What is a Website Builder and How do They Work?

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A website builder is a type of software that allows you to create your own, customized website.

It’s a drag-and-drop editor where all the elements on our site are built by clicking and dragging them onto the page.

There are many different types of website builders out there; some are more suitable than others depending on what kind of look or functionality you’re going after with your website.

This post will cover the basics of each kind, as well as some tips for choosing which one is best for you.

Website builders have exploded in popularity because they allow you to create eye-catching websites without any knowledge of coding. You can easily put together a website from start to finish, just by clicking around until it looks the way that you want.

Do you want to know how to make a website of your own? Is it hard for you to choose the best website builder? Don’t worry, this article will answer all these questions. Moreover, we will introduce various types of website builders and give their pros and cons. At last, we will recommend our favorite one.

Some of the most popular sites for creating your own website are Zyro, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and Weebly.

They have a lot to offer when it comes to features that would help you set up an attractive site from scratch or upgrade one that already exists such as adding photos or editing content with ease.

How Does an Online Website Builder Work?

Pick a template from the library of designs and layouts. Customize it by uploading your own logo, photos, videos, or changing colors.  Preview what you have created without having to code anything yourself – just click ‘publish’.

Online website builders offer many features that can help users save time in building websites as Wix website builder does with their drag & drop interface. This feature allows people to easily add text, images, video clips, etc., all while editing live previews as they go along.

They also provide templates with premade content so you don’t have to go in and create all the pages yourself.

A disadvantage of using a website builder is that it can’t be as customizable as creating your own DIY site from scratch with HTML codes, CSS stylesheets, or JavaScript scripts

What Should You Look for in a Website Builder?

Every website builder is different, but there are a few factors that will affect your decision. Website builders can be broken down into three main categories: basic templates, drag and drop editors, and do-it-yourself sites.

The content you want to display on the site will determine which type of website maker might work best for you. Here are some things to look at before signing up with a particular company:

The purpose of your site – what information does it need? What kinds of pages or other features does it require? Do you have specific design requirements or needs?

How much money would I like to spend on my site in total (not just per month)? How many hours am I willing to invest in building this?

Which features do website builders offer that I might need? Is there anything missing from their list of templates or widgets that’s very important to me and my needs? Does it have a good mobile website template option?

What kind of customer service do they provide, and how easy is it for you to get in touch with them when necessary?

Is the company trustworthy enough not to go out of business after I’ve paid them money upfront, then leave me without any recourse if something goes wrong down the road?

How often will my subscription be automatically renewed at full price – can this be set up so as not to happen by accident? Can I cancel anytime during an ongoing contract period, or only at its end date?

When you are looking to build a website, there are many options from which to choose. Take time to research the different websites, read customer reviews, and find out what people think of each site.

Should I Use a Website Builder or Build a Website on WordPress?

Website Builders

If you want to build a website for your business, but don’t have the skills or time to do so yourself, then using a website builder is an option.

You will need some technical knowledge and patience when choosing templates because it can take a long period of time before you find one that suits your needs. But once you’ve found what works best, creating pages should be relatively easy with little coding needed on the front end.

The benefits of using pre-built templates are endless: no design hassles; affordable prices; simple navigation from page to page; any updates happen automatically without having to install plugins or anything else. If these things sound appealing, then building with a website builder might be right for you!

WordPress Websites

It’s the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the planet, it has among the best plugin libraries in existence.

You can get an excellent web host for less than $50/year with unlimited bandwidth etc., manage your own site design, use superior hosting like Hostinger, and there are thousands of themes available so that your website won’t look like everyone else’s.

In conclusion, many people use WordPress because it’s simple to set up and maintain; however, there are other great technologies out there like Wix and Squarespace which have their own benefits depending on what type of business you’re trying to promote online.

Ultimately the decision will come down to cost – time spent developing content vs. hosting fees…etc. It really depends on what works best for your individual situation! 

How to Get Started with a Website Builder

Step One: the idea. Brainstorm in your head what you want on this site, including design elements and content style. For example, if it’s about cooking, list down recipes or topics that will be part of the blog post. If it’s an online store or business page, think about what products are offered like clothes for women.

Step Two:  Design the layout of your website or blog post using the drag and drop function in the website builder. Choose a template that best suits what you want to do on your site (e.g., food blogger) and customize it according to your preferences with color palette, text size, font type/style, background image; adjust the spacing between elements like posts or categories; insert images into preview box below the design matrix; choose logo & navigation bar styles as well as sidebar widget options.

