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Are you looking for the best WordPress hosting? If yes, you may have heard about Convesio.

This WordPress hosting service provider is suitable for bloggers and business owners searching for comprehensive, top-notch, and reliable managed WordPress hosting. It focuses on creating excellent content without worrying about the WordPress hosting technical aspect.

Keep reading to learn more about the best WordPress hosting Convesio!

Why Should You Use Convesio

Convesio refers to a managed WordPress hosting service, that provides bloggers and business owners with all the necessary tools to create great content or run an online store.

The best thing about it is the wide range of features, such as automatic updates for WordPress, 24/7 customer support, unlimited storage space, emails, bandwidth, malware scanning, etc.

This next-generation managed WordPress hosting provider focuses on making a website highly scalable. It is possible with its powerful built-in system, which makes a website never go down.

When our website went viral, having fast speed helped us automatically deploy another container, making it so the site could handle the traffic.

Convesio Features 

If you are not yet convinced that Convesio is the best WordPress hosting provider, check out the following features and see if they match your needs:

·  Unbeatable Uptime 

We tested Convesio, and we were amazed by its robust and unbeatable uptime due to its advanced server infrastructure. The server uptime ensures that our site is live and running. We monitored the uptime for five months, and the average uptime we got was 99.1%.

·  Database Cluster 

Convesio features a clustered database, a bundle of databases that are being managed by a single running database server. The web hosting servers powers each WordPress website with multiple MySQL servers. With MySQL, we can manage and create multiple databases and process effective requests.

·  Application Monitoring 

Another great thing we like about Convesio is its application monitoring. The WordPress hosting service’s system constantly scans our website at the application level of WordPress. As a result, every change we make is being checked and approved. 

·  Fast Caching 

Convesio has a fast-changing system, that stores our WordPress website’s static version. Whenever someone in our team tries to access the site, the server sends a website static copy. That way, our website will not require running heavy scripts each time. For example, we made post updates and design changes; the latest version is stored.

·  Self-Recovery 

This WordPress hosting instantly provides us cartridges through its self-recovery functionality if our site goes offline. This feature is advantageous for websites receiving tons of traffic. It is worth mentioning that many web hosting providers do not offer this feature, so it is a plus for us.

·  Free Migration 

Convesio has a team of experts who helps us migrate our website from any web hosting to it without paying any fee. We appreciate that team attends to our migration request quickly and efficiently, completing the whole process in a matter of 48 hours. You cannot beat a free site migration, that is better than you doing it.

·  Automatic Backups 

The WordPress hosting comes with an automatic backup feature. Since the system does everything, we do not need to deal with a single line of code. We can freely set the backups’ duration. We can also choose what gets backed up. We can schedule backups between three hours and fifteen days. Aside from storing our backup data at a safe remote server, it can also encrypt it using 256-bit encryption. 

·  Security 

Cyberattacks grow rapidly, and no business owners know what’s next. Most small and medium-sized businesses are victims of hacking attempts because they lack security measures. Unfortunately, WordPress is usually targeted by hackers.

Thankfully, this WordPress hosting has a complete security suite. Each site hosted on Convesio utilizes isolated Docker containers. The WordPress hosting also installed plenty of security apps, like Patchman, that effectively detect malware and vulnerability and fix the program.

Furthermore, Convesio’s cybersecurity team works round the clock to help WordPress websites prevent any security hazards. Suppose a website is hacked; this hosting service offers instant support and then recovers it. 

·  Flexibility 

As mentioned earlier, this WordPress hosting provider uses containers. These containers help it become flexible enough to perform automatic scaling. Not only that, the smartly designed stacks help in improving speed and efficiency. Since each container’s components are hosted in different containers, we have nothing to worry about the possibility of total outages. 

·  Moneyback Guarantee 

Convesio is a suitable option for those who want to ensure the site’s performance and security. WordPress hosting provides a 30-day free trial without taking the user’s credit card and personal information. Beware that if the users are not happy and satisfied with the services, the hosting service does not offer a refund policy.

