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If you want to enjoy a podcast these days, all you have to do is download the Spotify app to your phone, and you will have a large library of shows to choose from. Of all podcast directories on the web, Spotify makes it so incredibly easy to stream podcasts, making it one of the most popular platforms.

Today we are going to discuss the best podcasts on Spotify, what they are about, why they are so popular, their length, and who runs them.

1. Joe Rogan Experience

Length: 175-190 Minutes

The Joe Rogan Experience is perhaps the most popular podcast on Spotify right now, having been founded several years ago before it was acquired exclusively by Spotify in 2020. At its core, the podcast is a comedy, and in each episode, Rogan sits down with thought leaders, entertainers, innovators, inventors, and other popular voices, some controversial. The conversation on Joe Rogan’s Experience covers just about anything you could imagine. Most people love this podcast because the host never shies away from discussing controversial topics.

2. Stuff You Should Know

Length: 45-60 Minutes

Falling under the category of society and culture, Stuff You Should Know is hosted by Josh and Chuck, and judging from its name, it is obvious what the podcast is about. The hosts teach their audience about stuff they should know, with topics including Satanism, champagne, LSD, the Stone Uprising, El Nino, chaos theory, Rosa Parks, true crime, and so much more.   

If you want to become smarter, this podcast is a must.

3. My Favorite Murder

Length: 40-60 Minutes

A true-crime podcast will always be a fan favorite, and that is exactly what Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgarif podcasts are about. In each episode, the hosts share their top true crime stories as well as discuss hometown crime stories that they obtained from family and friends, and add the element of spookiness. In this episode, a true crime story meets comedy, but the hosts also cover mental health topics, social problems, as well as the lives of the hosts.

4. CoinTalk

Length: 35-60 Minutes

Spotify’s podcasts are not all about fun and comedy, if you are looking for some financial advice on crypto, gambling, or grifters, you should consider CoinTalk podcasts. The show was recently reinvented by hosts Aaron Lammer and Jay Kang, to include topics about news and culture as if they are reading a Vega sportsbook while watching CNN.

5. You’re Wrong About

Length: 60-90 Minutes

This pod is about a journalist and host Sarah who is obsessed with the past. In each episode, which is released every week, the host reconsiders an event or a person that has been miscast in the public mind. You’re Wong About is a podcast about feminism, human interest, history, and culture. It is part politics, part history, and extremely funny. If you are looking to gauge how good your memory is on Marie Antoinette, the D.C sniper panic, or Y2K, you should give this podcast a listen and discover how much you know.

6. A Waste of Time

60-120 Minutes

With over 380 episodes so far, A Waste of Time is one of the best Spotify podcasts today. Hosted by the Rosenthal brothers, each episode involves inviting hip-hop stars into the brother’s small home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for in-depth conversation and thrilling stories. So, if you want to have a taste of rap without turning your radio on, this pod is for you. Moreover, the show also has a spin-off called 2 Jews and 2 Black Guys Review Movies.

7. Modern Love

Length: 25 Minutes

Hosted by Anna Martin, Modern Love is a podcast on Spotify that explores the complex love lives of actual people and is based on the New York Times weekly column. The episodes are published each week, and in each, the host brings you intriguing stories and deep-dive discussions about romance in all its glorious permutations, life-changing moments, and dump pitfalls.

8. Dr. Death

Length: 44-63 Minutes

As grim as the title sounds, Dr. Death is actually based on a true story, precisely on Christopher Duntsch. Mr. Duntsch is a real-life surgeon from Texas who in 2017 was sentenced to life in prison after botched medical operations led to two of his 37 patients dying between 2011 and 2013. Despite being only three seasons, Dr. Death is one of the best podcasts on Spotify. The show is hosted by Laura Beil and runs for 44 to 63 minutes.  

9. 30 For 30 Podcasts

Length: 45 Minutes

If by any chance you like ESPN’s own 30 for 30, you should check out the podcast version of the docu-series. The episode takes an in-depth analysis of the teams, people, as well as events that one way or the other shaped contemporary sports. One of its most recent episodes involves a reflective look at Michael Jordan’s wildly successful documentary, The Last Dance.

10. Talk Is Jericho

Length: 50-60 Minutes

If you are a fan of wrestling, you should check out the Talk Is Jericho podcast by former multi-world champion wrestler and entertainer Chris Jericho. Each episode involves Jericho interviewing veteran wrestlers and relieving some of the most memorable and controversial moments in wrestling. But it is not just about wrestling, Talk Is Jericho has also hosted celebrities and filmmakers. Talk Is Jericho is one of the best podcasts on Spotify and has over 850 episodes to date.

11. The Rewatchables

Length: 80-90 Minutes

Comedic and most often informal, The Rewatchables is one of the leading shows on Spotify and it analyzes the movies and series that people tend to watch and re-watch again, even as our Hulu and Netflix list continues to pile up. Hosted by the popular Bill Simmons of The Ringer, the podcast is suitable for movie lovers. Each episode brings a deep-dive discussion about movies that the host and his guests can’t stop watching.

12. This American Life

Length: 60 Minutes

With over 2.5 million downloads, an audience of 2.2 million, and being featured on over 500 radio stations, This American Life is a radio show/podcast with more than 740 episodes. It is one of the oldest shows if not the oldest, on Spotify, and thus has had a number of hosts over the years including Sean Cole, Ira Glass, Sarah Koenig, and Nancy Updike just to mention a few.

13. In the Dark

Length: 15-60 Minutes

In the Dark is a popular podcast produced by American Public Media and hosted and narrated by Madeleine Baran. It involves in-depth investigative journalism and coverage from APM Reports. The first season had 10 episodes and explored the kidnapping and murder of Jacob Wetterling. It has only two seasons, and the second one debuted in May 2018 and ended in October 2020. The second season of In the Dark explores the case involving Curtis Flowers, who was tried six times for a series of homicide cases in 1996.

14. LeVar Burton Reads

Length: 40 Minutes

Hosted by the Star Trek star LeVar Burton, this podcast invites the audience to take a break from the bustle and hustle of daily life and deep dive into a great story. The host’s narration in each episode blends perfectly with the calming soundscapes to bring thrilling stories by Haruki Murakami, Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, Octavia Butler, and others to life. This podcast is a go-to online library for teachers and parents to engage young minds and promote a lifelong love for learning.

15. WTF With Marc Maron

Length: 60-90 Minutes

WTF With Marc Maron is a funny podcast hosted by, as you may have already guessed, Marc Maron. The show is a great option for those looking to learn the nitty-gritty of the comedy industry. Additionally, the host of the show also invites guests from the worlds of music, writing, and acting. While most of the episodes are free, you will have to pay a fee to access others.

16. Over My Dead Body

Length: Varies

Another podcast based on true crime, Over My Dead Body, debuted on January 29, 2019, and has a total of 19 episodes spanning over two seasons. The show is an anthology series involving people who are pushed beyond limits and do the unthinkable. The show host was Mathew Shaer in Season 1 and Robert Moor in season 2.

17. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Length: 60-70 Minutes

Why Won’t You Date Me? is hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and it follows her journey to unearth the reasons why she is not in a relationship. The podcast is hilariously relatable and will make you appreciate your dating life. The episodes are released weekly, and in each episode, Nicole sits down with a guest –normally a friend, fellow comedian, or even sometimes an ex – and together they delve into their dating lives.

18. All Fantasy Everything

Length: 110 Minutes

One of the most popular podcasts on Spotify, All Fantasy Everything is an extremely hilarious podcast where funny individuals and thought leaders come together to kind of fantasy draft pop culture, including movies, music, and more.

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