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It’s no secret that creating a channel on the most popular video-sharing site and YouTube, is a challenging adventure to start in 2022. YouTube is an extremely powerful online platform that has made a lot of millionaires.

Developing a following and career on this popular video-sharing site might look unfeasible. You might think that it’s too late to begin a YouTube channel. 

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are opportunities everywhere are you willing to do the work to make it happen? You never know when your content or video will become viral, and your YouTube channel takes off.

I believe everyone has the same chance to build and grow a YouTube channel. Today, there are many opportunities to make money online.

Should You Become a YouTuber

YouTube has a lot of opportunities as well as income streams one can tap into. A great part of being a YouTuber is sharing what you’re passionate about; it doesn’t matter if it is with art, photography, gaming, fishing, woodworking, cooking, or anything else.

Also, you have the chance to touch the lives of someone with your knowledge and skills. There’s nothing quite like sharing your life passion with everyone, and there’s no better feeling.

YouTube and video watching have exploded so time to get a YouTube business started or if you have a business time to add YouTube as a marketing tool.

If you have talent in singing, dancing, cooking, or anything else, you should create a YouTube channel. The goal is for you to teach or entertain viewers on YouTube.

The more helpful or funnier your videos are the more engagement you will get. Once people get to know what your channel is about your channel will grow. If you decide to become a YouTuber make sure you stay consistent in making videos so you can get a big following.

Becoming a YouTuber is up to you and your goals. If you really want to start a channel in a certain niche then do your research. If the niche is not too competitive then go for it.

What is a YouTuber?

A lot of people are asking what a YouTuber is. A YouTuber is a person or user who appears in videos or uploads videos on the YouTube platform to grow a community.

Anyone can upload or publish content on this platform, but those who can build a community interested in their videos and work can be regarded as thriving YouTubers. 

Features that drive success to Youtubers take account of the following: 

Creating Personal Video: Most often, audiences feel connected with a video that appeals to their emotions, so these subjects draw their attention. 

  • Share Original Content/Video: It’s hard to set yourself apart and to be original once you upload a similar video as other YouTubers. 
  • Getting Close to your Followers: Once an influencer or YouTuber shows that they care about their audience or followers, this helps develop a strong connection with viewers. Once you start getting subscribers and visitors, you can start earning some income on a monthly basis.  There are many ways you can make money on your channel
  • Use Google AdSense: Once the content or video begins getting many views, many companies and businesses will put ads on your video to boost the chance of getting as many impressions as possible. 
  • Be a Google Partner: Partnership with Google where you can grow your ad skills, help you stand out, and help your clients if you are a business. 
  • Product Ads: Many brands, companies, and organizations want to be recognized by as many people as possible. Businesses will sign agreements with YouTubers to show their services and products on the videos or content. 

How Much Does a YouTuber Make?

One can earn thousands or even millions on YouTube. Many YouTubers from all parts of the world make millions of dollars a year.  

Like everything in this world, how much a YouTuber can make will vary depending on their niche, popularity, creative capabilities, and ability to team up with others.

On the other hand, it provides you a firm idea of the amount YouTubers can earn; the average rate a brand or advertiser pays on a renowned and viral YouTuber differs anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 for every video view.

A similar study reveals that the average YouTuber or YouTube channel generates about $18 for every 1,000 ad views, equating to $3 to $5 for every 1,000 video views.

Based on the calculation above, if you can make about 10,000 views on video a day, there is a chance of earning between $18 to $31, which will lead to an annual YouTube profit of $6,000 to $11,000 annually. Scale this up to 100,000 daily monetized views on the video, and you are looking at a massive yearly income of 75,000 up to $100,000 as a YouTuber.

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a feasible and practical side hustle or wish to make YouTube videos full time.

You need to develop a good following and make content that drives real and genuine engagement.

How Do I Get Started on YouTube?

The important thing you will need to do first is to set up your YouTube channel, and the YouTube platform makes it very simple to do. You’ll be ready to create a new channel with a few clicks. Below are tips on how to get started with a YouTube channel. 

  • Open YouTube, sign in, and click the user icon located at the top portion of your screen. 
  • Click the gear icon leading to your YouTube Setting in your account. 
  • Click Create a new channel
  • Click Use a business or other name.” 

Add brand name and then click create button. If you don’t have a name yet, you can make one with the help of a YouTube name generator. 

