Best YouTube Golf Channels: Mastering the Game Online

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In the ever-growing world of online content, golf enthusiasts are no longer confined to television broadcasts and magazines for their golfing fix.

YouTube is an awesome place to watch golf educational videos. You can also use it to watch golf news or to be entertained.

From professional coaching advice to the latest equipment reviews, the most popular golf YouTube channels offer something for everyone.

Foundational Golf Channels

As a golf enthusiast, you’ll find these three YouTube channels invaluable. All 3 YouTube channels offer expert advice and great golf information.

1. Me and My Golf

Me and My Golf, operated by PGA coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, should be one of your go-to resources.

This is a great channel known for its high-quality instructional videos and collaborations. On the channel you will learn golf swing techniques, course management, and fitness tips to improve your game.

2. Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels Golf is another acclaimed golf YouTube channel that boasts over 2.36 million subscribers.

Rick is well known for his reviews of golf clubs and his vlogs about golf courses. His expertise goes beyond helping you select the equipment.

He also provides valuable guidance on navigating the unique challenges of each course. What sets Rick apart is not just his knowledge. His engaging personality and the high-quality production of his videos, make them enjoyable and easy to follow.

3. Grant Horvat Golf

Grant Horvat golf, is the perfect channel for those who appreciate both the competitive and leisure aspects of the game.

His YouTube channel provides a range of engaging videos. Here you can find course vlogs, insightful product reviews, and valuable tips, for golfers at any skill level.

The video content is visually awesome, and the friendly conversations bring a touch of humor while discussing golf-related subjects.

As a fellow golfer immersing yourself in these golf channels will undoubtedly elevate your game. This channel will also keep you up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Instructive Golf Channels

1. Scratch Golf Academy

If you are seeking in-depth golf instruction, Scratch Golf Academy is a must-subscribe channel. Hosted by Adam Bazzelgette, a PGA Master Professional, this channel offers tips and tricks for improving your golf game.

With its informative video content, you can focus on various aspects of the sport, such as:

  • Swing fundamentals
  • Short game techniques
  • Course management strategies
  • Mental aspects of the game

The instructional videos are easy to understand and apply lessons to your own game.

Additionally, Scratch Golf Academy frequently uploads new videos, so you’ll always have fresh content to help you enhance your skills.

2. Golf Sidekick

Golf Sidekick is another excellent YouTube channel for golf enthusiasts who want to improve their game. The host, Matt, shares practical advice and effective tactics that you can implement on the course. Notable features of this channel include:

  • Real course vlogs with shot-by-shot analysis
  • Breakdowns of different strategies for various golf courses
  • Tips on how to score lower and to enjoy the game

The relatable tone and casual presentation style make Golf Sidekick an enjoyable, yet practical channel for golfers at any skill level.

With Matt’s guidance, you will be able to pick up enough tips to start getting better each time you golf. The more you practice the channels, tips, and tricks the better you will get.

With these two instructive golf channels in your YouTube subscription list, you are sure to make noticeable improvements in your golf game.

Remember, practice makes perfect—so grab your clubs and start applying these teachings to your gameplay!

Golf Travel and Humor Channels

1. Adventures in Golf – Skratch

If you’re looking for a mix of golf and humor, Adventures in Golf is a must-watch YouTube channel.

This channel explores unique golf courses and stories from around the world, engaging you with entertaining anecdotes and fascinating insights.

When you need a break from the technical side of golf and want to sit back and enjoy the game’s lighter side, Adventures in Golf has you covered.


2. Fried Eggs Golf

Another humorous golf channel on YouTube is Fried Eggs Golf. This channel focuses on comedic sketches and parodies relating to golf, ensuring a good laugh while still showcasing the sport.

From satirical takes on golfing advice to hilarious commentary on professional tournaments, Fried Eggs Golf offers a refreshing and entertaining perspective on the game.

Remember to check out this channel for a healthy dose of humor the next time you want to mix things up in your golf content consumption.

Golf Reviews and Equipment Channels

1. Golf Monthly

If you’re into golf and looking for a YouTube channel Golf Monthly is definitely worth checking out. They offer content, including reviews of golf equipment and insightful analysis.

Their coverage is really extensive, featuring reviews of the clubs, balls, and accessories. The channel also provides expert guidance on selecting the equipment to improve your game.

The reviews on Golf Monthly seem to be honest, giving you information to help you make well-informed decisions when buying new gear.

Some of the key features of the Golf Monthly channel include:

  • Equipment reviews: Detailed and honest reviews of the latest golf equipment on the market.
  • Buyer’s guides: Expert advice on selecting the right gear for your specific needs, including club fitting and ball selection.
  • Golf tips and instruction: Helpful tutorials and tips from PGA professionals to improve your game.

2. Golfbidder

Golfbidder is another excellent YouTube channel to consider if you want to stay informed about the latest golf equipment and gear.

This particular channel is notable, for its emphasis, on the purchase, sale, and exchange of both brands’ previously owned golf equipment.

The reviews provided are well-informed and impartial, providing perspectives on the performance, quality, and cost of golf products.

The Golfbidder channel offers a wide range of content, such as:

  • Club comparisons: Side-by-side comparisons of different golf club models to help you identify the best option for your game.
  • Pre-owned equipment: Unbiased reviews of used golf clubs, highlighting the pros and cons of purchasing second-hand gear.
  • Product showcases: Detailed demonstrations of new golf equipment, providing an in-depth look at the features and benefits of each product.

Professional Tours and Tournaments Channels

In this section, we’ll explore some of the best YouTube channels dedicated to professional golf tours and tournaments. We’ll focus on three main categories: PGA Tour, European Tour, and LPGA.

1. PGA Tour

This YouTube channel serves as the platform for the PGA Tour. On this channel, you can stay up to date with all the news, exciting highlights, and exclusive interviews, from the prestigious golf tournaments worldwide.

They consistently upload videos each day so that you won’t miss any thrilling moments. This channel offers coverage of the PGA Tour providing insights and expert analysis to keep you entertained and well informed.


2. European Tour

The YouTube channel provides a range of content on golf including highlights, recaps of tournaments, exclusive interviews with players, and much more.

By subscribing to this channel, you can stay informed about the golf news in Europe. Get an exclusive glimpse into the lives of some of the most talented golfers in the sport.

The European Tour channel also offers videos, helpful golf tips, and exciting challenges featuring players ensuring a diverse and captivating viewing experience.

European Tour


If you’re a fan of women’s golf this YouTube channel is where you should head to get all the updates on the LPGA tour.

They offer a range of content including highlights, interviews, and exclusive features about your female golfers. With uploads, you can stay up to date with everything happening in women’s golf.

The LPGA channel also provides player profiles, analyses of tournament moments, and engaging content that gives you a glimpse, into the player’s lives off the course.



In this article, you’ve discovered some of the best golf YouTube channels to help improve your game and keep you entertained.

Channels like Fried Eggs Golf, Grant Horvat Golf, Rick Shiels, Me and My Golf, Skratch, Golf Monthly, and many others offer a variety of content that caters to different needs and preferences.

These channels provide instructional content, product reviews, course tours, and even entertaining golf-related challenges.

Happy watching and may these golf YouTube channels help raise your game to new heights!

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