2. Fill in the information about your live show by clicking Start Now or selecting the schedule option for future livestream.
  3. By clicking the Start button, you activate the live show and you will “On Air at the top left corner to indicate your show has started. There is a share button on the top corner on the left which allows you to share your live show with fans and friends.

Sharing your show is one of the most effective ways of promoting your Livestream to your fans. This can prove the difference especially if you are live streaming for the first time.

Simply click “Share” in your live room and then click “Actions” on the Live Shows à Share This Show. Listeners can then join your live stream on the Podbean platform from the shared link.

Listeners will also be able to receive a notification every time you start a new show once they start following you on the Podbean app.

But the best part is that your audience can engage with you using call-in, live chat, as well as sending virtual gifts.

You can also invite guests to your live show by following the steps below:

  1. Locate “Co-hosts/Speakers and click the person sign àInput your guest email address and then click “Invite” or simply click “Invite” next to the guest/co-host’s user name.
  2. Your guest or co-host will get the email with CTAs to join the show
  3. When they join, they will be automatically connected to the show

Podbean Review

affiliate 728


  • Great features and beginner-friendly app
  • Free plan to start with
  • Allows for third-party integration
  • Live streaming feature at your disposal
  • Tutorials on how to start/set up
  • Up to 2 hours of free podcasting time


  • Doesn’t integrate with Spotify
  • Sometimes the Analytics is not accurate
  • Poor support system
  • Only a 7-day free plan


You can start podcasting on Podbean for free, but the free version will expire after 7 days. If you like what you see so far on the free plan, you can upgrade to the following plans:

  • $9 per month – unlimited audio
  • $29 per month – unlimited plus
  • $99 per month – business

The free plan supports only MP3 files and is limited to 500MB storage as well as 100GB of bandwidth, which is around 7k to 10k downloads.

Podbean’s cheapest plan is the $9 per month billed annually and comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth. You can also choose mapped or branded domain names, monetize, and custom site design.

But if you want to upload some videos you will need to upgrade to the next plan – $29 per month.

The business plan is for business and is billed at $99 per month annually or $129 per month monthly. This plan is designed for large networks and comes with dedicated customer support as well as multiple user logins, advanced engagement statistics, ad content segmentation.

Also, if you want to remove Podbean branding, you better upgrade to the Business Plan.

How to Start a Podcast?

Here are some basic steps for starting a podcast:

  • Choose a topic
  • Pick the right format
  • Gather the tools and gear
  • Set up your podcast hosting
  • Pick the best title for your podcast
  • Create cover art for your show
  • Record intro & outro
  • Prepare to launch
  • Launch your podcast
  • Promote your podcast
  • Monetize your podcast


1. Is Starting a Podcast Easy?

Starting a podcast is the easiest it has ever been thanks to the new and quality technologies. However, there are some steps you will be required to go through before launching. Today, the barrier to entry when it comes to launching a podcast is very low and anyone can start it even without technical skills. But, there is a huge difference between starting a podcast and running a successful podcast. The latter is where it becomes difficult.

2. Can you Start a Podcast for Free?

It is very possible to start a podcast for free provided you already have the following equipment – a laptop, smartphone, and a good internet connection – oh and the topic to talk about. However, if you want to earn some money from your podcast, invest some money in decent gear such as a microphone, audio mixer, and headphones. The important thing to remember is that podcast is all about god audio.

3. How do I get my Podcast on Apple Podcasts?

It is easy. Just submit your podcast through an RSS feed hosted by a third-part podcast hosting platform or you can create a podcast in Apple Podcasts Connect. Remember that your podcast must pass technical validation as well as a review process.

4. Best Ways to Monetize my Podcast?

Affiliate promotions, sponsorships, advertising, asking for donations, and premium content are the best ways to monetize your podcast. Most podcast hosting platforms will offer you tools to monetize your show so make sure before you settle on a host, you have gone through these tools and how they align with your monetization goals.

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