Website and Social Media

When done with the basic setup process, you will need to ensure that you have a complete online presence to go along with it. When subscribers or people find your YouTube channel, they may want to know more about you and may look for your website. They may also lookup your different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

A website is helpful but if all you want to do is YouTube that is perfectly fine. You can always build a website later. You can craft one with the assistance of a web designer or designer-made templates, or in case you have one already, you can think of redoing it to ensure it goes along with the design of the new channel.

If you visit your channel, you will be welcomed by a big banner showing the name of your YouTube channel. This cover photo is prime real estate for presenting yourself or your company. 

Video Trailer

Creating a YouTube channel trailer is helpful when starting your channel. Usually sweet and short, a channel trailer is a perfect introduction for new visitors or subscribers. You can let the subscribers or audiences know you better, what you can offer, and what content viewers can look forward to seeing in the coming days.

Write out a list of video topics and write up scripts for each one. Then start recording.

When done recording, filming, and editing, it is now time to upload the content. You will find the option to upload videos in the right upper corner of your screen if you log into your YouTube account. 

When you are uploading content, you will be asked to fill in the description, title, and tags. These are vital parts to help with YouTube SEO. 

Creating a successful channel takes effort and time, and subscribers look forward to consistency from the channel they subscribe to. After the initial content, plan a new one ahead of time. It is vital to upload videos at least once or twice a week. 

YouTube would not be what it is at this point without viewers actively watching and engaging with the content that YouTubers make. An ideal way of building trust amongst subscribers is to engage with them.

What Equipment Do I Need on YouTube?

YouTube is very competitive, so you need to make great content to become successful as a beginner.

You need some basic equipment to get started. You can even use your phone to start if that is all you can afford.

1. Camera

If you are serious about growing your YouTube channel, I recommend getting a good camera. You can use your cell phone to start your channel and once you start making money you can upgrade. Check out our camera list to see what might fit your needs.

2. External Microphone

You need high-quality sound, so the video recording sounds great, so a good microphone is key. Audio is the 2nd most vital thing with regards to your video, and superb sound will keep viewers focused on what you’re showing, demonstrating, and saying in each video.

There are shotgun microphones, condenser microphones, and lapel microphones so many different ones to choose from. We have a list of microphones you can check out.

3. Lighting

Good lighting will dramatically help your videos. There are several different types of lighting to choose from so check out our article on lighting. You can get ring lights, natural light, and softbox lighting.

4. Tripod

Tripod is very helpful when doing videos by yourself. You can set up the tripod and get the right angle to do the video shoot.

5. Audio and Video Editing Software

After recording the audio and video, you might find a need to edit the video, put in some effects, color grading, color correction, stabilizing, etc. So, getting high-quality software such as Adobe, Filmora, Final Cut, Premiere Pro as well as Sona Vegas can assist you in addressing these problems.

One of the better options for many YouTubers is Adobe Premiere Elements because of its capability to generate high-quality video content of any style and design.

6. VidIQ

VidIQ is a vital tool for search engine optimization for your videos on YouTube. This software is helpful in keyword research, tag setup, video analytics, and so much more. Check out VidIQ to see how it can help your YouTube channel.

What Does it Take to Be Successful on YouTube?

To become successful on YouTube, some things need to be considered, such as:

  • Pick the Appropriate Audience: Usually, people begin their channel without having the knowledge and background of the audience for the niche.
  • Collaborate with Others: Watch videos and track the channels of the opponents and collaborate with the same channels. You can do videos together or have each other on as guests.
  • Patience:  Building your channel may take a year, two years, or more. You just must stick with it and be consistent. This platform is competitive, so it just takes time and you get better every day.
  • Define Success: what is success for the channel for you. Set a goal to get to 100 subscribers then set a goal for 1000 subscribers. Keep reaching for higher goals.
  • Know your Niche: There are many amazing videos and many terrible contents as well. The range is wide and big, from humor and reviews to how-to content. You will have to pick what kind of content you’ll be providing on your YouTube channel (entertaining, inspirational, or educational) and align it with your objective.

 Can You Be a YouTuber and Not Show Your Face

Yes. You can be a YouTuber by not revealing your identity. It is not necessary to show your face on this platform if you do not want to. Many channels get millions and millions of views that way.

Niches you can keep your face hidden include:

  • Top 10 channels
  • Luxury
  • Pet
  • Software tutorial where you are sharing your screen
  • DIY Craft
  • Faceless videos that are tutorials
  • Gaming
  • Product reviews
  • Unboxing


This is the best time to start a YouTube channel. There is nothing better than sharing your interest and passion with everyone, and yes, the entire world utilizes this platform many times a day.

YouTube provides you the opportunity to create high-quality videos full-time as you can make way more cash than working 9 to 5. 

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