·  24/7 Customer Support 

We appreciate Convesio’s dedication to providing the best customer support. The customer support team is accessible 24/7 via chat, email, and phone support. Aside from rapid response times, the team also has a deep knowledge of their offerings. They answered our questions accurately and provided us with helpful information regarding their company’s policies.

Convesio Pros and Cons 

Convesio promises to do many things, including self-healing, auto-scaling, creating and managing WordPress sites, and more. Aside from an excellent content delivery network, it also comes with DDoS protection.

However, no WordPress hosting provider is perfect. While Convesio has advantages, it also comes with drawbacks. 

Product Pros

  • Unbeatable uptime
  • Browsing high speed
  • Better website performance
  • 30-day free trial
  • Docker containers to scale

Product Cons

  • A bit more expensive


  • It has a strong and unbeatable uptime that ensures a WordPress site is always running without lost traffic
  • It provides browsing at high speed and improves website performance on different devices 
  • It offers an excellent user experience, and all of its servers are across the world
  • It has a 30-day free trial that enables the hosting of two websites 
  • It uses Docker containers that scale quickly and utilize minimal resources 


  • It is a bit expensive for the specifications and features compared to other WordPress hosting providers 

Convesio Pricing 

Convesio offers four paid plans, and you can go for the plan that suits your needs and budget. Once you complete the 30-day free trial, you can upgrade to any available plans.

Foundation: $50 per month 


If you choose the Foundation plan, you will get the following features:

  • Load balanced 
  • 4 PHP workers 
  • Integrated cache purging 
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Fast caching 
  • Global CDN via Cloudflare 
  • 1 vCPU 
  • 512MP memory 
  • 5GB storage 
  • 10,000 monthly visits
  • Single WordPress install

Growth: $100 per month 


This Convesio plan gives you the following features:

  • TCP turbo
  • Cache bypass on cookie 
  • Load balanced 
  • 10GB storage 
  • 9 PHP workers 
  • 2 vCPU/single thread 
  • 1GB memory 
  • 50,000 monthly visits 
  • Single WordPress install 

Performance: $150 per month 


Getting the Performance Plan lets you enjoy the following:

  • Edge image resizing 
  • Prefetching URLs 
  • Tiered caching 
  • Argo smart routing 
  • Distributed cache 
  • Load balanced 
  • 10GB storage 
  • 16 PHP workers 
  • 4 vCPU/single thread 
  • 2gB memory 
  • 150,000 monthly visits 
  • Single WordPress install 

Agency: $350 per month 

If you prefer the Agency plan, you can get the following:

  • Collectible storage limits 
  • Customizable worker limits 
  • Customizable CPU limits
  • Customizable memory limits 
  • Customizable traffic limits 
  • Customer per/site pricing 
  • Multiple WordPress sites 

What is a Docker Platform?

Docker is a reliable platform where we develop, ship, and run applications. It allows us to separate our apps from our infrastructure. That way, we can deliver software quickly. It also enables us to manage our infrastructure, similar to how we manage our applications. It helps us reduce delays when writing codes and running them in production.

Our applications are packaged and run in the container with the docker platform, a loosely isolated environment. The security and isolation let us run multiple containers simultaneously on Convesio. Aside from being lightweight, containers are also easy to share.

The Docker platform provides critical tooling and manages the container’s lifecycle. It develops an application alongside its supporting components through the containers. A container acts as a unit to distribute and test the application. Deploying the application into the production environment becomes possible when everything is ready. 

How to Create a WordPress-Managed Website on Conversio 

When it comes to creating a WordPress-managed website on Convesio, we had no trouble with the entire process. So, here are two simple steps you should follow if you want a successful website creation with Convesio:

Step 1: Create your first WordPress site 

First, you have to create a WordPress website. On the homepage, you can sign up. Then, start the free trial. This procedure is straightforward, and you do not need to enter your credit card or personal information.