Step Three: Add content – Fill out all fields available in the article editor tab including the title for the new page by adding meta tags like keywords and descriptions which are important when someone is trying to find your webpages online through Google. Then publish your website so it is live.

Best Websites Builders on the Market


With the powerful drag-and-drop website builder, Wix allows you to create a small website with ease. There are over 100 free templates and more than 200 images that can be used for your photo gallery. With its own web hosting service, domain name services, App Market with many different features such as eCommerce or media galleries all at no cost – what’s not to love!

Wix is quite easy for business owners on any budget who don’t have much time but still want a professional-looking web presence – all without having to use code.


  • SEO (search engine optimization) friendly URLs that make the website rank higher in SERPs
  • No coding or programming skills needed to build your site, and no IT person required.
  • No downtime since you always have access to your live site if there’s ever an issue with one of our servers
  • Content blocks & images which can be edited on the go without any technical knowledge
  • Customize page layouts from a selection of different templates including eCommerce sites and blogs as well as mobile-optimized designs so it looks good on all devices


  • It doesn’t allow interchange templates
  • Analytically and tracking is chargeable
  • It is not transferable
  • Premium plans are single site only
  • Wix has been criticized for not being responsive; this means it doesn’t display properly on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets


Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that enables entrepreneurs to launch online stores and run them. The features that Shopify offers are beautiful templates for the websites, multiple payment options like PayPal or Stripe, optimize checkout flow, and unlimited bandwidth on three levels of hosting plans.

Apart from these basics, there are many other benefits like inventory management, shipping cost calculator, customer service chat support in case you have any questions about using their tools/services.

These all come with no hidden fees!

You’ll also be able to integrate your store with social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter so it will look great when people share photos of what they bought by mentioning your store on social media.


  • It has the an incredible support team who are available by email, chat and the best part is you can also call them 24/7.
  • The platform is cloud-based and very simple to use.
  • It can help promote and sell your products


  • It is hard to customize your themes and images on the website.
  • Cost can be higher than setting up your own WordPress eCommerce shop


You can use their drag and drop website builder tools which allow you to easily customize how your site looks without any coding knowledge required.

They also have free tutorials available if you would rather start with building out the content first before changing anything about its appearance.

Choose the template to either create a website or blog for your business. There are different templates that you can choose from depending on what type of website you’re looking to build, like travel websites, eCommerce sites, and more.


  • The drag and drop feature which lets users add custom content by just dragging elements on their screen, such as photos, text boxes, maps etc., simplifies the process of publishing work online
  • They offers a 0 percent transactions fee as long as you are on its commerce plans
  • It’s easy to use interface that makes designing a website fun and enjoyable.  It comes with over 40 templates for you to choose from
  • The user can also change anything in real time while viewing what will be published once they publish it live without needing any external software or HTML knowledge
  • No coding skills needed


  • It is costly
  • No phone support
  • There is no support for a third-party app like extensions and plugins
  • Huge lack of advanced marketing tools
  • Adding content like images and themes and editing is sometimes quite difficult


Zyro is a website builder that offers everything you need to create the perfect site in just minutes. Zyro also has a robust suite of features for personal and business needs, so whatever your requirements are we can fit them!

The website Zyro’s goal is to make things as simple as possible. They achieve this by offering an intuitive interface with no design skills or coding necessary – all you have to do is start typing!

This makes it easy enough for even beginners without any previous experience on how websites work, from family blogs to company profiles, anything’s achievable.

You don’t even need any expensive software programs like Photoshop – only high-speed internet access (which most people already have) and your imagination.


  • It has excellent  and powerful designs tools to create a website
  • Themes are customized
  • Best blogging features for online business
  • It is fast, reliable, and trusted
  • Analytical tools available to improve your website


  • Sometimes, online chat features and responses don’t come to the website and are responding to emails after an hour or sometimes after a day.
  • It has a limited knowledge base which is obviously not helpful.


Weebly is a simple and easy-to-use website builder with many options. It lets you create and publish fantastic, attractive design websites for any business or organization that needs one!

You can do this all from your own computer in the comfort of home on their awesome site-building software.

Their templates are versatile enough to meet almost anyone’s need for a spectacular website and they’re really affordable too.

Weebly also offers great customer service, there will always be someone waiting by live chat ready to answer questions about anything related to how it works or what kind of features you want to be included on your new website.


  • Easy to customize and use, so you can make your site as unique or simple as you want it
  • Google Analytics integration which offers insight into how visitors interact with their content even before publishing posts by viewing visitor statistics such as bounce rates
  • Variety of templates options
  • Autosave function that saves all changes made but not yet published


  • It is sometimes acting slow and buggy and irritated

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