VidIQ Tag Volume: What is It and Why you Need It

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In the digital world, we live in today, watching videos is among the favorite pastimes of many people worldwide. In relation to it, YouTube is one of the top platforms to watch video content. Are you an aspiring YouTube content creator? If yes, this post is for you. 

We will discuss one of the top services for YouTube content creators, VidIQ. Is this the right service to grow your YouTube channel? Read more.

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a service that can provide you with video analytics. It can be a powerful tool for content creators to achieve more exposure. It will also assist you in making the best decision to interact with your audience effectively. 

What is Tag Volume in VidIQ?

VidIQ has a tag volume that can be found in two places:

Overall tag volume for video 

It shows as a number out of 5 for a specific SEO score of a video. It is the number that signifies the total tag volume of your tags. If you put lots of tags with individual high tag volumes, the videos tag volume will also be higher. On the other hand, when you add tags that are searched rarely, your content tag volume score will be lower.

Found in comparing tags 

It is the value that shows the number of times a tag you look for has been searched in each period, like one month. 

How do you use VidIQ Tags?  

VidIQ can help you with your YouTube channel in many ways. Aside from finding the most relevant keywords, it can also help you search for relevant tags. Tags also have importance for your YouTube video. It can offer relevance to your videos for keywords you use in your tags. 

Tags can still provide you with a YouTube algorithm about your content. The best thing about VidIQ is that it can offer relevant tags in relation to your video content. It is also essential to know which tag you’re going to use. 

The following are different tags on YouTube you can use:

Topic tags

These tags detail specific topics covered by your video. It may include keywords about locations, famous brands or people, and other identifying features. 

General tags 

It is a keyword that entails a broad category where your content falls. 

Error tags

These tags include common misspellings and other common mistakes which allow you to catch your audience, which makes these errors. 

Tags that refine video 

These tags can assist individuals narrow down the video details to identify them easily. 

The tags in your YouTube channel can be helpful tools to create relevance and topic to your video. You should use only relevant tags to engage more viewers for your channel. 

How do you Increase Your Tag Count?

You can increase your tag count using VidIQ. You can use the service tools to find the most relevant tags for your content. You can also find the best keywords to grow your channel, especially on search engines like Google. 

The more tags you have, the more viewers search for your videos. It only means that you’re slowly growing your channel with the use of VidIQ tools. You should continue developing essential strategies to make better content that can hook your target audience. 

Are More Tags Better on YouTube

Having more tags on YouTube is not necessarily required for your YouTube channel. What is more important is that you should add only relevant tags to your content. With that, you can have more ideas on how to make more convincing content for your channel. 

Why use VidIQ for YouTube Keyword Research

As a content creator on YouTube, you should consider YouTube keywords to grow your channel. Fortunately, you can use VidIQ for YouTube Keyword Research. Here’s how to do keyword research with VidIQ.

1. Use the YouTube search bar in finding keywords 

The YouTube search bar can auto-complete a query. You can enter a phrase, and the platform will provide you with a list of relevant searches you can choose from. You should pay attention to these recommendations. If it was recommended, it means viewers search for them. You should use the right verbs to find the best keywords for your specific niche.

2. Use keywords that can grow small YouTube channels

You may not believe it, but you can learn from a YouTube channel with few subscribers. With the right keywords, small creators can gain thousands of views. You can find useful keywords using VidIQ. It will show you the number of channel subscribers that allow you to save your time. Then, you can perform a YouTube search to get something related to your content. Lastly, you can scan the search results. 

3. Search LSI keywords related to your content

LSI or latent semantic indexing keywords can also help you. With it, your channel will be discovered on Google. If you have quality content, Google will recommend it to the top of search pages. 

4. Use the best keyword explorer on YouTube

If you want to discover the search volume of YouTube keywords, you should use the best explorer. You can use VidIQ since it has the best keyword research tool. 

5. Use a YouTube keyword analysis tool 

A keyword may have a score that ranges from 0 to 100. You can use VidIQ to view the keyword score on YouTube search pages. 

Is VidIQ Useful

If you’re curious whether VidIQ is useful, the answer is yes. It is loaded with more advanced features that can help you grow your YouTube channel. It is helpful in many ways. 

YouTube Keyword Research 

VidIQ can be an efficient tool for your YouTube keyword research needs. You only need to enter the term, and you will automatically get data about that term. It also comes with keyword metrics, including search volume, related score, overall score, and competition score.

Video Analytics

With VidIQ, you can monitor the performance of your YouTube channel. It can be a dashboard that allows you to view the subscribers, views, and comments on your channel. These analytics are more user-friendly compared to the old analytics of YouTube.

Best Time to Post 

It is a feature that will guide you about the best time to publish your content on YouTube. 

Subscriber Analysis

With installed VidIQ Chrome Extension, it can gather viewer data from a subset of your subscribers. 


With this feature of VidIQ, you can compare your channel to different competing channels. It can motivate you to improve your content on YouTube. 

Inline Keywords

In this option of VidIQ, you can view the video tags in the search results of YouTube. 

Trending Videos

You can use Trending Videos of VidIQ by searching a keyword in the YouTube search. This section will display the top 10 videos on a specific topic.

VidIQ Boost

With a paid account in VidIQ, you can boost a set of videos monthly. As you boost the video, it means that the VidIQ Chrome extension allows you to optimize the video. 

The features of VidIQ will help you take your YouTube channel to the next level. It is useful to increase your subscribers and grow your channel effectively. 

What is a Good VidIQ SEO Score?

The VidIQ score allows you to check the performance of your videos. It is associated with YouTube search, related videos, number of views, and more. If you want to have an excellent VidIQ score, you can improve viewers’ engagement, trim the fat, optimize metadata, and share and share-alike. 

A good score in VidIQ starts from 31 and above. You can enhance your domain authority score from 30 to 40. Then, you can make it higher the next time. 

Is VidIQ better than TubeBuddy?

VidIQ and TubeBuddy can be both powerful tools for your YouTube channel. TubeBuddy is available as Firefox, Chrome extension, and Safari browser extensions. On the other hand, VidIQ is available for browser extensions. However, VidIQ can provide you with more efficient analytics tools. 

Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ can help you boost your YouTube SEO. It depends on you which one you will choose for your individual needs. 

We recommend VidIQ for all your YouTube analytics and keyword needs.


VidIQ is a great service you can use to grow your YouTube channel. With its more innovative features and tools, you can monitor the growth and performance of your YouTube channel.

In addition, you can also make better decisions on how to create the best content for your channel. So, you can attract more viewers to your YouTube videos. 

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