TubeBuddy Review 2023: Skyrocket Your YouTube Channel

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Want to be successful in your streaming career on YouTube? Want to gain ample subscribers quickly? Why not try TubeBuddy? It’s a fantastic tool for any content creator on YouTube, and it’s straightforward to get started.

Overall, it’s an excellent tool to use if you want to embark and boost your career on YouTube. TubeBuddy is a powerful tool that can help you become a successful YouTuber.

TubeBuddy can be your arsenal in one of the most prominent content platforms. Whatever you need, whether you want to boost your business using YouTube or want to have more subscribers and likes on your channel, TubeBuddy can be the answer.

In addition, TubeBuddy provides a free version to try it for free. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it. This article will discuss using TubeBuddy, its pros, cons, and many more. Let’s dive deep into it.

What is TubeBuddy, and How Does it Work?

TubeBuddy is a channel management tool on YouTube with many features like bulk processing, class analytics, and robust content SEO optimization. Let’s get it accurate, making great videos on YouTube is not that easy.

Why is that?

Videos based on popular topics don’t always appear in searches because of the YouTube algorithm. That’s where you need TubeBuddy, a well-rounded software that can provide you with great experience and incredible results.

To be successful on YouTube, you need to grow your audience, and you can use TubeBuddy features like keyword explorer to help you boost your content appearing on the platform. Additionally, this tool is equipped with an SEO studio and opportunity finder that can help you optimize your existing content to rank higher in search results.

Also, with the TubeBuddy Click management tool and thumbnail designer, it can diffidently make your thumbnail much better. Likewise, a good thumbnail in your video can attract more YouTube audiences meaning more clicks and likes your channel will receive.

How to Use TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is very straightforward to use even a beginner would have no problem using it. This tool is a fantastic browser extension that you can install on your internet browsers like google chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. You can easily download it on the google chrome web store extension from the chrome web store is automatically installed.

You can find it on your internet browser address page on the left side. You can manage your extension by clicking the plugin icon that looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

Once you have downloaded it, you can manage it by clicking the TubeBuddy Extension. Of course, you will need to register first. It’s up to you whether you’d like to try the free subscription, or you can avail of the paid subscription that comes with the best features you can get.

TubeBuddy is undoubtedly one of the best reliable tools to help you grow your YouTube channel steadily over time. It’s a simple tool that once you have used it, you’ll figure out the rest quickly with no problem.


TubeBuddy is equipped with unique features, but you can avail of their paid subscription to have the best and most reliable feature. Let’s discuss the free and paid features and why you should help their paid subscription.

If you just wanted to try TubeBuddy, the free version is a great place to start. But there’s a free version that doesn’t support bulk processing, and it doesn’t give you the option to publish your YouTube video content on other social media platforms like YouTube.

Your tag explorer is also somewhat limited that can miss out on high-rank keywords, thus will not give too much of a boost in rank searches. In contrast, paid versions or paid plans can provide you with reliable features that the free plan doesn’t have.

Paid plans have three options that start with the cheapest at $9 a month. Whether it’s a starter or pro plan, the paid plan has had the advantage.

Productivity Tools

Below are some of the features under the productivity tool:

  • Embed options – if you already have a YouTube channel, you probably know that embedding videos are only limited. TubeBuddy embeds option, on the other hand, gives you plenty of options like turn off autopay controls, display customization of embedded videos, loop enable, and much more. YouTube channel management is not easy but using this tool can help you save more time.
  • Automated Reply or Canned Response – Interacting with your audience is crucial to help you steadily grow your YouTube Channel. But replying to every one of them can eat too much of your time. You can use the canned response feature offered by TubeBuddy that provides you faster responses to your audience’s frequently asked questions. 
  • Card templates and End screen templates – card templates and end screen templates are also an essential part of your video. This feature allows you to store card and end screen templates that you can use on all your videos. Setting up card templates and end screen templates is a massive waste of your time. TubeBuddy has this feature to generate templates for your video for future use.
  • Emoji Picker – Believe it or not, emojis are also an essential factor that can help you attract YouTube audiences. Emojis attract attention, more likes, subscriber, and clicks to your channel. This tool is straightforward to use. Click the emoji picker and click the emoji icon next to the title box as quickly as that.
  • Quick-Edit Toolbar – Modifying your videos using YouTube channel management is easy, but it doesn’t support bulk editing. You can only modify bulk content by using software or a program such as TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy has a quick edit toolbar that enables you to change two or more of your content. Modifying your content one by one will take too much of your time. This feature allows you to edit multiple of your video thumbnails easily. A bulk processing toolbar or quick edit toolbar is an essential feature if you want to manage your time.
  • GIF Generator – Gifs also attract an audience. As the name implies, TubeBuddy has a built-in GIF generator that allows you to generate the essential gifs for your content.
  • Thumbnail Generator – Creating a good thumbnail is one of the best ways to attract audiences. Whether you want to make a funny one or a clickbait thumbnail, TubeBuddy’s built-in thumbnail generator is the answer. This feature can help you create the best thumbnail for your content. This tool can optimize your channel growth and helps you maintain your brand consistency.
  • Video Tag Explorer or Keyword Explorer – As the name implies, this feature allows you to utilize the necessary tags for your video content that can help you rank higher among other content creators. This feature is one of the most reliable features that can significantly boost your YouTube search result. Using this tool, you can save a lot of time utilizing the most relevant and ideal keyword that you should use in your video content. You must enter the significant keywords you want, and TubeBuddy will do the rest. No more long hours of effort picking an essential keyword. This feature will do all the work for you!
  • Video Tag List – TubeBuddy also comes with a video tag list that allows you to create a list of ideal tags to use in the future. You don’t need to input tags manually, and this feature will suggest the best primary keyword to use for your content.
  • Tag Shorter – this feature allows you to pick the most weighted major keyword for your video content. The keywords that you put on your video content must be in order. The most weighted or essential keyword must be on top to give you the most promising results. Optimizing your video based on keywords is not easy, but with the help of this feature, you can adjust your tag list effectively. This tool is probably the most reliable YouTube SEO optimizer.
  • A/B Testing – Already finished editing your video? Are you sure you have done it correctly? Making and editing videos is not easy. One mistake can ruin it. This feature helps you to adjust and split test your video content. This feature can optimize your video’s tags, title, and thumbnails to achieve positive results.
  • Comment Filter – Keeping up with your audience in your channel is hard but keeping track of their comment is much more challenging. Let’s face it, as your channel grows. The comment box will also increase tenfold. You can keep track of the comment you want to see by using the comment filter tool. Comment Filter is a must-have feature that provides ease in interacting with your channel’s audience. Using this feature is a great time saver.

