Spotify Podcast Analytics: How to Use It

Woman smiling about her Spotify podcast analytics

If you have worked hard to launch a podcast on Spotify, then it is time to track the numbers.

In this article, we explain how to measure Spotify analytics to gauge the success of your show and to continue to gain listeners, followers, and a loyal audience base.

How to Use Spotify Podcast Analytics

Set up an account and analyze the general statistics of your show.

Spotify gives four general metrics about your podcast, as follows:

#1 Start

“Start” demonstrates the number of times an episode has been started.

#2 Stream

“Stream” demonstrates the number of times an episode has been listened to for over 60 seconds.

A higher stream-to-start ratio indicates that more people are finishing an episode.

#3 Listener

“Listeners” are unique users who have listened to an episode of your show.

#4 Follower

“Followers” are users who have followed your podcast on the app.

The more the number of listeners and followers, the more successful the show is.

Besides the general metrics, there are some other insightful parts of the analytics, as follows:

Audience Section

The audience section demonstrates how your podcast has trended over time. For instance, it provides a historical graph of the followers, which helps you analyze the growth of your podcast.

The audience section also demonstrates listener demographics such as:

  • Age distribution
  • Gender distribution

Age and gender distribution demonstrate the type of people who listen to your podcast.

You can download your podcast’s data and analytics in an Excel sheet (as a CSV file) to track your start-to-stream ratio or performance per episode over time.

Can you see how many plays a podcast has on Spotify?

Yes. As described above, you can track the number of “starts” – that is the number of people who have played an episode of your podcast – as well as the number of “streams” – that is the number of people who have played an episode of your show for over 60 seconds.

Looking at both episode and podcast levels, you can track the growth of the show over time. It also demonstrates the dips and spikes in listeners to help you create content that resonates with your audience.

How do I see my podcast stats on Spotify?

Sign up on Spotify for podcasters. After logging in to your account, access your podcast’s Spotify dashboard to see the stats, as follows:

  • Click on podcast cover art
  • Click “See Stats”
  • Go to the “Dashboard”
  • Check your analytics

Can you see who viewed your Spotify podcast?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot see who has viewed your podcast on Spotify.

You can view the total number of listeners and followers on an episode, but you cannot view who specifically has viewed your podcast.

How do I know how many people subscribe to my podcast?

The best way to determine your subscriber count is by taking the average number of downloads per episode of your show.

Of course, the number of downloads per episode does not represent an accurate measure of subscribers because many listeners are not subscribed to the podcast, but it is the most effective way to estimate your subscriber base.

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