VidIQ Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

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Are you an aspiring YouTube creator? If yes, this post is for you. You can use a tool to grow your YouTube channel. In this article, we will discuss VidIQ. Is this the right tool for you? Find out the answer with this comprehensive VidIQ review. 

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a SaaS product founded by Todd Troxell and Rob Sandie that can help a YouTube creator like you find keywords and topics for your videos. It is also equipped with a robust SEO feature to guide you through creating SEO-friendly descriptions, titles, and tags. 

Like other tech startups, they moved to Bay Area to establish their online business and company. Aside from YouTube SEO features, VidIQ also has smart tools and channel management options. 

How To Use VidIQ Pro 

VidIQ can be a powerful tool to grow your YouTube audience faster. You can check VPH or views per hour of the top competitors and trending videos in your niche. You may create something similar to that video, but you should not copy it. 

You can format your description, title, and content to talk similarly to the sample video, which got many views per hour. If you’ve done it correctly, the algorithm in YouTube will rank you to YouTube’s top results and show your video as relevant videos on the search sidebar. 

You can also use VidIQ to acquire knowledge and tools for growing your audience faster. The VidIQ can handle different areas, including analytics, data backup, comment management, marketing and social media, thumbnail generation, competitor research, and more. You can use it to boost your YouTube views. 

SEO tool competitors include TubeBuddy, AHREF’s, and LongtailPro.

VidIQ has Trending Videos feature, which is part of VidIQ Google Chrome Extension. If you want to use Trending Videos by VidIQ, you can search a keyword in YouTube search. It will reveal the top 10 videos on a specific topic that gain views right now. With Trending Videos, you can discover famous videos that many people are watching currently. 

Channel Audit

VidIQ can provide you with a powerful Channel Audit tool. It can be an effective video marketing tool you can use to grow your YouTube channel. With this feature, you can track how your video is performing. You can also know what’s working and what’s not working. So, you can pay attention to the aspects that you need to improve with your content. 

The Channel Audit tool can also highlight if your video descriptions, titles, or tags are too long or short. It can also point out missing playlists, thumbnails, end screens, or cards. 

Keyword Engine in VidIQ

With the VidIQ Keyword Engine tool, you can learn what viewers are searching for. So, you can make relevant content that viewers want to watch. It provides keyword research, allowing you to optimize and focus on your videos to satisfy your audience. With this option, you can always be updated to the latest trends on YouTube. 

How To Grow YouTube channel using VidIQ?

You can grow your YouTube channel while using VidIQ. You can use its advanced features to increase your views and subscribers. With its video scorecard, you can access the needed information about videos on YouTube. 

With the VidIQ tools, you can also upload and edit your content. It Channel Audit can help you determine how your video content is performing. It can be your reliable partner for your video management. 

VidIQ can offer you valuable insights that will help you improve all aspects of your YouTube channel and videos. It can show you comprehensive tools that can transform your YouTube creation experience. 

Chrome Extension

VidIQ also features Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. You can install and download these extensions as you research for channels and videos inside YouTube. You can use these extensions for free, but you can subscribe to one of its paid plans to enjoy its premium features. 

Web Interface

VidIQ comes with a user-friendly web interface. It is easy to use, so you can have a hassle-free experience with VidIQ. You can sign in with a free account in VidIQ. Then, you can subscribe to paid plans if you want to experience the tool’s more innovative features. 


VidIQ Academy provides free and paid user-exclusive courses for growth in YouTube and channel development. It is loaded with actionable tips and helpful examples based on real-world experience from VidIQ experts. 

Additionally, it can also deliver 30 videos covering various aspects of researching, creating, publishing, and optimizing video content. 

Customer Support

Various subscription plans of VidIQ can offer you different customer support options. It also has community support that will answer your questions and issues you may encounter. VidIQ communicates with customers through chat and email. 

VidIQ is composed of a professional team that can work with you in the best possible way. So, you don’t need to worry about potential issues you can face while using the VidIQ. 

