How to Make a Living Blogging

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So, you want to earn money blogging? You’ve seen Facebook postings from couples who constantly share photographs of their travels and talk of living anywhere while generating a passive income. How are they able to accomplish this?

Most of these individuals are professional bloggers and influencers who had to start somewhere like you. While the world of blogging has expanded enormously in popularity since its inception in the early 2000s, there is still an endless amount of opportunity for future bloggers online!

Regardless of your specialization, blogging may be a gratifying job. The question is how to get started as a pro blogger since there are so many different paths you can take. When it comes down to it, there are several ways you can become a professional blogger.

  1. Start it part-time while doing your full-time job
  2. Do a full-time job and full-time blogging, so you are working all the time
  3. Have enough money in savings to go full-time

To build a brand around blogging, you have to do the work as if this is a business.

The brand lends credibility and value to the product in every business, and blogging is no exception. Therefore, understanding why you are blogging is a critical component that you should be aware of and understand.

Blogging Is a Long-Term Investment

When you start your own blog, you need to consider how long it will take to make money blogging. If you’re starting a blog, you should understand that it will take time for your site to rank in Google and get enough traffic to begin earning money.

The simple answer is six to twelve months. However, this depends on the amount of time and effort invested in a blog and your monetization methods.

In the early 2000s, ranking on Google was very straightforward. If you stuffed your webpage with relevant keywords and generated some links, you had a near-certainty of ranking in Google very fast. However, this “magic” is no longer practical.

Today, Google often modifies its algorithm: It changed 3,234 times in 2018 – an average of 8.9 times each day. Each upgrade has increased the algorithm’s sophistication, making it considerably more challenging to rank on Google regardless of whether your domain is old or new.

Pick A Niche to Make Money

Choosing the proper niche for your own blog is exciting with the possibility of earning money online. Many new blogs fail to gain traction within a few weeks, and the majority never make it past a few months.

Whichever blogging niche you select, make sure you are genuinely passionate about it. This will make it easier to stay on track and motivated.

The following are all large, popular niches that have existed for years and can earn you a lot of money.

Fitness and Health

Fitness and health niches are the most profitable and if you can drive traffic to your blog you can make a full time income.

Many people search for these niches online, and their keywords are trending most of the time. Health and fitness are two of the most popular areas for blogging. The simplest method to develop your voice is to focus on a single area of interest.

Fashion and Lifestyle

Fashion is another very popular blogging topic that has the potential to generate a lot of revenue. It’s an especially ideal fit if you enjoy posting on Instagram, which is where many fashion bloggers have risen to prominence.

Lifestyle writing entails writing on a variety of diverse subjects that are related to a shared audience. For example, you might write a lifestyle blog on cuisine, clothes, and parenthood.

In this kind of blog, you will be targeting women in their thirties and forties who want to eat well and look great while parenting little children.


Travel is the final specialty on our list. Again, it’s a highly popular topic, both among bloggers and readers, and there are several ways to establish a successful site.

Blogging about your trips may be profitable via affiliate connections to hotels, recommended travel purchases, and so forth. It may even provide you with possibilities for complimentary trips.

Technology and Gaming

The fast-paced technology area is ideal for earning associate commissions, whether directly from manufacturers and software firms or via a website such as Amazon.

Your most lucrative revenue streams are likely to be advertising and affiliate marketing. Even if you’re not writing in-depth product evaluations, technology or gaming blogs provide enough opportunities to promote items or software through affiliate links.

Multiple Revenue Streams

There are several methods to earn money with blogging, which we’ve mentioned here.

1. Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an entirely free service provided by Google that enables publishers to monetize their web content. It is one of the most common revenue streams for most bloggers and other internet entrepreneurs.

Once you’ve established a successful blog with a reasonable level of traffic, you can begin monetizing it with Google AdSense or affiliate offers.

2. Sponsored Content

Bloggers frequently earn Money by sponsoring material for advertisers. Often, this appears to be a blogger writing an article about a product or service offered by a company in exchange for compensation. Sponsored content is a relatively new kind of advertising for businesses, and it works.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Add another revenue source to your site by including an affiliate marketing strategy. To recap, affiliate marketing is when you link to a product or service on your site and earn commission on clicks and transactions.

Like advertising, you may join individual affiliate networks to identify possibilities that align with your blog’s subject.

4. Banner Advertising

Perhaps the most frequent revenue stream for bloggers is advertising. You sign up for ad networks like Mediavine or Adsense and these ad networks place tiny blocks of advertisements on your website. Every time a customer clicks on an ad you get paid a small percentage.

You get compensated per click and a small fee if someone purchases a product after clicking on an advertisement.

