How to Timestamp YouTube Comments

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Have you been wondering how you can add a timestamp to your YouTube comments? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

Timestamps help content creators on YouTube to direct their viewers to specific parts of their videos.

The good news is you can create timestamps for any videos you own or are owned by someone else.

However, time-stamping YouTube comments can be challenging and confusing when it’s your first time doing it.

In this article, we will help you learn:

  • What are YouTube comment timestamps
  • How to timestamp comments on YouTube
  • Why YouTube comments timestamps are necessary

What are YouTube Comment Timestamps?

A YouTube comment timestamp is a comment placed under a YouTube video with a timestamp link.

A timestamp link is simply a specific moment in your video that you can set up a link to in a comment. When a viewer clicks on the timestamp in the comment, it brings one to that moment in the video.

Though most people think that video owners can only add timestamps, your audiences can also add YouTube timestamps.

How to Add Timestamps on YouTube Comments

Once you get used to putting timestamps on your YouTube comments, you will find the process easier and less confusing.

Here are steps to follow when you want to timestamp your YouTube comments:

  • Choose the time in the video you will be linking a comment to
  • Pause your video and note the time
  • Write the time down in a comment
  • Publish your YouTube comment

Let us cover this process in more detail.

1. Choose the time you will be linking your comment to

The first step for putting timestamps in your YouTube comments is selecting the time your comment is to be linked.

This means you will have to watch your video so that you can choose the moment you want to highlight in your comment.

The timestamp that you put in will direct your viewers to that exact moment that you choose to link to.

2. Pause your video and note the time

When you find the moment in your video you want to direct your viewers, you have to pause the video to take note of that time.

When you decide to post the comment with the timestamp, you will use the time you link the comment to direct your viewers to the selected moment.

3. Write the time down in a comment

Once you have decided on the time you will be linking to, you can start writing your YouTube comment.

This is a straightforward process since you require the time you will be directing your viewers to the comment you write. The timestamp has a specific format which is hours: minutes: seconds and without any spaces.

4. Publish your YouTube comment

The last step is publishing your YouTube comment. Since you have decided on the timestamp to link to your comment, the remaining action is posting the comment.

Since you have been posting YouTube comments on your videos before, this should be easy for you. Just click the comment button and this will post your comment.

Why YouTube Comments Timestamps are Necessary

So many YouTube content creators are constantly underestimating the benefits of YouTube comments timestamps.

When you consider using this feature, you will enhance the performance of your videos, mainly because the timestamp linked to the comments will help your viewers have a better user experience when viewing your video content.

The following are other benefits of YouTube comment timestamps.

Improved navigation

Sometimes you want to show someone a part of your video, but it becomes very challenging for you to find the part to show them.

With YouTube comments timestamps, you can make finding what they want easy. This will save them time from searching for that one part in the video.

Additionally, timestamps allow you to direct your users to critical information or moments in the video.

Increases retention

Attracting viewers to watch your videos, even on YouTube, can be very challenging, but not as difficult as getting them to watch your video.

This is one of the biggest challenges that most YouTube content creators face today.

Timestamps can help you retain your viewers on the videos you post on YouTube.

This is because setting up a timestamp will help direct viewers to the most key video moments.

This helps the user bypass the moments that might be boring and take them to the informational or enjoyable parts. This will help with watching time on your videos.

It makes answering questions easy

Users can also decide to add timestamps to their YouTube video comments. This makes it so they can address specific questions or direct the viewers to a particular moment in the video.

Due to this reason, content creators on YouTube have an easy time answering questions asked by their viewers, especially those concerning their videos.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have learned how to add timestamps to your YouTube comments, it is time to try it out.

Since the process is easy, practice it by adding the timestamps to your YouTube comments so that you can highlight crucial parts of your YouTube videos.

Putting the timestamps in your YouTube comments will be beneficial not only for your viewers but also for you as the video owner.

With better navigation and retention, you will enhance your ranks on YouTube, to make more money.

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