How to Record a YouTube Video

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There are several different ways to record YouTube videos, and the method you select depends on the kind of YouTube videos you want to create. If you are looking to record your first video or just seeking alternative ways to make YouTube videos, you are in the right place because that is the aim of this article.

So, let’s get started!

What Type of Recording Equipment do you Need?

To get started, you will need some equipment to record a YouTube video. We will be giving you some great YouTube tips that you can implement quickly. Below are the must-have tools for recording YouTube videos:

1. Camera

Perhaps the most important equipment you need is the camera. Thankfully for you, cameras come in all shapes and sizes, cost and functionality, and thus the piece you buy depends on your needs.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive camera in the store to record your YouTube videos. You will want a camera that can at least record in 1080.

So a good iPhone camera or webcam would do just fine if you are starting out, and then you can upgrade to a 4K or DSLR camera later.

2. External Microphone

Here is the thing, your audio quality must compliment your video quality. This means if your audio is terrible, even if you have recorded a high-quality 4K video, nobody will watch your channel.

Built-in camera or laptop camera mics tend to have bad sound quality since they are not usually designed to remove ambient sounds properly.

So, after the camera, a decent external microphone is the most important equipment to have in order to record a YouTube video.

But before going to the market for a new mic, make sure you understand the different kinds of microphones available so that you can get one that suits your need.

3. Tripod

Just like poor-quality videos are a no-no for YouTube videos, unsteady footage can also ruin your chances for success.

This is because unsteady videos can distract the audience or make them woozy.

To take care of this, you need a tripod and or gimbal stabilizer to help you shoot steady YouTube videos and photos.

Depending on your production needs, you can use either of the above stabilizing equipment to enhance the quality of your production.

4. Lighting

If you record videos indoors or in an area with poor lighting, then good lighting equipment is extremely important. Honestly, you will still need lighting equipment even if you are shooting in a location with ambient light.

5. Video Editor

Once you have created your YouTube video, you are going to need to do video editing and prepare it for publishing.

YouTube usually comes with its own video editing software, but I highly recommend you use a better video editing tool so that you can have more features and options to edit your own YouTube videos.

Create a YouTube Video Strategy

Look at the niches you want to go into and how the top YouTube videos are doing and see if you can execute similar strategies or even do better than them.

Hopefully, you chose a niche that sells because that will be the foundation of your YouTube success.

Before you Start Recording YouTube Videos Write a Script

If you do not write scripts for your YouTube videos, you are setting yourself up for failure. You will be much more effective if you are prepared before rolling the camera.

Luckily, creating scripts for your YouTube videos is extremely easy. Even if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire a freelancer on Fiverr to get it done for you.

Unlike SEO for your videos, the scripts you create don’t have to focus on special keywords or adhere to specific SEO guidelines.

The first thing you need to do when writing scripts for your YouTube is to create a structure. A great script should have a hook, intro, and body.

Talking of the body, you want to ensure that you deliver the real value of your YouTube video in this section. It is extremely important that the body flows so that each point is connected to the core topic of your video.

Last but not least, you want to ensure that your scripts feature stronger paragraphs and are conversational.

Set Up an Area to Record

1. Computer

The first item that should go into the recording area is the computer. It doesn’t have to be the latest product, just any computer that does not run on Windows 95 or a very old operating system.

2. Digital Audio Station

Regardless of what you want to do with your YouTube videos, you will need to get a Digital Audio Station (DAW). This application will let you record, utilize visual instruments, and mix your audio.

We have an array of options when it comes to DAW, with the industry standard being Pro Tools by Avid.

3. Audio Interface

An audio interface lets you record sounds such as synth, voice, or guitar among others through a mic or a tool cable. It can also offer you quality outputs for your monitors or speakers.

Though you can always use your PC’s headphone output, it is not as effective as an audio interface.

4. Speakers and Headphones

To create high-quality YouTube videos and audio, you need to be able to listen to what you are recording. To do this, you will need speakers and headphones.

But I recommend monitors because they tend to be flat compared to speakers, which are tuned with EQ curve.

5. Microphones

A decent microphone to record your audio is a must-have for your recording studio.

You want your microphone audio to be crystal clear and free of background music or noise. Thankfully, you can record high-quality vocals with microphones that will not break the bank.

How to Set up Recording on your Camera


  • Open the Windows Camera App and launch it.
  • Set up the Recording Options including choosing your input devices and adjusting your settings
  • Record your Footage by pressing the Record button, ensuring you follow along with the video script.
  • Hit the Stop button when you are done recording
  • Edit your video using your favorite video editor
  • Upload your video to YouTube


  • Set your DSLR camera to video
  • Use manual focus rather than auto-focus
  • Set up your recording sound mic
  • Assemble your tripod
  • Shoot in sequences
  • Fine-tune your settings

How to Do Screen Recording for YouTube Videos

How to do this will all depend on the screen recorder you use and the software that comes with it. I use a Logitech screen recording camera. The Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam is the one I use because it records in 60FPS.

  • Hook up the webcam to your computer
  • Download the screen recording software that comes with the camera
  • Open the software
  • Configure the camera
  • Hit the button to start recording a high-quality video

Download Video

You can use any third-party downloader software to download any video from any website, including YouTube. Just do your due diligence when using these tools to avoid downloading a virus to your computer.

Here are some download tools to look at:

  • y2mate
  • TubeMate
  • VLC Media Player
  • 4K Video Downloader

How to Optimize a YouTube Video

  • Use relevant keywords in your titles as well as descriptions
  • Add scripts of the YouTube videos in the description area
  • Say a few keywords in the video as you record your YouTube videos
  • Include relevant tags and #hashtags in the description
  • Create awesome looking thumbnails
  • Include cards in your videos so that you can cross-promote

How to Add Keywords in YouTube Studio

  • In the top right corner of your YouTube channel, click YouTube Studio and then Settings.
  • Here, a pop-up space will open, then click Channel, staying on the Basic Info section.
  • Under Basic Info, you will see a small box with add keywords.
  • Add your keywords separating them with a comma.

YouTube Headline

A headline can increase views on your YouTube channel. A headline should enhance your search rankings and increase click-throughs.

How do you write a great headline?

  • Write a search-friendly headline
  • Add a hook to grab attention
  • Keep the headline short
  • Measure the effectiveness of your headline using YouTube Analytics

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