Koala Writer Review 2023: Crazy Good Write a Post in One Click

Koala Writer

I am currently using the Koala blog post AI writer and it is insane how good it is for the short time it’s been around.

Just recently, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write a blog post, create emails, do Amazon product reviews, scripts, and more has revolutionized the content creation process.

One such AI-powered tool that has become a popular one to use among content creators, myself included is the Koala AI Writing Tool.

This writer was built to help users in creating long-form blog posts. The posts are SEO-friendly and are created with one click of a button.

Many users have found Koala AI Writer to be easy to use and effective in generating high-quality content at a fast pace.

The interface is super easy to use and you can create an outline before asking the writer to create the post. Koala Writer makes the content creation process very simple and easy.

If you are a big Amazon affiliate blog then you definitely need to check out this writer. It does Amazon product reviews and it is really good. If you do not believe me go test it out. I did!

It is important to note, however, that the tool may not work perfectly for everyone because it is brand new, so they are still working through a few bugs. Here is an honest Koala Writer Review from someone using it every day.

Getting Started with Koala AI Writing Tool

Installation and Setup

To start using the Koala AI Writing Tool we put together some easy steps for you below:

  1. Visit the Koala Writer website and sign up for an account.
  2. Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and proceed with the payment process. If you don’t have much money you can try out the $9 monthly plan.
  3. Once your account is activated, log in on the Koala Writer website to access your dashboard.
  4. Navigate to the Koala Writer section where it will ask you for your input on what you want for your article. It will ask you:
    • GPT – 3.5 or GPT-4 version to write the article
    • Article type: A blog post or Amazon Product Roundup
    • Target keyword
    • Tone of voice
    • Language: Not sure of the exact amount but it is a ton of languages
    • Use real-time search results (Beta)
    • Use an online editor (Beta)
    • There is an advanced option you can add information for Extra Title Prompts, Extra Content Prompts, and Extra Introduction Prompts.
  5. I always select to use the outline editor so the button will say Create Outline, so I click that.
  6. You wait a minute, and an outline shows up
  7. You can add to the outline or move different H2 and H3 headings around
  8. Once you have your outline then you hit the Write Article button

After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to take this for a spin to see how the Koala AI Writing Tool can create high-quality content in minutes.

Test Out the Koala AI Writer

To check out samples you can go to the Koala website then click Koala Writer and look for the view sample output link.

This is the best way to test out Koala to see if it is right for you. That is what I did when I first looked at this tool. Once I got the article written and the output was really good I decided to buy the lifetime deal since it was limited.

What do you have to lose the first article or two is free so click the sample image below to do a test.


Features Overview

I. Integration Options for Koala

Koala AI Writer can easily get the final copy of the post over to a Google Doc or to Word. I just hit the copy button and paste it into a Word document then save it on my hard drive.

One notable feature is its ability to connect to Google Sheets, allowing users to easily import and export data when creating content.

The writing software provides a real-time search result feature to include relevant data from Google search results as the AI content is being written.

II. Templates and Suggestions for the AI Writer

The Koala AI Writer does have a few different templates and suggestions when setting up the AI to write the post. Koala Writing Tool is super simple you just put in a keyword, select the type of article and click Create article.

The software has an outline section if you click the slide button to pick it, this helps in making sure that it writes what you want it to write. I do update this on every post that I have written.

III. Voice and Tone Control

Koala Writing Tool allows you to be consistent with the voice and tone of the content it is creating.

Its advanced AI algorithms can adapt to your desired writing style, ensuring that your content is really good and something a user would want to read.

How you want the post to sound you can pick from the list below when you are in the AI writer:

  1. SEO Optimized (Confident, Knowledgeable, Neutral, and Clear) I use this one all the time
  2. Excited
  3. Professional
  4. Friendly
  5. Formal
  6. Casual
  7. Humorous

Koala Writer User Experience

The user experience is a vital factor when it comes to selecting an AI writing tool. To evaluate Koala Writing Tool’s user experience, we will break this section into two sub-sections: Ease of Use and Customizability.

I. Ease of Use in Koala

Koala AI Writer is known for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The platform allows users to generate content quickly by providing clear and simple options for setting up the AI assistant.

With just a few clicks, users can create high-quality fully written blog posts or Amazon product listings.

Users can also upload their own knowledge base to further enhance the AI’s output, making it easier to generate tailored content specific to their needs.

The tool’s learning curve is relatively low, enabling both beginners and experienced users to create content efficiently.

II. Customizability within the AI Writer

When it comes to customizing the generated content, Koala AI Writer offers several options that make the process seamless.

Users can make adjustments to the output by tweaking the AI’s settings, such as the writing style, tone, and target audience.

The platform also allows users to add specific instructions and keywords for the AI to follow, ensuring that the generated output aligns with the user’s requirements.

Through effective customization options, users can produce content that precisely matches their desired style and voice, reducing the time spent on manual edits.

Koala Home Page

AI Writer Performance and Accuracy

Koala Writer, as an AI writing tool, aims to provide high-quality content and help streamline your writing process.

Users have praised its capabilities to make writing blog posts almost effortless, leveraging the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. But it’s essential to understand its performance and accuracy before incorporating it into your arsenal of writing tools.

Based on customer reviews, the general feedback is mostly positive. Many users have found the tool easy to use and effective in creating high-quality content relatively quickly.

The AI’s ability to reword existing writing and improve readability while providing a list of sources and citations is also impressive.

However, it is important to remember that the tool’s capabilities may have certain limitations. As an AI-powered platform, there might be instances where Koala Writer’s output may not be perfect or may require additional editing and refining.

