Libsyn vs Blubrry: Time to Pick the Best Podcast Hosting

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You should have the best podcast hosting platform to make your podcasts successful if you’re an aspiring podcaster. With lots of podcast hosting platforms on the market, you need to be careful in choosing the right one for you. In this post, we will discuss two of the most popular podcast hosting platforms today, Libsyn and Blubrry.

Which one is best for you? Find out in this Libsyn vs. Blubrry comprehensive review. 

Libsyn Review

Libsyn is among the top platforms in the podcasting industry. It can provide you with a fantastic service for your podcasting needs. 

The platform also has a good reputation because of its innovative features. It was launched way back in 2004. The podcast is ideal for beginners and professional podcasters. 


The following are the features of Libsyn. 


It can be a powerful tool for publishing your content on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, and more. It is beneficial if you wish to connect with more audiences on popular websites, services, and apps. 

With OnPublish, you can integrate your podcast with famous directories to reach more listeners. It also allows you to remove, add and edit your content easily. You can also customize the destination delivery. It can offer you detailed reporting, so you will know what platforms your audience usually visits. 

Libsyn player 

With this feature, you can publish your content on any website. It comes with a standard playback feature that includes fast-forward, rewind, episode duration, and other essential controls that listeners want in a podcast. 

Mobile app 

You can access Libsyn on Google Play, Android, and iOS devices. It also provides suggestions on how you want to present your content, including graphics and colors. The platform comes with a Car Mode Ready feature, making it ideal for on-the-go individuals. 

The custom mobile app of Libsyn can handle different media like video, audio, PDFs, and text. You can also filter what medium you want on the app.

The app also offers various ways of communication. With the custom mobile settings of Libsyn, your audience can track their favorite episodes of your content and download them easily to access even offline. 


Libsyn allows you to monetize your podcast. The platform has podcast advertising activity that can provide ad stitching, hand-picked ad slots, and targeting services. You can select between stitched advertising and live-read advertising. 

Like other podcast hosting platforms, Libsyn also has some advantages and disadvantages. Let us know of these below. 


  • Libsyn has many advantages for your podcasting needs.
  • Convenient and affordable payment plans
  • Easy to use tool for podcast management and publication
  • Offers excellent customization and personalization features
  • Easy RSS link connection 


  • The basic plans don’t include many add-ons 
  • It has a relatively simple podcast template 
  • The cheapest plan of Libsyn has only 50MB audio monthly     

Growth and Marketing Tools

Libsyn comes with growth and marketing tools that can help you to have a successful podcasting experience. It features automated social media sharing. With social media automation, you can automate social media activities for optimizing results from social media channels.   

It can guide you to save time and effort in engaging, managing, and improving brand awareness and social media platforms. You can reach more audiences with Libsyn’s automated social media sharing option. 

With its OnPublish feature, you can publish your content to the top podcasts’ websites and apps, including Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Podcast. It offers a 100% compatibility rate with most RSS feeds.

In addition, it also helps you connect to your listeners on prominent services, apps, and platforms. It can give you the latest integrations. 

The growth and marketing tools of Libsyn can help your podcast grow. So, you can increase your brand recognition and get more listeners for your content. 


Analytics and data are essential aspects of any business. Libsyn allows you to know your audience demographics. With this, you can have a competitive advantage since you can create content that your listeners can relate to.

Using the platform’s OnPublish feature, you can access advanced statistics that will help you know your audience more. It can provide you with various ways on how your audience access your content to tweak your content. 


As you choose the platform, you can retain ownership of your content. It means that no one has the right to edit, distribute or insert ads on your content. A comprehensive podcast advertising activity is used in the platform’s monetization strategy.

It provides a hand-picked ad slot, targeting, and ad stitching services. According to what you need, you can also choose between stitched and live-read advertising. 

Hosting Price

Libsyn has very reasonable pricing making it perfect if you want to save more of your budget. However, the platform doesn’t have a free option. Their pricing plans begin at only $5 monthly, which is an affordable rate. This low rate comes with only a 50 MB storage limit. 

Most users choose the $15 monthly plan, which is 250 MB storage each month. The most expensive plan of the platform is about $150 monthly which comes with 3000 MB storage and other features. You can reach out to the support team of Libsyn if you need custom solutions or additional features.    

Blubrry Review

Blubrry is also one of the best podcast hosting platforms in the industry today. It is equipped with different features like professional statistics and WordPress integration. 

The platform is ideal for all types of podcasters. You can easily publish and store podcast files and optimize them with different tools. 


Blubrry is loaded with unique features. 

Powerpress Plugin 

Blubrry can provide you with a powerful podcasting plugin with more than 60,000 active installations. As you install the Powerpress plugin, you can handle and upload everything from your WordPress dashboard. 

With this feature, managing one’s brand on the website is easy. It is free for all podcasters and is considered among reliable podcast plugins from 2008. Publishing your podcast takes only a few minutes. 

The Powerpress Plugin offers over 100 features and has 75000 active users. You can make, upload and publish your content easily. 

State-of-the-art analytics 

In today’s modern generation, data is essential for the success of any business. Well, Blubrry has state-of-the-art analytics. They are a podcast host certified by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). 

Blubrry allows you to monitor your listeners’ growth with podcast analytics. You have an assurance that the numbers are accurate with Blubrry. 

Storage limits 

Every plan of Blubrry comes with more storage as you upgrade to a costlier plan. The biggest storage is about $80 per month with 1000MB storage. 

No-fault overage 

You can exceed your monthly uploads by allocating time exactly on minutes for every episode. This surplus is known as overage. The platform offers a leeway of 25% of the service plan and will not give you an extra charge. 

