Libsyn Review 2023: Why Use, Pros and Cons

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Podcast hosting is different from website hosting because it provides specific tools to optimize the subscriber experience.

Picking a dependable and reliable podcasting hosting platform is vital for your podcast. It will assist you in growing your audience quicker while making it simpler to handle and manage the podcast files.

This article will talk about one of the best podcasting hosting platforms; Libsyn.

Libsyn is reliable and credible and will give solutions to all your podcasting needs and issues. Check out this article to know if Libsyn is the podcasting platform for you.

What is Libsyn?

Libsyn is a reliable podcast and content management app which assists companies in creating, scheduling, releasing and publishing podcasts.

You can publish on multiple podcast directories like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Stitcher, and more. It enables staff members to make, define, and handle podcast summaries, trailers, episode types, season, and ratings.

Libsyn was founded back in the year 2004, and it is regarded as one of the premier podcasting platforms to host and publish podcasts. Since then, it is bloomed into one of the leading podcast hosting sites worldwide.

Conversely, Libsyn is the 3rd generation publishing platform, the finale of years of experiences and practice obtained by the founders by just working with the business best.

Libsyn has dealt with many producers, from newbies to experienced ones. Podcasters from all parts of the globe can record quality podcasts, market podcasts to avid listeners, and make money via their podcasts if they deal with Libsyn.

The integrated file manager enables employees to upload, access, and distribute audio, PDF, video, and image-based content. Admin is able to schedule releases, set episode expiration dates, turn on episode commitment from within a unified platform, and manage drafts.

The integrated OnPublish tool allows team members to make checklists, edit content, as well as customize delivery destinations.

This also enables companies to include the platform with many 3rd party solutions like Deezer and SoundCloud. It allows making custom branded podcast players with thumbnails, episode playlists as well as playback direction.

It will also enable supervisors to make heat maps, track agent performance, monitor episode statistics, and make historical reports. 

With the whole thing that this podcast platform offers, podcasters from all parts of the world can make the most of the platform for all their podcasting requirements.

Libsyn Features

Libsyn provides a complete podcast solution to fit all podcasters’ podcast needs. Let us delve deeper into the amazing features this platform has offered so you have a sound idea of their service portfolio.

Integrated Plugin

This is one of the best features of this platform that you cannot find in other podcast apps. Libsyn Publisher Hub enables an efficient process of publishing podcast episodes directly from WP and into the Libsyn show.

This is integrated with amazing features that take account of episode creation, automated feed, Apple Podcasts optimization tags, making ID3 tags, show migrations as well as highly developed scheduling; it provides you some of the most excellent and superb tools of the platform’s publishing options for the WordPress website.

Storage Limits

Storage limits feature is where this podcast platform is set apart from the rest. The amount of storage you want is integrated into every plan. The more cash a plan is, the higher the storage you are able to have. But, you can purchase more storage with the higher version of the platform; Libsyn Pro.

Bandwidth Limits

This podcast platform does not need to upload or bandwidth restrictions for any plan; therefore, you can podcast a little or as much as you want a month.

On the other hand, each plan limits the amount of MBs you are able to upload a month. The more expensive plan at $40 a month just allows users to upload 800MBs for every month. 


Videos are supported with audio. You are able to begin hosting your individual video or audio files. If you choose to give your audience this content as time goes on, then you have the choice to publish podcasts, get your mobile app or have Wizzard Player, which takes account of helpful statistics.

  • IAB v2.0 certified statistics. Profoundly and in-detail audience analytics to understand well what the viewer and audience like from the video to make better-sound decisions.
  • Highly Developed Podcast Hosting Plans: This takes account of the state of the art tracking tools as well as storage to upload many contents or videos on a monthly basis. 

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

This podcast platform is made with a 100 percent compliant, extremely optimized RSS feed to link to audiences on your preferred platforms. Raise your audience with listings in these categories:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts

RP,, and Deezer are also some of the other podcast directors available. Libsyn is a certified podcast launch associate for many of the most renowned media platforms, which takes account of, Pandora as well as Spotify.

Advanced Features

Libsyn is integrated with advanced features that make this podcast platform the best choice by many podcasters. Some of these features take account of the following:

  • On Publish: This advanced feature enables podcasters to deal out their podcasts onto renowned listening apps with ease. Distribution features take account of the following:
  • Add or delete new contact in just a few seconds with the bulk editing tool.
  • Advanced statistics for each on-publish destination to know more about your audience.
  • Personalize destination delivery
  • Podcast episode scheduling- control when and where you bring out the podcast episodes or have the choice to bring out exclusive podcast episodes to listeners, preferred platforms.