I personally go back through every article and will take out sentences or reword areas that I feel give my readers a better experience. I will also add personal stories where it makes sense.

When looking at the pros and cons, some potential drawbacks include the occasional lack of coherence or not fully understanding user input.

Despite these concerns, the overall performance and accuracy of Koala Writer make it a really great option in the AI writing market.

Koala AI Writer Pricing and Plans

Koala AI Writer offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to the needs of different users. The main plans primarily consist of monthly subscriptions, with a limited-time lifetime deal available as well.

15,000 Words

$9 a month for 15,000 words

45,000 Words

$25 a month for 45,000 words

100,000 Words

$49 a month for 100,000 words

250,000 Words

$99 a month for 250,000 words

500,000 Words

$179 a month for 500,000 words

1,000,000 Words

$350 a month for 1,000,000 words

Overall Rating:

4.9 / 5

Starts at $9/month

Monthly Subscription Plans:

  • $9 a month for 15,000 words
  • $25 a month for 45,000 words
  • $49 a month for 100,000 words
  • $99 a month for 250,000 words
  • $179 a month for 500,000 words
  • $350 a month for 1,000,000 words
  • $750 a month for 2,500,000 words
  • $1,250 a month for 5,000,000 words
  • $2,000 a month for 10,000,000 words
  • KoalaChat depends on the plan you pick and that determines the number of messages.

If you’re uncertain about committing to a paid plan, Koala Writing Tool offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to send up to 100 review requests, track results, and more with no upfront investment.

Keep in mind that at the end of the free trial, you will be billed for the monthly amount of the plan selected unless you cancel before the trial ends.


Note: The number of words listed is based on you using GPT-3.5 if you decide to use GPT-4 which is what I do, the article word count will be counted at 5x to 8x.

Pros and Cons of Koala

Koala Writing Tool offers a range of advantages for content creators looking to enhance their productivity and create better content. In this section, we will look at the pros and cons of the Koala Writing Tool to help you make an informed decision.

Product Pros

  • Ease of Use: One-click blog posts
  • User-friendly Interface: Simple
  • Quality Content: Not much editing
  • Customization Options: Various settings
  • Affiliate Product: reviews are insane

Product Cons

  • Paid Subscription Required: Still cheaper than a writer
  • Editing Needed: Make it your own


  • Ease of Use: Writing a blog post with Koala Writer is as simple as choosing your target keyword, editing the AI-generated outline to your liking, and hitting the Write Article button.
  • User-friendly Interface: Koala Writer features a clean and straightforward interface that makes navigation easy for users.
  • Quality Content: Users have reported getting high-quality content for their sites that requires minimal editing.
  • Customization Options: Koala Writer offers various settings and tools to help you tailor and fine-tune the generated content according to your preferences.
  • Affiliate Product Reviews: This pulls straight from Amazon and I have tested it out. It does a really great job of putting together product reviews. I go in and will manually add my own products for it to review which is better than having the tool pull products.


  • Paid Subscription Required: To use Koala Writer, you will need a paid subscription.
  • Editing Needed: As with any AI-generated content, some articles may require editing before they can be published or shared.
Koala Testimonials 1

Alternatives and Competitors to Koala

There are a variety of other AI writing tools available in the market. One prominent competitor is AI Writer, an AI-powered tool that focuses on generating accurate and SEO-friendly content. It also offers competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for businesses and individuals.

Another alternative is Peppertype.ai, which has received favorable reviews for its AI-based copywriting capabilities. It helps users write better and faster, acting as a personal content-writing assistant. Peppertype.ai is highly rated by its users, with a 4.7 out of 5 score.

Jasper.ai is a tool you can use to write blog content, posts for social media, catchy headings, and much more. I do have a membership for this one and it is very helpful to use when writing my articles.

In summary, Koala AI Writer boasts some compelling features, but there are numerous other options available. For users looking to explore additional AI-powered content creation alternatives, consider tools like AI Writer, Peppertype.ai, and Jasper.ai


Koala AI Writing Tool has received positive feedback from users for its ease of use and ability to quickly generate high-quality content. Its simplicity allows content creators to produce long-form blog posts in minutes rather than days, making it a valuable tool in the market.

Some of the strengths of the Koala Writing Tool include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced analytics
  • Customizable templates
  • Exceptional customer service

As some reviews suggest, Koala AI Writer has managed to address problems faced by other AI writing tools, making it one of the best available options. It is important to keep in mind, however, that no tool is perfect, and its performance may vary depending on individual needs.


Are AI writers worth it?

Yes, AI writing tools are worth it. You will have to go in and fact-check the article and add your own input. I would not just copy and paste it into your blog without edits.

AI writing tools make putting together posts so much easier. Yes, you have to edit but it is worth it in my opinion.

Is there a completely free AI writer?

Not really, you can sign up and some of the writers will give you free credits to test it out. The Koala writer in this article does offer free credits to try it out.

ChatGPT is free but the quality and information you are getting is not up to date. Plus the free version is using GPT-3.5 so it is not the most up-to-date. I use ChatGPT for doing research and getting post ideas.

Does Google detect AI writing?

Google has said they are looking for the best article. If you have an article that fulfills the user search intent and is well-written then your post will have a chance to rank. Google is not looking for AI content.

You do want to make sure your content is correct and written well. You need to add personal stories or experiences to the article or post. You definitely need to do that for affiliate product reviews.

What is the cheapest AI writer?

I have tried several and some are very expensive. We recommend Koala because of the quality of the output and the price is very affordable. You can test out Koala here to see if it is right for your needs.