After you have signed up, the dashboard will appear, and you have to select “Create Your First Site.” Next is to choose the “Set advanced options.” You must also choose the most recent web server type, database type, PHP version, WordPress version, and location.

Then, you need to click the “deploy” option, which will take up to five minutes to complete the process. Clicking the “manage” option lets you discover the four options: set the site name, visit the site, log in to wp-admin, and delete the site.

Step 2: Add your domain, SSL, and caching 

In this step, you will find the traffic overview, page speed score, details of disk usage, and more. This is where you have to provide IP address details. That way, your domain is pointed to Convesio.

Beware that the best WordPress hosting, Convesio, has no domain registration. This means you have to purchase a domain from reputable companies Namecheap or GoDaddy. This WordPress hosting offers all the necessary features without the need to deal with technical aspects. If a particular option or function is not available, feel free to contact the customer support team. 

How to Set Up Auto-Scaling in Convesio 

With Convesio, you can set up auto-scaling yourself without spending so much time. Here are the simple steps to make that happen:

Step 1: Choose a plan 

The latest update you can enjoy with Convesio is the features for different databases and environments. If you run configurations that rely on a particular technology, these features are beneficial to you. 

All plans offered by Convesio come with scale. However, we still recommend choosing a plan that matches your WordPress website’s requirements.

Step 2: Turn on the auto-scaling feature 

On the Convesio dashboard, you can enable the auto-scaling with one click. You are also allowed to set the “Auto-Scaling Expandability Range,” be it a min or max container, according to your needs.

Step 3: Check the WordPress Containers Section 

When you visit the Scale Service dashboard of WordPress, you will find the list of active containers. Meanwhile, go to the overview page if you want to see the active and terminated containers list.

Step 4: Test an article 

Convesio allows you to benefit from Google PageSpeed Insights. This hosting service allows you to test any content with 140 KB or a featured photo on different devices. On average, this test has a 99 score, which we find an incredible result.

Step 5: Perform a test for CDN performance

With the test for CDN performance, you can evaluate performance in every area. It allows you to know the worst-performing and top-performing locations. It also calculates the global average of the locations.

Step 6: Test the WordPress website’s performance 

Since Convesio is known to utilize Docker containers, it can test the WordPress site performance under high traffic. You can run two tests: using one container and using ten containers. It is worth noting that the suitable load test should be over 100 ms requests per second.


To sum it up, Convesio is a reliable and high-performing WordPress hosting solution that scales seamlessly and helps many bloggers and online business owners grow. Aside from interesting features, it also has 24/7 customer support that will help you enjoy a smooth operation. 


Q: Where are Convesio servers located geographically?

All clusters of Convesio are currently spread across Australia, Europe, and North America.

Q: Does Convesio use cPanel?

The answer is NO. Convesio is different from traditional web hosting service providers because it does not employ traditional control panels. 

Q: Can I run my site in multiple containers?

You can run your website in multiple or even single PHP runtime containers. It is good to know that every container comes with virtual CPUs and PHP workers in a predetermined number. You should run your website in multiple containers if it requires plenty of processing power as well as monthly visits. 

Q: What makes Convesio different from other WordPress-managed hosting providers?

Unlike traditional WordPress hosting providers, this next-generation platform addresses VPS and shared hosting limitations by providing redundant and multi-tenant environments using Docker containers. Each WordPress website running on Convesio is backed up by self-healing architecture, scalable PHP runtime, database cluster, and redundant file system.

Q: Is Convesio different from shared hosting providers?

Yes. While shared hosting usually uses a lot of off-the-shelf products to provide a generic WordPress host solution designed for an array of sites, Convesio focuses on WordPress hosting solutions. The hosting service’s entire stack is dedicated to WordPress. It does not support other custom code or content management systems outside WordPress Plugins and Themes framework. 

Q: Does Convesio support WordPress Multisite?

No. Currently, Convesio does not support WordPress Multisite.

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