Best Webcam for YouTube 2023 (An Honest Look)

Man using Webcam for YouTube Channel

YouTube videos are becoming more and more popular as the platform has proven in recent years to be perfect for marketing, creating brand awareness, explaining products or services, or even generating revenues, depending on how you use it.

There are many ways to shoot and stream videos for your YouTube channel and all you need to do is choose the one that suits your content creation needs.

In this review, you will learn the best webcam to use for YouTube. Each product is accompanied by expert knowledge about it, pros and cons, what makes it stand out from the rest, and FAQs among many other useful tips.

What is a Webcam?

A webcam can be defined as a video camera that streams or feeds a video or image in real-time through or to a computer network, mostly the internet. They are typically tiny in stature and can easily attach to your computer or desk or even be built into the hardware.

Webcams are usually used for online video streaming and video conferencing.

Though these devices have been around for many years, it is until recently that webcams became essential hardware for professionals and students after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which necessitated social distancing and remote working.

Webcams are quite simple to use and can be built into a tablet or computer or just plugged into a desktop as a standalone device.

Most webcams come with a conservative resolution of between 720 and 1080, though you can also find 4K models on the market today.

Webcams are usually controlled by software on the PC, and while this can be susceptible to privacy risks, webcams today have physical shutters that easily slide to obscure the lens.

Why use a Webcam over a Video Camera or DSLR Camera?

If you want your videos to look great, you want to pay more attention to the camera you use. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it recording a video.

The webcam is awesome to the likes of DSLR and video camera if you are screen sharing or conferencing in on a video. With a webcam, you will have communication that you otherwise would not have with a normal camera.

The ability to observe your own body language and expressions can help you understand how to deliver the best message that will have maximum impact.

If you are having two or more people in a conversation, you will be able to see their body language to help adjust what you are saying. You can also make sure they are engaged and interested in the discussion. 

Webcams allow for more meaningful conversation without the risk of mix-ups.

Another advantage of using a webcam over a DSLR or video camera is that creating video content can be extremely easy since all you need to do is look into the lens and record what you have to say.

Screen sharing is another big plus.

Best Way to Use a Webcam

What lighting should you use? What is the best angle for your webcam? There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration to make a great video with your webcam. You will want to look at cost, video quality, audio quality, and ease of use.

The Best Ways to use a Webcam Include:

Put the Device at Eye Level

If you have taken a selfie before, you will know the importance of experimenting with different webcam heights, trying different eye levels.

Try placing your laptop on a box or stack of books to the right height.

Take Note of Your Background

While it is not the first thing people notice when streaming, the background is important in your videos. Consider placing some visuals or props behind you or applying green screens. Alternatively, you should find a neutral background without any clutter or distraction.

If you want to live stream regularly, you should consider dedicating a small space or room for this purpose.

Look Into the Camera

Though looking directly into a camera lens and speaking is not natural for most people, you will have to practice this art if you want to successfully use your webcam. You want to make your viewers feel like you are speaking to them.

Make sure that your webcam is positioned at eye level to make it easier to sustain eye contact throughout your presentation.

Pay Attention to Your Composition and Framing

Ideally, you should frame your face in front of the webcam to allow viewers to see you, rather than your background.

Reduce the space between the frame and top of your head and center yourself so that you have your shoulders visible in the frame.

Work on Your Lighting

Great lighting is essential for any webcam production. Thankfully, good lighting is not expensive or difficult to achieve.

Two basic clip lights on both sides of the webcam can do, as this will perfectly irradiate your face without producing shadows.

You can also use natural lighting provided you don’t sit right in front of the source of light e.g. a window. Many webcams have light correction technology built into the camera.

Get a Quality Webcam

The quality of a webcam matters a lot. Your PC has a camera, but it is not as good as a webcam and unless you have great lighting your videos will appear dark and flat.

Luckily, you can get a webcam with high resolution for less than $30, that can give you a clear picture. And with some simple lighting, you will have a geed setup for live YouTube video live streaming.

Good thing is, you can always upgrade your webcam to a better version.

Best Webcams for YouTube

Best Webcam for YouTube on a Budget:
1. Logitech 925-e

Though the Logitech 925-e is quite older compared to other webcams in this list, it shoots HD video, has a privacy shutter, and has dual microphones.

It doesn’t have all the great features but if you are looking for a basic web camera, you shouldn’t look any further than this. If you can get this device, you will find that it is one of the most complete webcams on the market for YouTube streaming, thanks to crisp HD video 1080p, integrated privacy shade, and stereo sound.

The wide-angle lens does not distort the sides. You will not see the fisheye effect with this webcam even with a 78-degree angle.

Perhaps the most welcomed feature is the integrated privacy shade and at just 6.16 oz and 1.30 by 1.20 by 5.00, it is small enough to carry around,

In terms of resolution and display, the Logitech 925-e produces 1080p and 30 frames per second.

Light correction can be a bit groovy and there might be more yellow than it should be. Generally, it would do with white lightening but overall, it is still a good video shooting webcam.

