Blue Yeti Pro: Ultimate Review 2023

Blue Yeti Pro Microphone

The Blue Yeti Pro is a USB microphone that has taken the internet by storm. It has taken the gaming, podcast, YouTube, and Twitch communities by storm and continues to do so. With its almost perfect sound quality, easy setup, and multiple features, it’s no wonder why. But let’s start with the basics:

The Blue Yeti Pro is a USB microphone that you can plug into your computer and start recording. It can be used for multiple purposes such as podcasting, recording vocals, or even streaming to Twitch or Youtube.

Reasons to Use Blue Yeti Pro


The Blue yeti Pro is compatible with PC (Windows 7, 8, or 10) and Mac (OS 10.10 or higher). It also comes with a stand that has an adjustable arm for easy positioning.

Sound quality

A large reason behind the Blue Yeti Pro’s popularity is its amazing sound quality. Unlike most other USB microphones, the Blue Yeti Pro has four different pattern settings: Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional.

Cardioid is used to record vocals or an instrument by yourself (one person). It focuses on whatever you are saying/playing and cancels out any noise coming from behind the microphone.

Stereo mode is excellent for recording instruments or anything with a stereo input. In this mode, the Blue Yeti Pro records from both sides of the microphone. This will give you a fantastic sound quality as most other microphones only record from one side, giving you little to no sense of direction.

Bidirectional mode is similar to Stereo, but it records from two opposite sides of the microphone. Most people use this setting when recording instruments as it gives you clear sound quality and gives you an amazing sense of directionality.

Omnidirectional mode is used for recording in front of the microphone (a group of people). It records from every direction at the same time. This mode is excellent for recording podcasts as it captures more voices and gives you a true sense of your surroundings.

Apart from these features, there is also a gain knob to control the volume of the microphone’s input. In addition, there is a mute button on the microphone itself and a headphone jack for audio monitoring.

There is also a gain knob to control the volume of the microphone’s input and a headphone jack and mute button on the microphone itself.


  • Multiple polar patterns: Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional and Omnidirectional Gain: Gain control from 0 up to 120 dB. Headphone Jack: To listen to the audio through a headphone while recording.
  • Volume control knob: On/off switch and volume slider for live monitoring with no delay Mute button will mute the microphone when you need to talk with someone else without being recorded.

All of these features together have made the Blue Yeti Pro a very popular USB microphone.


  • Amazing sound quality: One of the best features of the Blue Yeti Pro is its amazing sound quality. The multiple polar patterns and gain control allow you to create a virtually infinite number of different sounds with the microphone itself.
  • Plug and play: Another great feature is how easy it is to set up and start recording; all you need to do is plug the microphone into your computer, and you’re ready to go.
  • Multiple features: All of the features from multiple polar patterns, gain control, headphone jack, volume slider, and mute button have made this USB microphone a very versatile tool for recording on a computer.
  • Versatile: Can be used for multiple purposes such as podcasting, recording vocals, streaming, and more.


  • Price: The biggest con with the Blue Yeti Pro is its price. It is significantly more expensive than most other USB mics.
  • Headphone jack: The headphone jack limits the monitoring speed to how quickly you can turn up or down your headphones, reducing its usefulness in streaming or recording games.
  • Multiple features: Having so many features on a single USB microphone makes it difficult for some people to know what all of the different knobs and buttons do, which can be seen as a negative.

Difference Between Blue Yeti Pro and Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Nano

  • Price: The Blue Yeti Pro is significantly more expensive than the other two.
  • Multiple features: The Blue Yeti Pro comes with many features from different polar patterns, gain control, headphone jack, volume slider, and mute button. This makes it very versatile but also tricky for some people to know what all of the knobs and buttons do, so they should consider this before buying.
  • USB interface: The Blue Yeti Pro comes with a USB interface that allows you to connect it directly to your computer without any extra hardware. The regular Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Nano require an audio interface to operate.
  • Sound quality: All three offer amazing sound quality, but the Blue Yeti Nano comes with a slightly worse sound quality which is why it’s only recommended for people who record in small rooms or at close range.

The overall consensus from all USB microphone reviews, including this one about the Blue Yeti Pro, has been that it offers you one of the best value-to-price ratios of all USB microphones.

In addition, it comes with multiple features that allow you to create virtually any sound you want with its versatile polar patterns and gain control. It also provides for excellent live monitoring with a built-in volume slider.

All of this combined makes it one of the best options out there if your goal is to record on a computer, whether for streaming, recording vocals, podcasting, or more.

Is the Blue Yeti Pro Mic Good for Podcasts and YouTube?

With its multiple polar patterns and built-in volume slider, the Blue Yeti Pro is an excellent option for recording podcasts, especially if they are done live.

The sound quality it offers, and the excellent live monitoring make it perfect to be used on a podcast where you will likely have multiple people.

The multiple polar patterns can also be used to create various sounds, such as the same person talking from different distances or people coming in and out of the room.

The Blue Yeti Pro is also an excellent choice for recording YouTube videos if you want to make high-quality videos with audio that matches it. The sound quality that it offers and the fact that you can record directly to your computer without needing any extra hardware make it perfect for this.

What is Blue Sherpa Software for Blue Yeti?

Blue Sherpa is software that comes with the Blue Yeti Pro, which allows you to install different “profiles” of settings, also called presets. The ones that come by default are the standard cardioid, cardioid -10dB, and omnidirectional polar patterns.

You can download additional profiles from their website or other sound-related websites. Then install them to the microphone so you can use them for other things such as streaming or recording instruments.

These different presets allow you to easily change between different polar patterns and gain control settings depending on what type of sound you wish to create without changing any settings on the microphone itself.

For example, if you are recording someone talking at a distance from you but should sound like they are closer to you, then switching between cardioid and cardioid -10dB presets should do the trick depending on how close or far away your talent is.

Is the Blue Yeti Pro Worth Buying?

The Blue Yeti Pro offers great value for the price you pay. It comes with multiple features such as -10dB and +20dB gain control, a headphone volume slider, and a mute button that allows you to create various different sounds easily.

Blue Yeti Pro comes with a built-in USB interface that makes it perfect to be used directly on your computer without extra hardware, which is great for people who want something that will get them started easily.

The multiple polar patterns combined with the versatile gain control also allow you to create various sound effects and sounds to make your videos or recordings stand out from the rest.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Blue Yeti Pro USB microphone which comes with excellent sound quality, multiple features, and a USB interface for ease of use. Its versatile polar patterns combined with gain control make it perfect to be used on different types of sounds, whether it be vocals, instruments, or podcasting.

Changing the gain without needing to go into settings on your computer and adjust various settings is another added advantage. Its solid build and design make it a durable option perfect for use in multiple types of recording situations or environments.

Thanks to its plug-and-play USB interface, you don’t need 3rd party programs or drivers installed on your computer to install it to get it working.

If you’re a YouTuber, Podcaster, or streamer, this is the mic for you. It’s easy to set up, sounds great, and handles accents without issues. Since it has a built-in USB interface, all you need to do is plug it into your computer with the included cable, and you’re ready to go!

The best podcasting microphones will cost you some money but the sound quality is worth it.