Unlimited bandwidth 

Sufficient bandwidth is essential for your podcast. Luckily, Blubrry can provide you with unlimited bandwidth. The pricing plan of the platform has five various tiers. The cheapest plan of $12.00 each month also has unlimited bandwidth. So, you will not worry about traffic troubles. 

Excellent service 

Blubrry is a platform that can give you scheduled video conferences and free phone support. It also has one-on-one consulting. Their free team support can assist you with technical issues and minor navigation. 


The platform is easy and simple to use, provided that you directly upload from WordPress. If you’re a newbie in the podcasting industry, Blubrry is for you. 

Time limits 

The unlimited storage is equal to no time limit upload. With the platform, you can have a space where you can specify the duration and size of your media files. It also allows you to choose Auto-Detect for a quicker file scan. 


The Blubrry is also video-supported. If you have enough time, you can make a video and audio. It is beneficial to maximize the exposure of your content on different media platforms. It can boost user engagement and increase your brand recognition. 

Professional (pro) podcast production 

You can have a time-efficient production, so you can focus on making the best content. With this feature, you can edit and upload your content to Blubrry directly. It allows you to make notes from your shows to repurpose and increase online visibility.

The best about the platform is that they have a team that will support you in developing your podcast. You can get a high-quality sound for your content. It also offers you support from a community of talented podcasters. 

Private/ Premium podcasting 

The Private or Premium podcast can offer you secure video and audio from any device with Blubrry Private Internal Podcasting. Private podcasting is perfect for training, corporate communications, premium content, interviews, speakers, and more. 

The following are the advantages and disadvantages as you choose Blubrry as your podcast hosting platform. 


  • Offers unlimited bandwidth even for its lowest option
  • In-depth IAB-certified analytics, so you can get helpful insights that can help you improve your content 
  • Excellent customer support, so you can get quick response for your specific needs  
  • Provides free media migration, so you can target a large audience 
  • Perfect for WordPress users, easy integration with Powerpress


  • It doesn’t have a free plan
  • The interface of the platform can be complex for beginners
  • Some pricing options may be expensive for some users     

Even though it has some drawbacks, choosing the platform can still provide more advantages for your podcasting business. It can be a good decision if you access the features of the Blubrry podcast hosting platform. 

Growth and Marketing Tools

With Blubrry, you can grow your podcast through its growth and marketing tools. It comes with a podcast analytics tool that will help you understand the preferences of users in your content. So, you can create informed decisions for your audience. 

If you want to grow your podcast, you can use the platform’s listener location option. It allows you to know where your listeners come from using geolocation stats. You can also have insights into what platforms your listeners use. 

You can access distribution to podcast directories, browsers, phones, and apps. You can receive applications and clients, including traffic sources of the website origin from the web browsers of your downloads. 

Blubrry you can have your podcasts listed in podcast directories. It can provide additional distribution for your content to reach a broad audience. 

Blubrry can offer you a hosting plan which includes an optional, free, managed WordPress website. 

You can access essential podcasting tools and enjoy a hassle-free site management experience. It can provide you an effective and safest podcast services on the market. 


Blubrry will provide you with custom reports and email summaries with accurate details. It will help you improve your business and monitor your audience. The podcast statistics is beyond regular web hosting data since it can track podcast downloads. 

It removes data that is likely to inflate statistics to offer you accurate records. Blubrry can record every stream, download, or play and delivers the details for the users. It is different compared to web statistics that are generally inaccurate and can result in inflated totals because of bots and other factors. The platform uses excellent internet address information to help you get statistics like from those used in WiFi hotspots, corporate networks, and universities.                     

With excellent analytics, you can improve different aspects of your content. As a result, you can gain more audience for your podcasts. It can help you monetize your podcast in the best possible manner. 


With Blubrry, you can make revenue with your podcast content. You can also get in-depth audience analytics, so you can host your video and audio. In fact, advertisers and podcast hosts use Blubrry for growing their business. 

Blubrry also has tools that can help you increase your revenue with your podcast. It can help you to get the trust of your listeners. With that, you can establish a good name in the podcasting industry. 

Hosting Price

Blubrry has different pricing plans. So, even on the smallest plan, there is no limitation on basic stats or the amount of bandwidth. Each plan has premium statistics, unlimited bandwidth, ID3 tagging, free migration, optimized RSS feed, and more. 

The pricing plans differ on the storage amount you’re allowed to upload monthly. The pricing plans of Blubrry include the following:

Small Plan  – $12 per month for 100MB

Medium Plan – $20 per month for 250MB

Large Plan – $40 per month for 500MB

Extra Large Plan – $80 per month for 1000 MB (1GB)

Professional Plan – Unlimited storage 

The Blubrry has a free month promo code you can use in two ways. You can enter the code INSIGHTS at checkout and choose the button below, and the promo code for a free month will be applied automatically. You can now set up the I tunes from the Plugin, including categories, summary, subtitle, author name, and more. 

You can choose the best pricing plan that suits your budget and podcasting needs. With that, you can ensure that the budget and time you invest in the pricing plan are worth it for your podcasting career. 

Final Verdict

To sum it up, Libsyn and Blubrry are both excellent podcasting hosting platforms. With the help of this Libsyn vs. Blubrry review, we hope you have already picked the best one for your podcasting needs.  

Both podcast hosting platforms can provide you with functional features to grow your podcast. With that, you can gain more listeners and monetize your content effectively. There are many podcast hosting platforms on the market today. So, you should choose a quality service like Libsyn or Blubrry. They can provide you with advanced features that offer you the best podcasting experience. 

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