Image stability is pretty good though it utilizes a clip-on design, which will need regular readjustment over time.

The tripod however will be of great benefit when it comes to shooting a clear video.

With just 1.2x, the webcam has quite a small zoom. Moreover, it also doesn’t have internal storage.

Looking at its current price, one might think that is quite steep, but it is actually among the best deals on the market.

Compared to the previous model Logitech C920, the 925-e comes with a shutter and cover aperture.


  • Best value for money
  • Shoots clear videos
  • Compact and small in stature
  • It does not distort the sides
  • Dual mics that are omnidirectional
  • Microphone has noise cancelling technology
  • Automatic light correction in low light and backlit issues


  • FOV is ideal for one person

Best Alternative to Logitech 925-e:
2. Logitech Brio

Though it is a little bit costlier than the 925-e, the Logitech Brio is the best alternative to the 925-e and is among the best webcams for YouTube you will find in the market.

Once you see the great features that it has, you will agree that it is worth every penny.

The webcam supports resolutions such as 4K/30fps, 1080p/60 or 30 fps, and 720p/30, 60, or 90 fps. It offers a diagonal field of view at 65, 78, and 90 degrees.

It has pretty much everything you would want in a webcam for YouTube. For starters, the audio and video quality is among the clearest you will find around and seem like an in-person interaction.

Example of features you should expect to find in this webcam includes high dynamic range, autofocus, auto white balance, as well as three fields of view. It also comes with a travel bag and a privacy shutter.

If you intend to use Windows Hello, the webcam also supports face recognition.

Whether you use it for professional or personal, the Brio is one of the cleanest, modern, and stylish webcams you will ever see. Weighing just 2.2 ounces and weighing 1 by 4 by 1 inch, this model is ideal for YouTube.

Its long fastener can attach firmly to the top of any PC. The privacy flip cover ensures unwanted eyes are prevented from spying on you.

The camera can shoot 4K Ultra HD videos and call 4,096 by 2160 pixels at 30 fps as well as 1080p at 60 fps.

Its 90-degree view is better than the 73.5 degrees view of the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema. The Brio’s 5x zoom is not optical, rather digital. With that capability, the webcam is worth the price.

To get started with this webcam, just plug the device into the USB port of your PC. The included USB 3.0 will do, while the drivers will automatically download and install. Moreover, Brio also works for Skype video snapshots and calls. It can also do video recording in the Windows Camera app.


  • Compatible with Windows Hello
  • Has ultra HD video 4K resolution
  • Produce great audio
  • HD 1080p
  • Has 30 fps and 60 fps
  • 90 fps available for clarity and smoothness


  • Zoom is only digital, no optical
  • Has a built in micrphone but using an external microphone would be better

Most Accurate Webcam:
3. Mevo Plus

It is quite unreal that you can actually get this level of accuracy for an incredibly cost-effective webcam.

The Mevo Plus utilizes 3D doppler radar equipment to track and evaluate your ball flight. This technology is pretty groundbreaking and some might not even understand it completely. Nevertheless, it has been used in all types of launch monitors, having been originated from the military. The technology also utilizes microwave signals, but this is beside the point.

The Mevo Plus is one of the best webcams for YouTube producers, as well as vloggers and gamers. It can clearly shoot in 4K videos and images in beautiful high-resolution quality. Additionally, it has multiple viewing modes for experienced streamers.

One thing you will love about this webcam is that it can operate on a micro USB cable or its battery pack, meaning you will never worry about the power running out at an important moment.

In terms of image quality, this webcam can easily shoot in 4K detail with a field view of 150 degrees, which is a dream field for view for conference and game streaming. The view is quite bigger compared to Logitech c925 and Logitech Brio.

If you are live streaming on YouTube, you have to use 1080P unless you buy a removable MicroSD Card.

It is easy to use once everything is assembled. You can get right into it on your computer or Mevo App on your smartphone. On the app, you can easily control features such as sepia, black and white, and vivid as well as viewing modes such as stage, outdoors, and backlit.

But if you want to control from the webcam itself, consider advanced versions of Logitech, like C930-e.

Having been built with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip featuring 2 by 2 MIMO antennas for faster and stable Wi-Fi as well as increased range, this webcam is a must-have for YouTube.


  • Accurate, clear videos and images
  • The app is incredibly easy to use
  • Allows real time editing
  • Can do higher resolution 4k
  • Automatic exposure control
  • Offers image stabalization


  • High price tag
  • Streaming is possible only in 1080P

Best for Wide Field of View:
4. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Another webcam from Logitech, the C920 shoots very clear videos and takes sharp pictures, which makes it ideal for YouTube.

With the images on the laptop usually grainy and lacking sharpness, you might need a webcam like this for clear recording.

It is hard to miss a Logitech webcam, leave alone the C920. It is designed in black and in bulk. Nevertheless, it measures 3.7 inches at its widest sections and is flanked by microphones and LEDs on both sides.

The camera itself features an arm that attaches to the back of your computer or laptop cover. It also comes with a hinge that allows for adjustment of the length of the arm as well as a rubber foot for a firm anchor.

