What is VidIQ? (Best Way to Use It to Rank Videos)

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Are you trying to grow your own YouTube channel? Then you have probably heard about VIDIQ. In this article, we will answer all your questions about VidIQ. We will also talk about what it is, how it will help your YouTube channel grow, and go through all the ideal features you can receive from using this tool.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in!

Let’s Look at VidIQ

In case you didn’t know yet, VidIQ is a YouTube keyword software tool that has a free browser extension that aims to help you grow, optimize, manage, and grow your own YouTube channel.

It is widely utilized and suggested by some of the leading brands and creators across the globe, including Jim Louderback, Mark Cuban, Think Media, Chad Wild Clay, Evan Charmichael, AOL, eBay, and even Time Inc.

The platform launched in 2012 and has a headquarters in San Francisco, California. It provides an array of tools to help agencies, brands, creators, and marketers grow their YouTube channels and increase brand awareness.

It’s worth mentioning that it has free Chrome browser extension feature ratings, keyword research, search engine optimization scores, analytics, tag management, and many more.

On top of that, its web app provides charts and dashboards for different channel and video metrics. A lot of features can be accessed for free, but others are only accessible through paid plans.

How to use VidIQ?

Keep in mind that VidIQ is a strong YouTube marketing tool you can use that provides different features to help you get higher rankings for your videos. The best feature of the app is you can sign up for free.

Once you register and confirm your YouTube account, VidIQ asks you different questions about your YouTube channel to personalize your account. Then, you will have access to a set of features.

Here are some features you can get:

  • One trend alerts with limited options – It offers you valuable insights on the topics your videos can cover.
  • Video scorecard for Chrome extension – You can see your score immediately to learn how your videos are doing.
  • Basic video analytics for web suite – You get access to the real-time stats bar that offers you the newest views, subscribes, minutes watched, and other important statistics.
  • Track three competitors – Tracking competition is an important aspect of YouTube marketing. VidIQ provides you with different tools to make you informed of what others within your industry or niche is up to.
  • Audience demographics – Understand your subscribers, such as their gender, age, location, and other important information.
  • One use and channel – With the free version, you are only limited to a single YouTube channel. Of course, you can upload as many videos as you like to a single channel.

How To Use VidIQ Pro? What Extra Features do you get with Pro?

On the other hand, there are numerous paid plans available for VidIQ. You have some options with every plan that determines the overall cost. For instance, through the Boost Plan, you can efficiently opt for more videos and channels for the Keyword Engine.

Just keep in mind that the Pro Plan that begins at $7.50 per month has the following features in addition to the free features:

  • Historical analysis that allows you to learn how videos of you and your competitors have performed over time.
  • Top tweets for videos. These are the videos that get tweeted, resulting in more and wider exposure.
  • Top trending videos. Learn and determine which video contents within your niche are trending so you can cover the most trending and popular topics
  • One trend alert
  • Track six competitors
  • One user and channel

Also, the VidIW Pro Plan is a great value for those small-sized and mid-sized businesses. That involves agencies that market on behalf of their clients, who wish to obtain better results for their video marketing efforts. Most of those features save time as well by crucial automatic tasks, helping you monitor numerous competitors.

The Boost Plan starts at $39 per month also includes the features of the Pro Plan.

Features of VidIQ

You will find different features when you use the VidIQ app. However, you probably do not need to use all of them as it can be extremely overwhelming. Here are some of the best features you can take advantage of.

  • Analytics

The platform offers you all the information you need in a single place with its browser extension, mobile app, and web application so that nothing gets missed while browsing Periscope or YouTube for new content ideas.

  • Web Application

The web application of VidIQ offers practical insights for you to use. For instance, VidIQ monitors your demographics and views of viewers with the analytics tab and other statistics that are unique to the app or website.

  • Comment Management

You can also make different templates for your most commonly asked comments and questions. For instance, let’s say a certain question always pops up, such as “What’s the fastest way to reach 1,000 subs?” You can answer with that very template that reads, “1,000 subs? No problem.”

  • Social Media & Marketing

The platform’s Facebook syndication feature is excellent. You can post the video to your page from your YouTube channel without copying the link and pasting it in. choose VidIQ as an app to your account setting on both accounts. With a single click, you can effortlessly send that video straight there. How awesome is that?

  • Data Backup

You can also download every video together with channel meta-data to a CSV file.

  • Competitor Research

The ScoreCard is another browser extension for YouTube that enables you to compare your channel with others. It also shows ratings, stats, and insights about every video on the platform, including total views and cumulative views of every video in their feed, playlist, subs, and uploads.

  • Bulk Updates

Batch editing is a breeze with VidIQ. That’s because the platform supports the bulk copying of end screens and cards so you can effortlessly update all videos in one single go. With that time-saving feature, updated videos will be straightforward and simple, no matter how many they are.

How Does VidIQ Help Find Easy Keywords to Rank For?

YouTube is a search engine, and thus it stands to reason it would be crucial to concentrate on keyword research. That way, people can easily find your content more. Keyword research in VidIQ offers you a score for competition, search volume, and overall score.

That way, you understand where your video stands in the massive arena of YouTube and how well it would do. You will also find other keyword research tools in the app. For instance, there are keyword translator tools, inline keywords, keyword inspector, keyword templates, tag autocomplete, and web suite SEO.

The trending feature is another feature from VidIQ. To use the VidIQ Trending Videos feature, you can search for a certain keyword in the YouTube app and check out the sidebar.

Take note that the Trending Videos section brings you the top ten videos on that particular topic and the videos getting views at the moment. With that feature, you can find famous videos that most people are watching.

How Do you Grow your YouTube Channel Using VidIQ?

There are many ways you can VidIQ to grow your YouTube channel. For instance, you can build up your following over time.

Other YouTubers have worked hard for many years to make a successful YouTube channel. They may have utilized a mix of strategies like video SEO, email marketing, and advertising.

Are you a normal person or a small or medium-sized business with a limited budget? In that case, SEO is your best strategy. The only concern is that it could take a huge amount of effort and time if you try to do it manually.

You will also find a steep learning curve and the need to keep updated with YouTube and Google’s latest algorithms. VidIQ is a shortcut, a quick way to optimize your videos for higher organic reach in less time and without the need for technical or SEO expertise.

What is the VidIQ Chrome Extension? How Does it Work?

The VidIQ chrome extension allows us to have the necessary data you need at your fingertips. You see, it helps you know the best keywords to use, how you currently compare with your competition, the amount of engagement you are receiving across different platforms, and many more.

The data is a crucial component to enhancing your brand, impact, and overall reach. By using the Chrome extension, you open the door to have a complete audit of your YouTube channel and comprehensive data to help you make your channel awesome.

Is VidIQ Worth It for your YouTube Channel?

Yes, of course. VidIQ is one of the best YouTube keyword tools you can use for your YouTube channel. It is loaded with a wide array of features to support the most important aspects of video optimization and channel development. On top of that, it adds new features to its lineup on a regular basis.

Even though its Chrome browser extension is better than its web software, both applications are valuable and user-friendly at the same time.

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