5. Creating a Course

Courses are one revenue stream that, while sometimes overlooked, may be pretty beneficial. You may build a course on virtually any subject. It might be a broad subject or a highly focused subject.

While you must understand the course subject to teach it, you do not need to be an expert. This not only makes it a lucrative side business but also a relatively passive income source.

​Build A Brand

For some, blogging is only a part-time gig, while it is a source of full-time money for others. A blogger can earn a respectable living. However, your blogging business can really grow when your blog becomes a brand.

In today’s environment, when marketing has taken precedence over all other aspects of the company, your product must have a strong brand.

The stronger the brand, the more revenue-generating power it possesses. Numerous strategies may be used to transform your blog into a brand.

Build Around Your Niche

Writing on a variety of themes does not assist in establishing your blog’s own identity. If a blogger talks about science and math and then switches to fitness and lifestyle, viewers will get confused about what to anticipate from the site.

As a result, a blogger must select his specialty carefully, as it will determine the destiny of the entire site and brand.

Focus On Your Target Audience

Readers read for a reason, and when they enjoy something, they frequently return to it. You must direct your efforts on assisting these individuals in obtaining the information they want.

However, this is extremely tough if you are ignorant of who needs assistance. There are several individuals with diverse interests, and you must determine and assess who will read your blogs.

Implement Good Marketing

This is a marketing era, and every brand must be promoted globally. Blogging, like any other business, need marketing to establish a brand. You need social media marketing and you need to do search engine optimization to get your keywords ranking.

A distinctive logo, punch lines, and USP (unique selling proposition) for your blog’s brand all contribute to your brand’s differentiation from the competition. This will aid in distinguishing your blog brand from that of your competitors.

Posting Strategy 

Consistency is critical for success when you start your business.

Consistency in blogging is a great way to let your audience know you will have a new blog post for them weekly. Your postings should follow a consistent pattern. Your audience should have a good idea of when your new post will be published.

“About Us” Page

The About us section of your website significantly influences who you are and how honest you are. You may get a thorough description of them on any well-known website or corporate website. It provides readers with an outline of what they may anticipate from your blog.

Communication and openness are critical components of creating a brand from the ground up.


Keywords are critical for the growth of your personal blog. While everyone wants to rank for competitive keywords, this is rarely achievable in the short term—mainly because your website is young or relatively unknown.

Is this to say you should avoid targeting competitive keywords? No. Long-tail keywords will be easier to rank for and you have a better chance to rank. Target less competitive keywords when starting your site.

Write Great Content

Your site should provide viewers with unique and original material. If your posts are well-researched and valuable, you are on the right track to grow your blog. Innovation does not require your niche to be unique; it just means providing consumers with new and valuable material that was previously unavailable.

The key is to start writing and get your first 30 posts done as soon as possible.

If you do not want to write you can use a freelance writer. Having someone to do the freelance writing for you will cost you money but many bloggers do it to scale their website faster.


When a website links to some other website for information, it is known as backlinks. Backlinks play an important role in ranking with Google. Pages and posts having a significant number of backlinks often score well in organic search results.

Backlinks are essentially votes for your website from other websites. Each of these votes conveys to search engines the following message: “This material is valuable, credible, and useful.”

Thus, the more “votes” your site receives, the higher it will rank in Google and other search engines. Even though Google’s algorithm has undergone hundreds of modifications since then, backlinks continue to be a significant ranking indication.

Make your Website Fast

Getting your page load times to the desired level is difficult, but it will significantly influence your site’s overall performance. You require a quick website to retain visitors and achieve a high Google search ranking – Acquire a lightweight theme like Acabado, Divi, or Generate Press.

Additionally, while all the recommendations on this page might assist you in achieving your site speed objectives, you do not need to adopt them all immediately.

Spend some time poring over your site’s speed test findings and identifying the issues that are most affecting your load times. Concentrate on those critical elements and take the required actions to improve them.

Build and Scale

Scaling your blog is the process of moving things to the next level. When you build up your blog traffic, you establish your brand as the go-to source for information on your niche.

Essentially, scaling allows you to develop your brand, your brand’s awareness, and your revenue.

If you want to expand your blog’s readership and prospective consumers, you must ensure that it is prepared for the changes and challenges that come with expansion. Scaling your blog will precisely accomplish that.


Blogging is a great business, and it enables you to do so much. You need to commit a significant amount of time, money, and effort to achieve success. You may gain notoriety and renown through blogging, and you can do so while following your passion for writing.

Increase your audience’s credibility by providing them with professional blogging. Market your items to the public and continue to develop a successful brand.

Communicate with your readers and build a thriving community around your site. When done right your blog will create passive income for you and your family.

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