Features of VidIQ

VidIQ is loaded with excellent features for your YouTube creation needs. Let us discuss these features below.

1. Best Time to Post 

With this feature, you can determine the perfect time for publishing your video on your channel. It can also provide you the time when your subscribers are active on the platform. 

2. Top playlists 

VidIQ will allow you to view how your channel’s playlists are performing.

3. Videos 

With this feature of VidIQ, you can see your video list and show you how many likes, views, tags, and comments each video has. The best about this feature is you can make tweaks to the metadata of your video with a single click. 

4. Ember URLs 

In this report, you can see the sites that generate views for your content off of YouTube. In this way, you can learn that your videos got promotions from other platforms. 

5. Subscriber analysis 

VidIQ collects viewer data from a subset of subscribers with installed VidIQ Chrome Extension. You will also know the videos they watch if they’re not watching your content. 

6. Inline keywords 

This feature will show the video’s tags inside the search results of YouTube. It is an excellent way to develop various potential keyword ideas in just a few minutes. 

7. Competitors 

With the Competitors feature, you can compare your YouTube channel to your competing channels. It can also give you the motivation to grow your channel. 

8. Thumbnail editor 

The VidIQ also comes with a thumbnail editor. With it, you can make a catchy thumbnail for your videos. 

9. YouTube comments management

If you’re a beginner at creating YouTube videos, VidIQ can help you. It has a comment management feature that will assist you in finding the most valuable comments. You can respond to these comments to increase audience engagement. 

10. Conversion rates 

With VidIQ, you can enhance your conversion rates. So, you can boost your revenue and leads online without generating additional traffic. The VidIQ can give you many opportunities to enhance watch time and engagement and increase channel share and likes. It also improves your Click Through Rates with better headlines and thumbnail designs. 

Pros VidIQ 

1. Keyword Research

VidIQ can be your efficient tool for YouTube keyword research. The tool can offer you the following keyword metrics:

  • Search volume: It shows the number of people who search for a specific keyword on YouTube monthly.
  • Related score: It measures how the suggested keyword is related to the word you typed in.
  • Overall score: This is the number for search volume and competition. For example, if there are many searches for a keyword but has low competition, it can have a high Overall score. 
  • Competition score: It is the number of videos competing in the search results in YouTube for the exact search phrase.

2. Helpful Analytics

Another advantage of VidIQ is its helpful analytics. It will show you a dashboard that allows you to monitor your YouTube channel. You can see how many subscribers, views, and comments you gain with it. Additionally, you can also view where those views came from. These analytics are user-friendly. 

3. Good Free Plan

VidIQ has a good free plan. You can access Free Chrome and Firefox Extension. You can have a Free VidIQ account and access data on Live Stats Bar and Video Scorecard. Additionally, you can also view keyword recommendations according to the trending Google searches. 

With the Free plan of VidIQ, you can also get helpful information that can help you increase the views of your YouTube videos. If you’re ready to upgrade, you can choose the Paid plans of VidIQ. 

4. Boosts YouTube Ranking and Views

VidIQ can be an efficient tool to boost your video rankings and views over your other competitors in your niche. You can also prefer the VidIQ Boost plan to grow your channel quickly. 

5. Market Research

Another advantage of VidIQ is market research. So, you will know what’s going on in your specific niche. You can gather data that will help you to increase your audience in your YouTube channel. 

6. Build Brand Awareness

With VidIQ, you can boost recall and build brand awareness. It allows you to gain more fans for your channel and partner with other influencers. You can also optimize brand affinity through organic audience development. 

Cons VidIQ

1. VidIQ Boost Is Expensive

One drawback of VidIQ is that its Boost plan comes with a high price tag. So, if you have a low budget, you can try the Free plan first to access VidIQ features. However, despite the expensive cost of VidIQ Boost, it is worth it due to its advanced features that allow you to grow your YouTube channel faster. 

