YouTube to MP4 Converter: What is It?

YT to MP4 download

You want to download a YouTube video and convert it to MP4. Now, you can simply download such videos and convert them to mp4 so you can watch them offline, anytime, anywhere.

What is a YT to MP4 Converter?

A YouTube to MP4 Converter is software that enables you to convert and watch YouTube videos offline. This software is simple-to-use and highly accessible.

How to Convert YouTube to mp4?

Here are some of the best ways to convert a YouTube video to mp4 with different YT converters:

1. YTMP3 Video Converter

Visit the website and copy and paste the YouTube URL you wish to convert. Choose between mp3 and mp4 and click convert. Wait for a few minutes for the link to be processed and click the button Download.  

2. Y2Mate

Visit the website and copy and paste the YouTube video URL you want to convert. Choose the quality and file size provided and click the button Convert.

3. Offeo

Visit the link and copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download. Paste the link into the downloader tool and hit the Convert Video button. Pick from the options of the various formats provided and click Download.


Q: Is converting YouTube videos to MP4 secure?

Using an Mp4 converter to convert YouTube videos is safe. However, remember that YouTube is covered by copyright laws. Any sort of download or conversion of the copyrighted material is illegal—practice safety at all times.

Q: How to save movies without YouTube Video Add-on?

Open the YouTube app. Go to the videos you would wish to download on your phone. Tap the video once and choose the quality you like and then click download.

Q: Is there any limit on how many YouTube to MP4 can be downloaded?

No, there is no limit.

Q: How to download YouTube to MP4 to Android or iPhone?

Go to the YouTube to mp4 converter website. Copy and paste the URL of the video you like to convert to mp4 and download. Click the start or download button.

Q: Is it legal to download a video from YouTube to MP4?

It is illegal to download a video from YouTube to MP4. However, if you practice safety, you are good to go. Whether it is a podcast, song, or film, it is recommended to check whether the copyright holder permits downloads from YouTube. It would be smart to cite the source as well, especially if you’re reusing such videos for commercial purposes.

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