Promotion Tools

Below are some of the features under the promotion tool:

  • Best Time to Publish – It’s not ideal for publishing or uploading your content at random times. Why? A thing called YouTube Algorithm also affects your content appearance on search rank. Using these features helps you determine the best time to upload your videos. This feature will assist you in getting the best potential interaction with your audience. TubeBuddy Algorithm determines the best time to upload your videos based on the gathered data on your audience.
  • Publish to Facebook Button – Want to share your video content on social media platforms like Facebook? Have no worries, publish to a Facebook button that allows you to share your content on Facebook with just one click of a button. This feature is beneficial. TubeBuddy posts or publish to Facebook will enable you to submit your video directly on Facebook, which is optimal and gives you Facebook’s autoplay function.
  • Milestones – this feature enables you to keep track of your milestone and share your achievements on social media platforms. Flex your channel’s growth by using this fantastic feature.
  • Winner Picker – Planning to have a giveaway on your channel? This feature can help you pick a random audience. It could also be based on the audience comment or could be your channel subscriber.
  • Promotion Materials – if you want to boost your channel’s click and share your uploads on various platforms, you might want to use this one-of-a-kind feature.
  • Share Tracker – Share your video on multiple social media platforms! Keep track of the videos that have been shared by your audience using this feature.

Data and Research

Below are some of the features under the data and research:

  • Brand Alerts – This is an important feature you would like to have in your arsenal. This feature helps you to keep track of your content uploads. It notifies you when someone has re-uploaded your video without your permission.
  • Channel Access – handling your channel solo is hard, especially if you are too busy with other things. Imagine if you are on vacation and you have a new video to upload, but you can’t access TubeBuddy because of a slow internet connection. This feature can help you with it. TubeBuddy account license is sharable.
  • Demonetization Audit – Content demonetization is a nightmare. Using this feature can help you avoid demonetization. This feature allows you to identify red flags in your contents keyword, tags, title, and audio.
  • Language Analysis – this feature gathers the data on your channel’s audience. This enables you to determine the language used by your audience. You can use this collected data to focus on uploading videos to a more significant percentage of your audience. You can also use this to make CC or captions on your videos.
  • Channel Backup – losing your channel is against hackers is not an option. This feature enables you to back up your channel video metadata.


Here are some of the pros you can get if you use the TubeBuddy browser extension

  • TubeBuddy is safe and certified by YouTube LLC
  • Has a free plan
  • Offers a month free paid plan
  • Generate and identifies major tags and keywords
  • Offers productivity and Promotion tools
  • Have an excellent customer support
  • 50% discount on startup channels (below 1000) subscriber-only


  • There is no downside to using this tool; however, you need to upgrade to the paid plans if you want to utilize the software’s full capabilities.


Tubby offers a free plan, but it also has paid plans with its perks. Let’s break down the paid plans.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan will cost you $9 a month, and this plan has a promo that gives a discount to a startup channel with less than one thousand subscribers. This plan includes a productivity tool, thumbnail generator, tags, and keyword research.

Sign up here to get started on Pro.

Star Plan

The Star plan is priced at $19 per month. The promo comes with pro tools, bulk processing, monetization tools, card/end screen templates, and advanced scheduling. This specific promo is essential if your channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Sign up here to get started on Star.

Legend Plan

The legend plan is priced at $49 per month, which is quite outrageous, but this price is very reasonable. This plan entitles you to use all the available features, which is excellent if you have two or more channels. Legend plan includes all-pro tools, all-star tools, video a/b testing, retention analyzer, and competitor analysis.

Sign up here to get started on Legend.


TubeBuddy is a must-have tool if you want to boost your channel growth. TubeBuddy helps you manage your YouTube Channel effectively and efficiently. If you are not satisfied with this review, you can freely try the free version first. It’s 100% free.

TubeBuddy is a browser plugin that automatically installs once you have downloaded it. A powerful video SEO tool that can help you rack thousand, even millions of YouTube audiences. This tool provides you with unique features that produce only positive results.

No more manually inputting weighted keywords TubeBuddy can do it for you. Avail of the paid plans and receive a plethora of essential tools for creating your content. Video promotion on various social media platforms is made easy using this tool.

Many content creators have proved this fantastic powerful browser extension. Many have used this SEO tool and others like it to increase the growth of their channel.

To anyone worried about their money investing in the paid plans, well, I’ll tell you this if you are serious about making a profit on your content, why not invest your money now and reap the benefits later. This tool can give your content a higher chance of going viral, meaning more clicks and visits to your channel and a higher ROI.