Pricing and VidIQ Plans

VidIQ Pricing

VidIQ offers four plans: Basic (free), Boost, Pro, and Boost+. The pricing begins at $7.50 each month. It also provides discounts for multiple channels and annual billing. We suggest you try their free plan first before you upgrade on their paid plans. 

  • Pro Plan: Starts at $7.50 monthly. You can optimize one channel, one trend alert, and track six competitors. In this plan, you can also receive chat and email support from the team of VidIQ. 
    • You can access SEO title and description recommendations, track 20 competitors, and inline tag recommendations with the Boost plan. You can also access the keyword engine of VidIQ of about 40 to 200 videos monthly. 
  • The Boost+ Plan: Allows you to access dedicated SEO analytics, Bulk SEO optimizations feature, and Channel wide tags analysis. It also features Analytics Deep Dive, Monthly Coaching Call, and Personalized tips and tricks. 
    • How To Use VidIQ Boost Plan? VidIQ Boost is among the paid plans offered by VidIQ. It starts at $39 monthly and is ideal for one user and 1, 3, or 5 channels. It also features 5, 10, or 15 trend alerts, 20 competitor tracking, and one trend alert. With the Boost plan, you can also access chat and email support and other advanced features, including tags, video archival, Facebook syndication, bulk SEO, and more. If you want to level up your YouTube channel, choosing the VidIQ Boost plan is the right decision. 

Free Trial on VidIQ

VidIQ also offers a free trial. With your free VidIQ account, you can access Firefox and Chrome extensions. It can also provide you with data on the Live Stats Bar and Video Scorecard. You can also get keyword recommendations depending on the trending Google searches. 

  • Free Trial: With the Free trial of VidIQ, you can also get valuable information to get more subscribers and views for your YouTube videos. If you’re a new YouTube creator, it is a good idea to enjoy first the free trial of VidIQ. 

Which Plan Should You Use?

As we mentioned earlier, VidIQ comes with four plans, the Basic (free), Pro, Boost, and Boost+ plans. Each plan comes with specific features and customer support. It is ideal to try their free trial first to enjoy some VidIQ features. Then, you can upgrade to the paid plans to access more advanced features. 

It depends on you what plan suits your individual needs. If you want to make the best from VidIQ, you can prefer Boost or Boost+ Plans. You can also choose the best plan that matches your budget. 


To sum it up, VidIQ can be a powerful tool to increase your YouTube views and subscribers. It can grow your channel efficiently and quickly. With its advanced features, you have the assurance that you can have a reliable tool that will increase your brand awareness in your specific niche.    

If you want to level up your experience as a YouTube creator, we suggest you access the features of VidIQ. 


If you want to learn more about VidIQ, we provide you with a list of the frequently asked questions about this powerful YouTube creation tool. 

Q: How can VidIQ Help You Get More Views?

Using VidIQ can help you to get more views for your YouTube channel. You can do this through a simple law of supply and demand. If something is in demand, you can create a relevant video for that. Then, your audience will be more interested in your content and subscribe to your channel.  

Q: Can it help you select topics?

VidIQ can help you select topics. You can discover title, keyword, and description recommendations that will help you get more subscribers and views for free. 

VidIQ is also beneficial for you to find trending topics. With this, you can create relevant content for the most trending topics that can catch the attention of your target audience. 

Q: Does VidIQ help you rank better?

With VidIQ, you can compare and track your performance in real-time. So, you will not miss opportunities to increase your views and subscribers for your YouTube videos. As a result, you can gain helpful insights to improve your ranking. 

Q: Is VidIQ Boost worth it?

VidIQ Boost includes a paid account that allows you to boost a set number of videos monthly. Boosting your video means that the VidIQ Chrome extension assists you in optimizing your video. It is worth it because the tags and keywords suggested by VidIQ are helpful. 

Q: Is VidIQ worth it?

If you wonder whether VidIQ is worth it, the answer is yes. It is equipped with many useful features that can help you enhance your YouTube content. With that, you can gain more subscribers and views for your videos. You can also discover the performance of your competitors. VidIQ has free and paid plans, so you can choose the right plan for your individual needs.