How to Start a Podcast on Apple (Complete Guide)

App to click to start a podcast on Apple

Podcasts are all the rage right now. You will find that a lot of people listen to Podcasts when they are running errands, on the bus, and while driving. Podcasts provide a great opportunity to make use of time and absorb useful information while doing everyday tasks.

It is the only right way to multitask.

The good thing about Podcasts is that anybody can make their own Podcast. That’s right! You have something deep and insightful to share with people you can podcast.

You feel like you just want to rant about things that matter to you and there are people out there who feel the same way you do. That’s what a Podcast is all about.

With Apple you can easily create your own Podcast, reach hundreds and thousands of people and share your insights with the right audience.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started on your brand new Apple Podcast.

You can easily start a Podcast with the right direction and a little help. This is a comprehensive tutorial to make it simple to launch your Podcast and reach your ideal audience.

How to Create a Podcast Episode in Apple Podcasts Connect

To start off you must have at least one episode of your Podcast. With an RSS Feed, you can record episodes as audio, video, M4A, MP3, MOV, MP4, M4V, or PDF and other document file formats.

Apple accepts both audio and video file types, the Podcasts are the ones that perform the best. With streaming taking over all the Podcasts, smaller size audio files make it so much more efficient for users to play Podcasts on the go without draining up their mobile data plans. You can easily convert video to audio and consume high-quality content on the go.

For creating Podcast content you will need WAV, FLAC file formats on Apple Podcast Connect.

As an Apple Podcaster Program Subscriber, you can submit your audio through Apple Podcast Connect. You can create Podcasts and save them as episodes that you can come back to and update, edit or finish at any time, showing details of audio content.

Here is How to Start a Podcast on Apple

  1. Go to Apple Podcasts Connect
  2. Select the show you’re adding an episode to.
  3. Click the Add (+) button.
  4. Enter a name for your episode.
  5. Add metadata
  6. Add an episode title of up to 150 characters.
  7. Write one or more sentences describing your episode to the target audience. You can use up to 4000 characters including rich text formatting and HTML tags
  1. Indicate Episode type: full, bonus, or trailer episode.
  2. Add the original release date and time. This doesn’t determine the availability of your episode, only the order in which episodes will appear on your Podcast channel.
  1. Indicate if there is a presence of explicit content on the Podcast to inform your audience beforehand.
  2. Add the episode season number, if relevant
  3. Apple encourages you to add the episode numbers if your show is episodic, but it is mandatory if your show is serial.
  4. Decimal points are not supported in any of the fields.
  5. You can add episode website
  6. You can add audio by selecting Add Subscriber Audio
  7. You can choose whether the episode you are watching will be restricted to the paid subscriber or will be available for everyone.
  8. Select when the episode will be available on Apple Podcasts
  9. Upload audio file and save. The file must adhere to the requirements and pass Apple Podcast validations to be published.
  10. Publish your Podcast.

Create RSS Feed – How to Create and Add the RSS Feed?

You can add your Podcast episodes directly to your platform if you have a third-party hosting provider that manages RSS feed for you. In that case, your episodes may contain titles and enclosure tags which will help define your Podcast episodes in a way that the episode type, episode number, and release date are provided. When you create an episode from an RSS feed you cannot update it on Apple Podcast Connect. This can be done by coordinating with your third-party hosting providers.

You can get your Podcast RSS feed by going to the Settings, then selecting Feed in your Podbean dashboard. At the very top, you will find “View RSS feed”. You can select that to get your feed URL. This is the information you need for iTunes.

What Episode Types Can You Have on Apple ?

Apple Podcast Connect supports up to three different types of episodes.

The first type of episode is the one that contains the complete information of the show. These are the full episodes. The Bonus episodes contain extra content such as the behind-the-scenes and extended outros for paid subscribers, interviews with the cast, etc. These episodes can also contain cross-promotional content for other Podcasts and relevant projects.

Trailers are also treated as a type of episode. These are short, promotional pieces of content that represent your current shows and entice the audience to view the entire thing. Tears also contain announcements and release date information for your target audience, so in a way, they also work as promotional content.

Tips are also short, one to two-minute trailer episodes that pique the interest of the audience into your Podcast. They provide an introductory theme to your Podcast and also contain sample interviews.

Is it Free to Start an Apple Podcast?

To create a Podcast on Apple Podcasts you need an Apple ID. You can create a new Apple ID or use an existing one to log in to Apple Podcast Connect. You will have to provide your credit card details to make an account but the Podcast service is free to use.

At the moment Apple Podcasts features over 2 million free shows that you can stream on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod mini, CarPlay, iTunes on Windows, and other smart systems.

Can Anyone Start an Apple Podcast?

Anyone can start an Apple Podcast so long as they have an Apple ID. You can create a Podcast representing yourself or you can create one as a company or an organization that you can then add people to. Get started today with your own podcast.

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