Customer Analytics
For The Physical World

The Beaconinside Proximity DMP gathers, processes and analyzes data from beacons, geofences, NFC and Physical Web. This enables you to create customer centric mobile experiences. All on one cloud platform.


Laptop with Screenshot of the Beaconinside Proximity DMP Analytics

Proximity DMP
One platform for all your requirements


Proven big data processing capabilities enable you to track and analyze online to offline conversions, POS performance and frequency of visits.


Be relevant and present for your customers right at the moment of the buying decision and engage with him
on a personalized level.

Infrastructure Management

Configure and manage large-scale iBeacon, Eddystone, Geofence and NFC infrastructures. Our Proximity DMP is vendor-independent and hardware-agnostic.

The Proximity Data Management Platform

No development effort

Our platform is offered as a cloud service. That saves you lengthy and costly implementation and maintenance efforts.

Open platform

The Proximity DMP comes with server-to-server APIs and cross platform SDKs for fast integration and data exchange.

Simple pricing

Start with a free plan for testing and pay only for the number of monthly active users. Our pricing is simple.

Vendor agnostic

A fully hardware and vendor agnostic platform. We support all iBeacon, Eddystone and custom beacon advertising profiles.

Data privacy & security

We strictly comply to the EU privacy regulations by avoiding the storage of personal identifiable information.

Google certified

We are a fully-certified Eddystone partners. We support the secure Eddystone-EID and Physical Web beacon networks.

Data privacy & security at Beaconinside

We are glad to announce that we were awarded with the ePrivacyseal EU

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Precise insights,
detailed dashboard & heatmaps