Podcast Advertising

This feature picks relevant advertisements and chooses ad slots, stitching as well as targeting for the business needs interest. Monetization features take account of the following:

  • Live-read ads provide the choice to record an advertisement with the use of your voice.
  • Stitched ads are audio ads hand-chosen by the platform employees for podcast needs.
  • Live-read advertisements give you the option to record an ad using your own voice.
  • Geographic targeting: Specially made commercial slots to focus on listeners located in particular campaigns episode.

Mobile-Friendly Player

This allows you to bring out to your site with a mobile-friendly player. This podcast platform offers many kinds of custom players styles that take account of the following:

  • Ben Greenfield fitness
  • Super mamas
  • The story behind

User Impression and Reviews

This Libsyn review will not be completed without discussing users’ impressions and reviews. If you take a look at this podcast platform, this offers three remarkable and amazing features, including high performance, audio hosting as well as a podcast RSS feed.

A lot of podcasts are newbies and seasoned like this podcast platform. They provide insightful and detailed statistics regarding downloads, which takes account of the capability to download data spreadsheets.

According to one user, the only thing he doesn’t want about this podcast platform is that it lacks the choice to partake in the sponsorship plan unless you have more than 20 thousand downloads a month.

Another user also commented that this platform is very reliable, and he found it easy and simple to use compared to other podcasts platforms available. He encounters no issues in uploading as well as utilizing the app.

Their weekly podcast just includes uploading four episodes in half an hour on average a week. After which, previous episodes are obtained to access at whatever time. So, this only shows that the service offered by Libsyn is great and second to none.

On the other hand, others commented that the metrics reports utilized to be good transferred to new reports, which are difficult to read.

These podcasters miss the bar chart of monthly totals. Last but least, one user of this platform has an aversion that they lose the entire previous data, and there are metrics regarding where downloads are by place- these users don’t care about that. All they need are professional reports to share with future and potential sponsors.

Pros and Cons

To know more about this podcast platform, let’s take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Professional brands
  • Updated, fresh interface and tools
  • State of the art posting features 
  • Customer support is friendly, helpful as well as accessible 
  • Host many shows 
  • Versatile pricing 


  • No free trial on offer 
  • No the simplest to use podcast for beginners
  • Not self-explanatory, there are some confusing terminology 
  • There is no free plan; all the plans offered are priced between $5 to $75 a month
  • Advanced stats will cost you an extra amount 
  • Require a separate account for many shows; if you run over one show, you will require another account. It seems trivial; however, it could be a little bit cumbersome.

What is Libsyn Pro?

Libsyn Pro is a professional package that will provide you an ad campaign management tools and many user account management to handle over one user in the Libsyn account.

It has comprehensive phone support, a variable in which a customer service rep is always there each time you encounter an issue or technical difficulty. LibsynPro has an uptime assurance of 99.99%, which is extremely good. It is integrated with exclusive podcasting as well as security support, and you will get more tools and assistance for the podcast that can be used to bring it to a higher level. 

Libsyn Pro is a good choice if you want to step up your network or brand from the crowd and make yourself exceptional. Also, you get a dynamic ad insertion tool so you can gain from your business, together with having exclusive podcasting services as well as branding options. 

What are Libsyn Pro Features?

Libsyn Pro is integrated with amazing features that make it stand out from the rest. Some of the best features take account of the following:

  • Advertising Campaign Management Tools
  • Unlimited Uploads of Fresh Content
  • Multi-User Account Management
  • Phone Support
  • Concierge Service
  • 99.99% UpTime SLA Guarantee​
  • LibsynPRO private custom mobile apps
  • Private Podcasting Support and
  • SSO Support

What is the Feed on Libsyn? How Does it Work?

Your RRS feed is utilized in most podcast apps which include Overcast, Apple Podcast, Pocket casts, BeyondPod, and many others. Your feed must be well configured in order to submit to Apple Podcasts and other the same apps, which depends on your RSS feed.

All RSS feed configuration is based on Show settings and the episode you bring out. Overrides and advanced settings are accessible by editing the feed destination.

Can You Monetize your Podcast on Libsyn?

Without upfront prices and simple, a meek revenue share, podcast producers can instantly monetize video and audio content, back catalogs, PDFs as well as bonus episodes. This podcast platform is able to acquire an audible sponsorship for some podcasts. Once you host your media with this platform, you agree to allow them to negotiate your ads.

You need to know how to use Libsyn you can check out our step-by-step page.

Current Pricing

Libsyn pricing begins at $5.00 per user a month. They don’t have a free version. Libsyn doesn’t provide a free trial.

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