You will have no problems mounting this webcam, be it on external displays or a laptop. If you don’t want the device attached above your computer, then you can set up its tripod and mount the camera.

The long USB cord (6 feet) dangles from the back of the device and provides enough length to connect the webcam to your desktop or laptop.

Sound and picture quality is top of the line, thanks to the device’s 5-megapixel camera. In a well-lit setting such as under a fluorescent light, you could easily see individual hairs on your head.

This webcam is one of the best alternatives to your PC’s built-in webcam.


  • Long USB cord
  • Sharp and clear video/images
  • Wide field of view
  • Equipped with HD automatic light correction


  • Complicated software

Best for Live Streaming Events:
5. Logitech c922x

The Logitech c922x came to replace the c920, and it is not hard to see why it is a notable replacement. It offers the highest quality video and sound and comes with a built-in tripod and a 3-month superior Xsplit license.

It also works with the majority of operating systems such as Windows, Android, and Chrome. In terms of performance, this webcam is curated for streamers thanks to its 1080p recording at 30fps and 720p at 60fps.

The two microphones offer quality sound and the autofocus feature can adjust to a variety of light settings without motion blur.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this webcam is its programmed background replacement that allows you to choose the kind of setting you will want your audience to see.

Unlike other brands, Logitech tends to provide its products at competitive prices, and the c922x Pro is no different. It comes at an affordable price despite the mind-blowing features as well as video, sound, and picture quality.

 This webcam can be ideal for people looking to live stream online events because of its 1080p resolution as well as two microphones.

But it does not support 4K, though this shouldn’t be an issue for you.


  • Awesome sound quality
  • Very easy set up even for beginners
  • Excellent picture HD quality
  • Premium Xsplit license
  • Mount makes it easy to adjust and place for excellent video angles
  • 60 fps creates a smooth stream
  • Can stream in 1080p and 720p


  • Does not support 4K

Best for Streaming and Gaming:
6. Razer Kiyo

The Razer Kiyo is touted as the best broadcasting webcam for YouTube gamers and streamers as it offers almost everything you need to jump into it.

Whether you are streaming on YouTube or Twitch, this webcam takes the largest part of the work so you can have the best video. It offers top-quality video and images up to 1080p and features an integrated light ring that boosts the quality of your streaming.

The said light ring makes a huge difference. The circular disc measures 2.7 by 0.6 inches (HW) and in the middle and fringed by a stylish black plastic surface with LED above it and the logo below it, is a small lens that does all the magic.

The translucent white ring is located around the black disc, running to the edge.

The camera itself folds upward from its disc-shaped bottom, which folds back to disclose grippy rubber surfaces designed to secure the camera to the top of your laptop or monitor.

While the brand doesn’t stipulate aperture size, the webcam’s autofocus lens has around an 80-degree field of view while its sensor comes with a still image resolution of up to 2,688 by 1,529 pixels. The view capture, however, is limited to only 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60pfs.


  • Great for gamers
  • Great image quality
  • Light ring for dark setting
  • 60 fps making video smooth
  • Offers enhanced HDR (High-Dynamic Range) brighter highlights and wider range of color
  • Easy to configure settings


  • Muffed sound microphone

Best Webcams for Mac Users
7. Mac Webcam

If you are a Mac user, you are pretty much limited when it comes to webcam quality. Despite the improvement made on the side of the resolution, the camera sensors, as well as integrated lighting, is pretty inferior compared to other dedicated webcams.

The cameras produce pictures at 720p, which is better than the early 2000s netbook, but not acceptable for modern PC.

While you can live with Mac Webcams, you should consider upgrading to a dedicated webcam. Any of the above webcams are compatible with Mac.

All Mac laptops come with in-built webcams, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro with Retina display.

The webcam is designed as a front-facing device called the FaceTime HD video camera. It was named after the software that accommodates its videoconferencing technology.

In terms of performance, the FaceTime HD video camera on Mac laptops is rated at only 1.2 megapixels and can only record in 720p mode at 30fps. The camera also offers support for a 16-to-9 aspect ratio for widescreen display.

The Mac webcam is only compatible with Apple products, meaning you can only interact with other Apple users.


  • Better than earlier version
  • Cheap for basic streaming
  • Comes with Mac


  • Low-quality webcam


Q: Do I Need a Microphone for a Webcam?

Most webcams on the market come with integrated microphones that can be used, though a microphone that can be connected to your computer can also work. Also, any speakers that can connect to your PC or monitor should also work well for sound.

Generally, you should get an external microphone for much better sound quality than using a built-in microphone.

Just disable the webcam microphone on your PC and use an external microphone.

Q: What is the Best Microphone to Get?

When it comes to an external microphone for a webcam, you are spoilt for choices, but we recommend these two- the Shure Microphone and the Blue Yeti.

The Shure Microphone is solid all-round and can last for a long. They are pretty solid just for any use. On the other hand, the Blue Yeti microphone offers much more flexibility to record in a variety of polar patterns.

You looking to get your YouTube channel kicked off, you can check out this article on getting started.